Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things that make you say hmm

In the senate healthcare reform bill doctors will be fined if they administer too many tests.  Why am I being told that there will be no rationing?  Doesn't it make sense that doctors will not give some necessary tests if they are going to be fined? 

Have you noticed that since healthcare reform is on the front burner, you no longer hear stories about soliders being turned down for some medical treatments by the VA?  These stories were all the rage when the Iraq war was the front burner story.  Could it be that so that we won't realize that the VA is a government run healthcare system that is a broken system that doesn't work very well? 

Sen. Blanche Lincoln - D of Arkansas is polling behind all four of the republican contenders.  Her seat has been moved from clear advantage to incumbent to narrow advantage from veteran election forecasters.  Keep those faxes and emails to her offices coming.  This could make the difference between real reform and what Pelosi and Co. are trying to shove down our throats. 

The National Institute of Health is spending more than a half million dollars to study whether teenagers living in urban areas that carry guns and drink are more likely to be shot.  Gun toting drunk teenagers; hmm, wonder how that is going to turn out.  Give me the $650,000 because I can tell you that the answer to that question would be yes. 

President Obama announced today he wants to see how election fraud issues are handled in Afghanistan before making a decision on troop levels.  Will it matter who is the president if the Taliban and/or al Queda takes over again? 

Another campaign promise has been waylaid.  Then Sen. Obama felt that President Bush was not being aggressive enough to stop the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan.  He has announced a program that has more carrots then sticks.  The Sudanese government has taken advantage of every incentive offered, yet have not kept their end of the bargain to make changes.  Much like the North Koreans. 

Asian countries seem to have no qualms using images of the holocaust as a form of advertising.  A wax museum used a picture of a saluting Hilter as a billboard.  After compliants from both the Germans and Israelis it has been taken down.  Hey, Maybe Anita Dunn should live there, they most likely love Mao as well. 

Carbon tax credits sell on the European commodities market for $20/share.  The cost of carbon credits from the Cash for Clunkers program in the US was about $500.  A really good use of our tax money wouldn't you say? 

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