Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Obligatory Someone (Sort of) Famous is Gay Post

Jason Collins, NBA player, has come out of the closet and announced to the world that he is gay.  My first reaction was yeah so.  It is not like people were under the impression that there has never been a gay athlete before.    It really isn't like he is even the first to "come out".  Martina Navratilova has been out of the closet for years and years, although she was outed by Billie Jean King who is also gay.  The sport of Ice Skating has many openly gay men.  The Olympic diver Greg Louganis has written a book about his life, including being in a gay abusive relationship and having the AIDS virus.  So why exactly this is such a big deal is beyond me.

The oddest thing about all of this to me is that I am a HUGE NBA fan and I don't know this guy from a hole in the wall.  The NBA playoffs are still in the first round at the moment (Go Knicks!!!!) so this was the talk during the pre, post, and half time shows.  It seems that most players are coming out as supportive.  But I wouldn't expect anything else.  What other choice do they have?

If they come out publicly against it they will be labeled a hater and a homophobe.  You see having views that homosexuality is wrong is bad.  It is intolerant.  You are a bigot.  You are a hater.  But I am sorry, there is no one in the world that can convince me that a person who may be uncomfortable in a dressing room where you are showering and dressing together makes you a homophobe.  No one would say a word if there were of opposite sexes.  That would be considered perfectly fine.  Why exactly are women and men uncomfortable showering and getting naked in front of each other in that type of setting?  SEX, that is why.  We cannot deny human sexuality and attraction exists simply so we can be open-minded and tolerant about homosexuality.  I would not be comfortable being in that type of environment in front of an openly gay woman any more than I would be in front of a man.  There is nothing wrong with that.

But no NBA player will be able to say this openly.  Not if they know what is good for them.

Ah yes, it is all about the tolerance.  Just ask Tim Tebow.  Openly Christian NFL Player.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Quote of the Day - Ed Cameron Edition

"Are you human?"
Ed Cameron, Prosecutor of Dr. Kermit Gosnell 

I am sure he is human, what I question is does he have a soul?  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quote of the Day - Bronx Abortion Provider Edition

“If it comes out then it comes out. Flush it!"
An abortion provider clinic answer to the question about what to do if your child is born alive at home.  

Simply heartbreaking.  No regards for human life whatsoever.  

See the whole sad interview here, if you can stomach it.  It isn't pretty.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Love It When A Liberal Gets a Reality Check - Sherri Sheppard to Become Gun Owner

Sheri Sheppard from The View has had her aha moment when it comes to guns and providing protection for your family. Her alarm indicated that an intruder was in her home at 1:30 in the morning.  It was then that the family realized that they had nothing in their home to protect themselves.  

'I’m trying to calm Jeffrey down and all I had was this wicker basket, I have nothing, a bat, nothing. We’re going to get a gun.'

Jeffrey is her young son who was rightly frightened by the incident.  It is very scary for an adult, so imagine how much worse it is for a child, who is completely dependant on others to provide protection.  

Of course her liberal co-hosts tried to talk her out of it.  Whoopi Goldberg went as far as to tell her to buy a bat.  While of course a bat could help you, but first and foremost, if they have a gun it isn't exactly an effective tool to provide protection.  But the most obvious downfall of a bat is how close you to get to the person in order for it to be used.  Why would you want to get that close to someone who is in your home in the middle of the night? Especially if you have been woken out of a sound sleep.  

Apparently it took seven minutes for the police to arrive at her home.  Think of what could happen to you in seven minutes in your home with someone with criminal intent on their mind.  That may seem like nothing, but a great deal can happen in that time.  She is lucky that she has the ability to afford an alarm system, otherwise the time for the police to arrive would have been even longer.  

There is nothing wrong with buying a gun for home protection.  You buy yourself something small, easy to use and you take lessons on how to use it and store it properly.  

Evil exists in our world.  It is all around us.  We can bury our heads in the sand or we can do what we can to learn how to protect ourselves and our families.  Law abiding citizens have every right to defend themselves in their own home.  You can't wish away criminals.  

Welcome to the land of reality, Ms. Sheppard.  

Friday, April 26, 2013

Reason 13,583 Why I Am Not A "Feminist"

Carolyn Lubby, a senior at The University of Connecticut, has written a letter to the president of the university regarding changes to its Husky logo.  Now to be honest she made some good points about the athletics program:

  1. On June 21st 2012, UConn Men’s basketball becomes the first BCS school team to face a postseason ban based solely on low APR (Academic Progress Rate) scores.
  2. On October 6th 2012, Lyle McCombs is arrested on charges of second degree breach of peace for a domestic violence dispute in which he was, “yelling, pushing, and spitting at his girlfriend” during an argument outside a residence hall.
  3. On February 11th 2013, Enosch Wolf is arrested on charges of third degree burglary, first degree criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct when he “refused to leave” a female student’s apartment, “grabbed the hair of the victim and pushed her head” and “knocked the glasses off the victim’s face with his hand.”
  4. On March 21st 2013, Tyler Olander is arrested for trespassing in a structure or conveyance while on Spring Break in Panama City, Florida.
From what I understand about Tyler Olander, he was arrested while on spring break in Florida for being drunk and trespassing on some one's boat. Hardly an offense that has anything to do with rape.  Now, I grew up in CT and my long and tangled college career did start at UCONN, but I was not mature enough for college at the time and it didn't work out.  But, I have always loved UCONN and I have complained that the men's basketball team has put winning before making sure these student athletes graduate college.  They have one of the lowest graduation rates of major universities; at least with their men's basketball team.  I have real issues with the college athletic system.  As an aunt of a student athlete, I have seen how high level college athletics work and the system isn't great and needs reforms.  That is a valid point.  Where she loses me is that she is somehow equating this with the logo and saying the logo represents male aggression towards women and rape.  
Well President Herbst, the new Husky logo may not be capable of frightening small children, but the face of real life UConn athletics is certainly capable of frightening college women.
Does this scare you?  

 Does that face make you want to cower in fear that you are going to be raped?  She is especially upset by this comment:
It is looking right through you and saying, ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.~Geno Auriemma stated about the new logo change.
For those that are not aware, Geno Auriemma is the women's basketball coach.  Maybe I am giving him an unwarranted benefit of the doubt, but somehow I don't think Coach Auriemma is looking to put the women on his team in danger.  The Lady Huskies recently were crowned NCAA champions; his eighth championship, call me crazy but he seems to have an interest in making UCONN a program that women want to play for.  If they are afraid for their safety, they are not likely to go to school there no matter how good the program is and how good of a coach he is.  

Look, I am not dismissing the amount of rapes that happen on college campuses.  Sadly, it is a relatively common occurrence. It happens all too often, on virtually all campuses across the country.  It is an issue that needs to be dealt with.  

But that is one of the reasons that I find her letter so offensive.  Somehow this cartoon like picture of a dog is the reason that men are rapists?  C'mon.  

Here is a picture of the old logo:
Now, the dog has been made to look sleeker, but also made to look more realistic as well.  
This is the type of thing that actually hurts women, not helps them.  It makes them seem like they are victims cowering at the sight of a cartoon dog.  If this is what feminism is, I pass.  You see I always thought that the reason for feminism was to "empower" women, how exactly is being afraid of a cartoon empowering?  To me, empowering women would be done by teaching them self defense so that they will feel that they can protect themselves if some lunatic tries to attack them. Maybe, just maybe, we should be teaching them things like this is wrong, and far more harmful to how they are viewed than a cartoon ever will.   Evil exists in the world, and changing a logo isn't going to stop that.  

But then again I could never put this on my bio, so what do I know?  
Carolyn Luby is a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and Spanish and minoring in Latino/a Studies. She is involved in various different feminist groups and violence against women prevention efforts on campus and has particular interest in global feminisms and anti-imperial anti-colonial feminisms.
Anti-imperial, anti-colonial feminisms; why am I not surprised?  

H/T The Daily Caller

Twitter Fun - #InfoWarsPickupLines

These are too funny not to share:

#InfoWarsPickupLines I've been picking up signals. Seriously. I've literally been picking up signals from you on the EM band

#infowarspickuplines Let me be the poison in your tap water baby

#infowarspickuplines Anyone can make a hat, darlin'. Here's a tinfoil rose.

#InfoWarsPickupLines "What the hell did you call me? Oh, false FLAG. My bad."

It's a conspiracy that you don't have my number in your contact list yet. #infowarspickuplines

I want to do things to you that are so nasty I'd have to coordinate with DHS to set up several patsies to take the fall #infowarspickuplines

Does your Jdate, ChristianMingle, or eharmony profile include a link to yr bugout plan? #infowarspickuplines

Our RFID chips are compatible. Wanna come home with me?#infowarspickuplines

#infowarspickuplines Can you cover dinner? This restaurant doesn't take bitcoin.

Hey, baby, it only took Alex Jones 41 minutes to call the Boston Bombings a False Flag. I can last42minutes. #InfoWarsPickUpLines

You're going to take one look at me and then drop faster than Building 3. #infowarspickuplines

do you wanna go back to my bunker and engage in some hot Symmetric-key cryptography? #infowarspickuplines

Come here and make me legislatively bound by your laws, dominate my world, you shape-shifting reptilian lizard you. #infowarspickuplines

When you and me get together, it'll be illuminaughty. #InfoWarsPickupLines

"are you a subliminal message? because you've been running through my mind all night..." #infowarspickuplines

My feelings for you are deep and complicated like the globalist banking conspiracy against the gold standard #infowarspickuplines

You can stay the night I have a full season of Doomsday Preppers on DVR #InfoWarsPickUpLines

#InfoWarsPickupLines "Wanna go back to my place, and look at my explosive residue theories?"

Hi, the voices in my head told me to come over and talk to you. #infowarspickuplines

I will give you an inside job the government could never cover up! #InfoWarsPickupLines

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

President and Mrs Bush with Dianne Sawyer

President Bush is making the rounds with the media this week as his library is officially opening tomorrow.

  Watch More News Videos at ABC
  2012 Presidential Election
  Entertainment & Celebrity News

Republican Intern Adam Savader Arrested for Alleged Sexual Extortion Scheme – Don’t Parents Talk to Their Children about Taking Naked Photos of Themselves?

Normally this isn't the type of story I would do a post about.  People do creepy things in this day and age.  But, since I know this guy I am intrigued by this story.  Adam worked as an intern for the Romney Campaign and also was a paid staffer for the Newt Campaign.  My regular readers may remember that a very good friend of mine was also a paid staffer for Newt.  As such, after I realized that I wasn't all that jazzed with the choices we had in the last round, I did decide to go and work for the Newt campaign as well.  I wasn't paid, but I did a great deal of work on a volunteer basis.  I enjoyed spending time with my bud, and I learned a great deal doing it.  This is where I met Adam.  

Adam had always struck me a little awkward, but I am very shocked to hear this.  I talked to people who I still am in contact with from the Newt campaign last night and they are just as shocked as I am.  One of these friends just had him as a houseguest recently.  Another said:
I'm just shocked!!! I just thought he was a very severe young guy who would eventually loosen up!! WOW!!
Now he has been arrested for trying to blackmail women to send him nude photos of themselves.  Apparently he somehow came across pictures of naked women, found out their identities and tried to blackmail them into sending more photos or he would publicly release the photos that he found.  Creepy, very creepy.  Obviously under our justice system he is considered innocent until proven otherwise.  He is facing up to five years in federal prison.  Since he is only 21 years old, that is very sad.  This will take away his voting privileges for life, his desire to work in politics is now over, and even though it will be a federal prison, it won't be fun.  Seeing naked pictures of women is pretty easy so why he felt he needed to go to this extreme is profoundly confusing, except to say again, that I found him to be very awkward.  He was 21 so why couldn't just go and buy a Playboy is something that I just don't understand.  

But I must ask myself why is it that he was able to find naked pictures of women seemingly so easily?  Don't parents have this discussion with their daughters?  I don't know how old these women are exactly, but apparently they were all college aged.  It seems that they were students with him at the same college.  
We live in an age where virtually everyone has a camera on them at all times.  I know no one that doesn't have at least a camera on their cell phone.  Even mine which is the cheapest of all services still has a camera and the ability to upload those photos easily.  Most young Americans are on some sort of social media; twitter and Facebook to name just two.  Virtually everyone in the country has access to email.  Is it common to put naked pics of yourself in these forums?  I have never done it (thank God for small miracles) and never would.  I wouldn't even think that sending a naked photo of myself over the internet to the man in my life would be a good idea.  The reality is this, once you put it out over the internet, it is no longer private.  As much as we would like to think that it is, it just isn't.  Facebook's policy is quite clear, you cannot expect privacy from what you post.  It is out there.  Any photos that I put on this blog are out there and become public domain.  Hence the reason you don't see photos of my family and loved ones on this blog.  I refuse to do it.  

I am in no way trying to blame the alleged victims in this case, but what I am saying is don't we have conversations with our kids about the very real dangers of social media?  We live in a world that has crazy on every corner and you never really know what someone is going to do.  Apparently these young women did have naked photos of themselves, in some cases stored in their email accounts.  Isn't that bizarre?  Why would you have naked photos of yourself in your email?  Is this a normal thing now with college aged kids?  I don't recall knowing anyone who did this when I was in college.  

I know my parents never had these conversations with me, but in their in defense I didn't grow up in the time of everyone having a cell phone and internet access.  My parents never really had to have this discussion with me, and beyond that I have always been shy about these types of things anyway.  I can't imagine letting anyone taking a picture of me naked.  

Now, I was just reading the other day that a school system in New York was running an anti-bullying campaign in the school where they had the girls role play being a lesbian and asking their classmates for a kiss.  That is something that the school spends time on, but are they addressing this issue?  It would seem to me that this is an issue that is far more important than teaching teenagers how to pick up same-sex partners, but hey that is just me.  

I want to make it perfectly clear, if Adam is guilty, he belongs in jail.  He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Again, I am not blaming the young women here, but I am asking if we are doing enough, as parents, to discuss the real dangers that exist in our technology driven society?  It seems to me that the answer is apparently not.  

I guess now I know why he was on social media constantly during the day.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Six Year Old Survives Aligator Attack

I can't get the video to embed, but it is worth the look.  This little boy is too cute for words.  Thank God he is ok.  


Quote of the Day - Jack McMahon Edition

“If we are going in this room to say a baby is born alive because it moves one time without any other movement, that is ludicrous,”
Jack McMahon, Attorney for Kermit Gosnell, and apparently a man without a soul.   

Saturday, April 20, 2013

4 Years of Just a Conservative Girl

Yeah, I have been at this for four years, as amazing as that sounds.  Here are some of the most popular posts that I have put out:

A Tale of One Tragedy and Two Campaigns

As I am sure you have heard several states are in a state of emergency due to a sudden thunder-storm that was accompanied by high winds.  Millions were left without power during days of record heat.  I am among the powerless.
The people of Virginia have been struggling to find cool places to stay.  Hotel rooms are sold out and the few malls that are opened are jam-packed with people looking for some relief from the heat and some hot food.  In my area there is one gas station open.  One major mall had to close early Saturday evening due to no water.  The only thing open for miles was a McDonald’s.
In response to this emergency the presidential campaigns handled it in this fashion:
First from the Romney Campaign through email:
The severe storms that ripped through Virginia Friday claimed at least six lives across the commonwealth and left thousands without power.  It could be several days before power is restored to those affected.
If you’d like to make a donation to the relief effort, please bring supplies to the Romney for President Headquarters located at 3811 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite 750 in Arlington tomorrow between 10am and 7pm.
We will distribute donations to various relief centers in the area.
Here’s what we need:
  • Bottled Water
  • Non-perishable food items, such as beef jerky, granola bars, peanut butter, etc.
Bring your supply donations to our headquarters tomorrow and we’ll ensure it gets to your fellow Virginians who are in need on Tuesday.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Sara Craig
Virginia State Manager
P.S. We know that everyone wanting to help cannot make it to Arlington.  If you would like to donate to the Red Cross, please call 1-800-Red-Cross, or visit this link to make a donation online:
From the Obama Campaign Via Twitter:
Keep cool while you’re canvassing this summer, Our Vote Obama Tank Top is a stylish and fun way to show your support
While some may say that the Romney campaign may just be pandering to people who are dealing with an emergency, there are plenty of stories of how Romney has handled emergencies in the past.  One such story being the story of a co-worker’s daughter who was kidnapped while out partying in New York.  He shut down Bain, flew the employees up to New York City, set up a nerve center, and canvassed the city with flyers until the girl was found and returned home to her anxious parents.
This is who Romney is.
Obama wants you to buy a $30 T-shirt.
I don’t know about you, but this says a great deal about the character of these two men to me.  You can decide for yourselves.
As an aside, I want to say a huge thank you to Iain’s wife who took mercy on my sorry unairconditioned and no water self.  I am currently sitting in her sitting room and enjoying some cool air.  So thanks to her for putting up with me.
Linked at Instapundit.  Thanks so much
Linked at Breitbart.  Thanks so much

President Obama Most Arrogant Man in the World – Mourns Neil Armstrong by Posting his Own Picture

If you read this stuff in a book you wouldn’t believe it.

Photo of the Day – Coexist Bumper Sticker on Car Terrorists CarJacked

I am sorry, but this is funny.

Updated Democratic National Convention Schedule – Satire

‎2012 Democratic National Convention Agenda — Charlotte , N.C.
▸ 4:00 PM – Opening Flag Burning Ceremony – sponsored by CNN.
▸ 4:05 PM – Singing of “God Damn America ” led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
▸ 4:10 PM – Pledge of Allegiance to Obama.
▸ 4:15 PM – Ceremonial ‘I hate America ‘ led by Michelle Obama.
▸ 4:30 PM – Tips on “How to keep your man trustworthy & true to you while you travel the world” – Hillary Clinton.
▸ 4:45 PM – Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson seminar: “How to have a successful career without having a job.”
▸ 5:00 PM – “Great Vacations I’ve Taken on the Taxpayer’s Dime Travel Log” – Michelle Obama.
▸ 5:30 PM – Eliot Spitzer Speaks on “Family Values” via Satellite.
▸ 5:45 PM – Tribute to All 57 States – Nancy Pelosi.
▸ 6:00 PM – Sen. Harry Reid – 90-minute speech expressing the Democrat’s appreciation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and George Soros for sparing no expense, for all that they have accomplished to unify the country, improve employment and to boost the economy.
▸ 8:30 PM – Airing of Grievances by the Clintons .
▸ 9:00 PM – “Bias in Media – How we can make it work for you” Tutorial – sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times.
▸ 9:15 PM – Tribute Film to Brave Freedom Fighters incarcerated at GITMO – Michael Moore.
▸ 9:45 PM – Personal Finance Seminar – Charlie Rangel
▸ 10:00 PM – Denunciation of Bitter Gun Owners and Bible readers.
▸ 10:30 PM – Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for IRAQ , & Afghanistan .
▸ 11:00 PM – Obama Energy Plan Symposium / Tire Gauge Demonstration / You too can get rich with Green Investment bankruptcies.
▸ 11:15 PM – Free convicted felon IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich rally.
▸ 11:30 PM – Obama Accepts Oscar, Tony and Latin Grammy Awards.
▸ 11:45 PM – Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish, Obama Presiding.
▸ 12:00 AM- Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Maher and Chris “He sends a thrill up my leg” Matthews.”
▸ 12:01 AM – Obama Accepts Nomination as Lord and Savior.
▸ 12:05 AM- Celestial Choirs Sing.
▸ 3:00 AM – Biden Delivers Acceptance Speech.
I don’t know who the original author is, but this was so good I had to share.

Culture and Respect in Japan

I have been very impressed by the fact that people in Japan have remained so calm.  The pictures that we see are heartbreaking.  The news reports are now talking about bodies are washing up on shore and there are not enough body bags and coffins for all the dead.  They are living with the fear of nuclear meltdown which could have catastrophic effects on generations to come.  The people have little food, in many cases they have no power, and to add insult to injury snow is in the forecast. 
What you are not seeing in Japan is looting.  You are hearing stories of vendors who are lowering prices and in some cases giving emergency supplies to people in need.  People are waiting in line in an orderly fashion even though gas lines can last for hours.  In the Japanese culture, respect is considered to be of the highest importance.  The belief system that when you shame yourself you bring shame onto the entire family. 
It leaves one to wonder why other cultures cannot do the same during times of trouble?  The looting in the aftermath of the earthquake in Chile last year was so severe that troops had to be brought in to get it under control.  At one point the army resorted to using water hoses to stop the looting of banks and electronic stores, where people were taking plasma televisions and cash. 
The same thing happened after Katrina in New Orleans:  A quote from a man who in the flood ravaged city the day after the levees broke. 
“To be honest with you, people who are oppressed all their lives, man, it’s an opportunity to get back at society,”
It would seem to me the difference between the events is only the mentality of the people who were afflicted by the tragedies.  In Japan the culture is that you respect authority, it seems in many other parts of the world the culture is that the government owes you something.  The next time someone says to you that the culture of a society doesn’t matter, remind them of this.
A big thank you to all my regular readers.  I appreciate you coming back again and again.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finally, Some Truth from the Left on Gosnell Trial

“For what it’s worth, I do think that those of us on the Left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it’ll compromise abortion rights.  Whether you agree with abortion or not, I do think there’s a direct connection between the media’s failure to cover this and our own political commitments on the Left.”
Mark Lamont Hill  

Of course anyone with brain already knew this.  Abortion must be protected at all costs.  If people heard what abortion really is, the meme "it is just a bunch of cells" won't be as effective.  

Photo of the Day - VP Biden Reacts to Gun Bill Failure

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Phil Bell for Young Republicans of Virginia Chair

I know Phil very well.  Not only is a great guy, he is a dedicated conservative grassroots activist.  The Virginia YR's would be lucky to have him.  He will do what needs to be done to get the organization more focused on reaching republican voters and fundraising.  

If you are a young republican in Virginia, get to the meeting and vote for Phil.  

Dear Fellow Virginians,

After a rough-and-tumble campaign, we are just four days away from an election that will have an impact on Virginia's political future. That election will take place at this Saturday's Young Republican Convention in Arlington, where we will elect new leadership for Virginia's Republicans under age 41.

My campaign, which has helped the Young Republicans raise thousands of dollars and made more Republicans active, is an example of how the Young Republican Federation of Virginia will operate if I am elected Chair. We will hold each other accountable for our actions, we will find new Republicans by stepping outside of our comfort zone, we will use this success to raise more money, and we will be a model for growing the Republican Party across the Nation.

This effort has been about restoring our bold Conservative voice. That voice was heard when John Winthrop created the vision of America as a Shining City Upon a Hill. It was heard on the battlefield of Yorktown. It was heard again when Bill Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan woke us from a long Liberal slumber--and it will be heard here if we choose to once again follow the path that made America great.

So I ask for your vote as Chairman as we start back on that path. D
on't hesitate to contact me by telephone at (201) 602-4934 or via e-mail at Phillip.Bell@Gmail.com if you have any questions about me or my plans for this organization. If you haven't filled out a delegate form, there's still time, so please click here now!

If you're not part of the Young Republicans, please get in touch. Growing the Republican Party means getting everyone possible on board, so e-mail me at Phillip.Bell@Gmail.com and I'll get you on the right track to being an active Republican. 

Please see below for the details for this Saturday's convention, and I hope to see you there!

Convention Information:

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time: Sign-in Begins at 9:30am. Please Arrive no later than 10:15am

Location: Bailey's Pub and Grill (4238 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA). This is located in the Ballston Mall and parking is available in the mall garage for $1


Phil Bell

Phillip L. Bell

Tel: 201-602-4934
E-mail: Phillip.Bell@Gmail.com
Web: www.facebook.com/yrvictoryexpress

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jennifer Rubin Tweets that Boston Bombing Local Story

Not writing on Boston. It is a local crime story for now

Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin opened a can of worms yesterday afternoon after the news hit that a double bombing occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  She did this in response to the lefts argument on the lack of coverage in the Gosnell murder trial.  The left has bent over backwards to say that Gosnell is local story and didn't warrant national coverage.  

I actually was having a back and forth with someone on twitter over the weekend about this very topic, I asked her if the name Casey Anthony rang a bell, and also asked her to google the name Jodi Arias and see how many hits she gets.  Her response to me was only that she doesn't waste her time engaging "antis".  Well when you consider that this argument cannot be defended in any shape or form.  We have a long history as a country of giving criminal trials loads of media coverage, OJ and Charles Manson just to name two more.  It is a justification and a very poor one at that.  

Was this in poor taste?  Yes, obviously it was.  But, there is truth in the point that she was trying to make.  Kermit Gosnell is on trial for 8 murders, seven of which were newborn babies who had their spinal cords cuts.  He committed acts of absolute barbarism, there is no other way to describe what he did.  The acts of Jeffrey Dahmer were put over the airwaves on a regular basis, and that too was a "local trial".  There is one reason and one reason only that the Gosnell trial has not been widely reported, it is about abortion.  A sacred "right" to most people on the left.  If more people heard that this type of things are happening in this country on the scale that they are happening we just may have a "national discussion" on abortion rights.  The media have decided to protect that over doing their jobs.  

If people hear this story, they just may put political pressure on state governments to more closely monitor abortion clinics.  If people hear this story they will ask themselves why were the complaints against this man ignored for so long?  If people hear this story they will ask how a clinic that was right out in the open and run by a man who was considered a good man in his community was allowed to run for so long.  If people hear this story they just may ask themselves why they support legal abortion.  If people hear the story of the baby that was screaming before being murdered they may just question the mantra of the left that abortion is not used as a form of birth control.  If people hear the joke reportedly made by Gosnell that one of the babies was large enough to walk him to the bus stop, they just may to look inside themselves and ask why this allowed to happen in this country.  

People may just start to question the usual memes you are told about abortion.   Legal, safe, and rare.  One of the doctors that the prosecution put on the stand as an "expert" on abortion said he has performed 40,000 abortions during his 33 year practice.  There is nothing rare about that number.  That is a number that is hard to wrap your head around.  There is nothing safe about what Gosnell and his goons did.  Nor can this be considered "healthcare", another one of the things that left trots out when talking about this topic.  

People will have to ask themselves about the racial overtones to this story.  Gosnell, a black man, treated his white suburban "patients" differently and better than the minority poorer counterparts.  People may start to realize that abortion is actually big business in this country.  There is loads of money to be made.  There are people out there who profit at the hands of women who are making very difficult choices.  People may actually take a look at the documentary made about this case where women describe how they were told by Gosnell that abortion was a normal thing, ain't no thing.  Have two, have five across your lifetime.  What's the diff?  They will hear the women who were victims of Gosnell and how he isn't being tried for things that he has done to most of them.  

Again, this was in poor taste.  But the bar was set last week by the left.  Apparently the "right" to abortion is more important than giving the people of this country the truth about abortion in this country.  If we start asking questions, they are afraid of the answers that some will come up with.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

President and Mrs. Bush Welcome First Grandchild, Baby Mila

Former President Bush's daughter Jenna and her husband Henry welcomed their first child into the world Saturday night.  She was named after her grandmothers Margaret Laura and they will be calling her Mila.  What a cutie.

Congrats to them.  President Bush has finally gotten the grandchild he has been waiting for.   baby mila 2
baby mila

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marco Rubio Hits the Sunday Talk Shows on Immigration Bill - Video

Senator Rubio hit a record 7 morning shows this morning to discuss guns and immigration.  His goal was to talk about his immigration bill.  He is having a hard time with the conservative base who are calling his plan "amnesty".  I am not among them.  It will take well over a decade for a person to become a citizen, that isn't amnesty as far as I am concerned.  

I know, as a first generation American, how broken our visa system.  Until that is fixed the problem we have will not go away.  The borders need to be secured.  The visa system needs to be updated and streamlined.  This is our chance to fix those two problems.  

The reality is this, the political and public will to deport about 11 million does not exist.  It will not happen.  The right or wrong of that doesn't matter.  To hold onto the position that deportation is the only answer is saying that the status quo is good enough.  It isn't.  I am not jazzed about giving green cards to people who broke the law, but I know that is what is going to happen regardless of how I feel about it.  My goal is remove this issue and get our borders secured.  The only way that is going to happen is if the GOP gets out in front of it.  

If Rubio can get our borders secured, I say more power to him.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Main Stream Media Starts Reporting on the Trial of Kermit Gosnell - Video

I actually thought Anderson Cooper did a half way decent job.  He even got into the race issues in this story, which should be told.  Why did this doctor treat the white women differently than the minority women?  
But the truth is this, had this story been as widely reported as say the Jodi Arias trial, the discussion about abortion "rights" would be as hot as a topic as gun rights.  We don't want that to happen do we media?  

Quote of the Day - Daily Beast Commentor Edition

I used to be "pro-choice". I've always believed in individual rights. A woman should have the right to make her own decisions regarding her own body. I still believe this.
The reason that this story isn't being covered by the media is because it reveals something frightening to the pro-choice argument. Maybe someone else's body is being violated?
The reason I don't consider myself pro-choice anymore is not because I had a religious experience or because I hit my head and woke up Republican.
It's because I've held my wife's hand as she was in the middle of a miscarriage in our doctor's office. The doctor didn't say, "It's okay, the mass of cells will pass soon". He said, "I'm sorry for your loss."
I've held my wife as she weeped after yet another pregnancy ended abruptly. I've seen her hurt and angered by people who say they are supporting "women's reproductive rights" by demanding federally funded birth control and/or abortions. Meanwhile, we have to pay thousands for fertility treatments that fail.
What about her reproductive rights?
I've seen our child's image in ultrasound at just under 12 weeks. Suddenly realizing the joy of being a parent, only to see the words "NO CARDIAC" typed across the screen. The pain and the tears of losing a child at 12 weeks, well within the time period to abort. Then going through three more miscarriages after that and seeing the pain, disappointment, and hopelessness that my wife suffered.
I have to put my own broken heart to the side to be strong for her.
The reason I no longer believe abortion has anything to do with women's rights or women's health is simple. I've seen infertility through my wife's eyes and I've seen her ignored. Abortion has nothing to do with women's rights, it's simply about eugenics.
I narrowed the issue down to two questions. Scientifically, is it human? Philosophically, does it's life have value? I encourage you to ask these questions as well.
When you see the issue of reproductive rights through the eyes of a woman who is struggling with infertility, you'll quickly see that Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice movement really has less to do with women's health and more to do with eugenics.
If you don't believe me, look up Margaret Sanger's beliefs on the subjects of race, poverty, and eugenics. She founded Planned Parenthood.
I know I'm going to be called all sorts of names and ridiculed for believing that a fetus is a human, it's life has value, and the taking of that life is a violation of it's human rights. I don't care. I'm not posting this for you, nor for me. I'm posting this in honor of my wife. So that other women may realize that a pregnancy is a gift. Not necessarily for you, but maybe for the woman who desperately wants a child and would be more than willing to adopt your's if you simply let it live. It's also a gift for the child itself, because he or she will get to live
A commentor on the story on The Daily Beast about why the Gosnell trial is not being covered in the media. That is until today.  

I too have always found it odd that people say they believe in individual rights yet have no problem in violating the rights of the baby.  There is no way around this, biologically a "fetus" is human, and as such has the basic human right to life.  

I hope that he and his wife find that woman who is willing to let her child live and give them the joys of parenthood.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Radical Left is at it Again - Immigration Protesters Don't Know Who Marco Rubio Is

Sigh.  There was a rally about illegal immigrants, excuse me, undocumented workers and the people protesting holding signs about Senator Marco Rubio but they don't know who he is.  

I am shocked, shocked I say.  

Someone needs to explain to these people that Rubio is working on policy that will give them a path to citizenship.  Stooges.  

Quote of the Day - Dave Weigel Edition

Social conservatives are largely right about the Gosnell story. Maybe it's not a raw political story. It's just the story of a potential mass murderer who operated for decades as government regulators did nothing.
Dave Weigel on the lack of media coverage of the Gosnell murder trail.  

We hear endless reports on the trial of that loony lady in  Phoenix that stabbed her boyfriend repeatedly, but virtually no coverage of newborn babies, totally defenseless, having their spinal cords cut.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rand Paul at Howard University

Rand Paul has decided to take the bull by the horns and go out to the black community.  About effin' time as far as I am concerned.  The GOP must do this.  Yes, it will be painful.  Yes, it will be for only a few votes.  Yes, they will be uncomfortable.  But, it still must be done.  We cannot continue to ignore 12% of our population and expect to win national elections.  

Did he do a perfect job?  No.  He made some mistakes, but overall he did a good job.  Now, I wouldn't have gone into the history of civil rights and the republican party, nobody really cares today that once upon a time that people such as Marting Luther King was a republican.  I also don't buy into the meme that most blacks don't understand that history.  They feel that the republican party is now racist.  Granted, that is something that they are conditioned to believe from childhood, but they have access to the same history books that we do.  

He also missed some opportunities.  The most important coming in the Q&A section.  One young man asked about government staying out of your life.  He didn't do enough to explain the difference between limited government and no government. Precious few believe in "no government".  

For those who call this pandering, grow up.  He promised them nothing, except the promise of what a limited government can do improve their lives.  School vouchers is a big issue within the black community and it is something that we need to hit hard in order to get them to see that we are indeed on their side.  

This was a small, but important step.  

All in the Name of Diversity - Hiring Lifeguards - Skin Color Yes, Swimming Skills, Not So Much

Phoenix, Arizona apparently has a number of public pools.  Those pools need lifeguards.  That seems perfectly reasonable.  I would feel much more comfortable knowing that if my children were swimming that there would be someone who could save them in a case of emergency.  This is something that I feel my tax dollars should be used for.

Well, they have decided that the pool of people to choose from for these positions isn't diverse enough.  So they have decided to make an effort to hire according to the color bar instead of competency.
"The kids in the pool are all either Hispanic or black or whatever, and every lifeguard is white," she says, "and we don't like that. The kids don't relate; there's language issues."
Martinez turns to a Latina student next to her. "Do you speak Spanish?" she asks. "We need more lifeguards who can speak Spanish."
Again, this is something that I don't really have a problem with especially when they say the more than 90% of the people who use these pools are minorities.  But, and this is a big but, they don't seem to care if the kids are really qualified to do the job.
As the teens swim laps at Alhambra, it's clear many haven't had much formal training. But the coaches of the course aren't fazed and are prepared to put in the time to teach.
"Honestly, I have a little bit a fear of the water, and I wanted to overcome that fear," says high school junior Jesus Jimenez. He didn't grow up going to pools with his family but likes the idea of lifeguarding.
"It is nice to have the satisfaction of knowing that if somebody is in trouble you can save them at any time," he says.
If he is selected to be a lifeguard, other pool staff will work with him on his swimming skills all summer.
Um, why you would send your child to a pool that had lifeguards that weren't really qualified to save your child in a case of emergency?  I think it is wonderful that the city is putting an effort in to teach minorities better swimming skills.  Not only is a swimming a great form of exercise, I do believe it is a skill that everyone should have.  But you don't take unqualified people and put them in a position that will affect the safety of the general public simply because of their skin color.  Yet one more example of the dumbing down of America.  We are teaching these children that skin color is more important than skills and safety.

I bet there is going to be a group of attorney's lined up once the first person drowns.  I hope that the city has paid up their insurance premiums, they are going to need it.  My advice to the parents who use this pool, go somewhere else or find another activity for your children that doesn't have as much as a risk.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mental Illness, The Death of a Child, and Human Hostility - Pastor Rick Warren's Son Commits Suicide

This story really upset me to the point that I have had real problems writing this.  This is like the fourth draft of this post.  All my regular readers know that I have been very open and honest about the fact that I suffer from a mental illness; major depression.  I truly believe that all people have crosses to bear in life, and this is one of mine.  Sadly, Pastor Warren's son unable to bear his cross, ended his own life on Friday night.  Simply tragic.

Another cross I had to bear in my life was the death of my best friend when we were teenagers.  She was killed in a car accident on her way to an amusement park one summer day shortly after her 15th birthday.  Luckily, her family and I have remained close.  I not only still talk to them, they are my family on an emotional level.  I watched what that family went through after her death.  It was horrible.  It almost devastated that family.  They were able to find their way to the other side, but it took years.  Honestly, they are likely not the same people they were before the accident.  The wounds went that deep.  I know the affect it had on my life and we were not really family, just childhood friends.  She and I shared the things that little girls share as they are trying to find their way to adulthood.  I often wonder how different my life would be had she lived.  But my point being I watched parents trying to find their way after the grief of losing a child.  I firmly believe that is a pain like no other, it is not the natural order of things.  You are not supposed to bury your child.

It took little time for people to show their inhumanity after the news was released.  The hate was just awful.  To make matters even worse is that it came from both sides.  Look, I have issues with Pastor Warren and some of his views.  But, does that justify this?
“I am a Christian and this guy was no Christian. … Purpose driven life my ars. The kid couldn’t be helped by a cult-like atmosphere and false teachings.”
I think not.  This family is burying a child.  The fact that he was grown doesn't change the fact that they are his parents.  Matthew Warren, besides suffering from mental illness, was also a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a co-worker, and many other things as well.  Doesn't that matter in our culture anymore?
The left has come out with the theory that he was gay and due to his father's stance on same-sex marriage caused him so much pain he had to take his own life.  There is no proof of this, but this is theory that those that are pre-disposed to hate any and all Christians have come up with.
“Rick warren hates all homosexuals. Look it up! His own son couldn’t change his mind. Do you think for a minute that rick is in mourning? His son was gay! He is rejocing. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.”
Hmm, he hates all homosexuals.
Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”
There is a huge difference between hating someone and being against gay marriage based upon tenets of one's faith.  Not only does the left not get that, they don't even make the attempt to.  Or maybe they do get it and just don't care.  I am not sure.

Pastor Warren's work around the globe for AIDS patients can't be touched.  He has done amazing work not only giving medical care to the stricken, but also caring for the children who have been orphaned because of the disease.  If he were so full of "hate" he wouldn't be doing this.  Unless you are being intellectually dishonest you cannot disagree that AIDS is primarily an illness based upon behavioral choices, such as gay sex and promiscuity.  If you practice  abstinence until marriage and remain faithful the chances of you getting AIDS is almost nonexistence in the world today.  That would be life choices that Pastor Warren would prefer that people make.  Yet, there he is out in the world trying to make a difference to those that are suffering from that illness and helping the children who have become second-hand victims.

But sadly, simply talking about living a life based upon biblical teachings is enough to get you labeled a hate monger.  Standing by your belief system seems to justify being targeted within hours of the one of the most painful experiences of your life.  Even worse is when other "Christians" join in on the attacks.
Nothing is being said about the horrors that people with lifelong depression face.  The darkness that permeates far too much of their lives and takes away hope.  So let me say it.  Let me try to describe to you what this is like.  I am not a doctor and I can only talk about my own experiences, but from what I understand mine are not all that different from the others who suffer from this.

It has been described to me that on a scale of one to ten, most people fall between a 6 and 8 on any given day.  They will have days of fluctuation of course, but generally speaking this is where the average falls.  I happen to fall between a 4 and 6 on any given day.  My good days are your bad days.  I live in a constant funk.  I feel like crying for reasons that I can't explain.  I have described this to people on several occasions that I feel like I am in a body of water and I can't see land and no matter how much I swim I am getting nowhere.  Think of how exhausting that is.  That young man likely didn't feel all that different.  He couldn't find his way to land.  30% of all people who take antidepressants on a regular basis will have the medication just stop working.  There is no rhyme or reason for it, so you can't prepare for it.  When this happens your depression will of course get worse.  I have no way of knowing if Warren's son happened to be in that 30% or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if he were.

People with long-term depression get very good at faking it.  At least to a point.  It eventually will catch up to you.  During one of my down cycles I used to go to work everyday and do my job with no issues.  But that was about all I could accomplish.  I went straight home, turned off the phone and sat on the couch in a daze until I went back to work.  I got through it by taking my car a few miles away during my lunch hour and sit in my car and cry for an hour.  It released enough of the emotion that I could through the afternoon.  Once that episode began to fade, I then had to clean my condo, which was a mess.  My poor dog got little attention during this cycle.  She was an amazing comfort to me during the time, she seemed to sense my down moods and would snuggle with me.  She used to put her head on one shoulder and her paw on the other and lick my face.  She was giving me a doggie hug.  She really did help me get through the bad days.

The point that I am trying to make is that depression is a horrible, horrible illness.  It is an ILLNESS.  It isn't a choice.  It requires medical attention and in most cases medication to balance out the chemical imbalances in your brain.  His son couldn't find his way out any other way.  Is it cowardly?  Maybe.  But if you lived with this pain and darkness day after day for the majority of your life , you would see it a different way.

Our inhumanity to man is very sad to me.  Questioning Pastor Warren's belief system is fair game as he is in the public eye.  But to purposely hurt a man who is about to bury his own child can only be described as inhumane.  There is no other word for it.  Shame on those who did this.
Grieving is hard.Grieving as public figures,harder.Grieving while haters celebrate your pain,hardest.Your notes sustained us
I hope that Matthew has found the peace he was unable to attain in life.  I also hope that the Warren family continues to get notes to sustain them through this horrible ordeal.
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