Saturday, April 30, 2011

UC Berkeley Students Asked to Pay their "Fair Share" of the National Debt

This is another video of the very lonely republicans at UC-Berkley. They also did a video on redistributing GPA’s, which of course they did not want to do.

At about 2 minutes into the video they asked someone who is part of the Student Democrats and she said that she doesn’t contribute to the national debt so she shouldn’t have to pay it. Hmm, it would seem to me that she contributes to it more than I do with her belief system on how our tax dollars should be spent, or should I say wasted.

But, hey that is just a pesky little detail.

They then ask what we should do to cut the debt. Tax the rich was the main answer behind getting rid of defense spending. One girl feels that we are the least taxed people on earth. Our corporate taxes are some of the highest on earth. But, again a pesky little detail. But taxing the rich will redistribute it more fairly. Of course we have seen their real opinion on redistribution.

Herman Cain - The American Dream is Under Attack

Americans for Prosperity had a summit last night in New Hampshire.  Pawlenty and Bachmann (I could be mistaken about this, I remember hearing her name mentioned) also were guest speakers. 

I just heart this man. 

Who Do You Call for Advice on Immigration Law?

I mean I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to the two immigration experts Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson. Wouldn’t you? Longoria and Dawson meet with officials at the White House to share their expertise. Sounds like a plan to me!!!

Indiana GOP on Mitch Daniels

It would seem that the Indiana GOP is pushing to have their own Mitch Daniels for the presidency.  I actually like his record.  He has done very good things for the state.  His medical reforms is something that the rest of the country should be looking at.  He reduced costs with HSA's and market based solutions, saving the tax payers of Indiana millions on the government employee benefit plans.  It is a shame that Obamacare has ripped the usage of HSA's to shreds.  His decision to sign the bill defunding Planned Parenthood and his very good friend Haley Barbour bowing out of the race have only fueled the rumors that he will put his hat into the ring. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Wedding Fit for a Queen

The Future King and Queen said their I Do's this morning in a very lavish ceremony.  She looked just lovely and the two do seem to be really in love.  It is nice to see that Queen and Prince Charles allowed William to have a private life and marry someone based on love instead of pushing him into marrying some more "suitable" based on tradition. 

I just love her dress; understated elegance. 

William did his Mummy proud.  Princess Diana is smiling down on them today.

Oh, then there are these two.  Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.  Love the hats?  No so much I think.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Herman Cain on Why He Should be President

Need I say more? 

Keeping the Pressure on the EPA

Guest Post by Scott P.

With a failure to hit the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget anywhere near expectation in the resolution last week, the GOP will likely have to switch its plan of attack on the EPA regulations that are threatening to cost businesses jobs and money in the near future.

The GOP had been pressuring in Capitol Hill on the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations through multiple attempts and proposals to cut their budget. While republican reps were looking for a 30 percent cut to the budget, the resolution came back with only a mere 16 percent cut to the EPA. Despite the failure to have the budget cut to their liking, the GOP has managed to take part in fights over legislation throughout the early months of 2011 as well.

Senator James Inhofe was one of those responsible for the Energy Tax Prevention Act, which is geared to attack the EPA’s cap and trade tax that allow them to lay costly regulations on businesses over greenhouse gas emissions. Inhofe saw the act as a major positive, saying that “The Energy Tax Prevention Act leaves all of the essential provisions of the Clean Air Act intact, ensuring that Americans will be protected from pollution that has direct public health impacts. It also prevents EPA from twisting the Clean Air Act into a bureaucratic obstacle to growth and expansion.”

The Energy Tax Prevention Act was only able to be passed through the house, however. After this act was voted down in Senate and the budget resolution was less than satisfying, the GOP could seemingly re-plan their agenda against the EPA. Just this week they’ve taken to protest new EPA rules that are set to limit toxins in coal and power plants. One involves the mercury regulations and the other involves hazardous emissions from boilers and plants. Even with the continued push to delay and have these regulations from the EPA removed, the GOP could stand to point out a major flaw in the EPA, and that involves their inability to use their resources on the right programs. The EPA has long lacked the ability to support and fund some of their most important resources, such as asbestos removal and mesothelioma reduction, as well as fighting water contamination issues.

The EPA should be exposed for not putting enough resources towards programs like the Safe Water Drinking Act, which enables a monitoring system that works to cut down on contamination levels in water and public drinking sources. Their work in asbestos abatement does wonders in cutting health risks, and it sometimes even saves lives, seeing as mesothelioma life expectancy is only a year on average. Regardless, some of the EPA’s initiatives that have a direct impact on cutting environmental health risks are their most important, and many are incorrectly supported in favor of rather useless campaigns.

The republicans have been critical of the EPA for the end of the 2010 year, and certainly in the first three months of 2011. Even with the failed budget proposals, there’s still optimism from the GOP side towards getting some of these regulations ended. With businesses breathing down their back, and major money at stake, expect republican reps to switch tactics and continue the fight against some of the EPA’s unnecessary and costly initiatives.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate

For reasons that I can't fully understand President Obama's staff finally released his long form birth certificate.  For the record, I never believed he was born in Kenya and honestly, I thought that people who did were tin hat wearers.  Did the right really believe that the Clinton's wouldn't have found out if he had born in Kenya?  They play dirty, and if there was anything to this, they would have found it.  But, I guess the drumbeat for the birth certificate was just getting to loud to ignore anymore.  My theory had been all along that he didn't release it to continue to paint the right as nutjobs, even though the theory originally started in the ranks of the left.  A fact that the media completely ignores now.  I am waiting to hear what Orly and Berg are going to say.  What will they do with their time now? 

The issue of him being adopted by his step father also now must come to end. 

•The adoption certificate will be used by the Registrar to create a new birth record. This will list the new adopted information, i.e. the names and information of the adoptive parent(s) as the legal parents of the child. The child's birth date and other details may or may not remain as listed, depending on the circumstances of the birth. Information about the biological parents will be removed from the official record, and the new information regarding the adoptive parents will officially replace the original birth records, if any. The original records will be sealed and filed in confidentiality, only to be released under specific court orders in rare situations.

Many are looking at this as a win for The Donald, including Donald himself.  Sadly, this isn't going to stop the true believers in the birther movement.  I got called a fool on twitter for not seeing this is a fake.  I told her she needed to find a new tin hat to wear.  God himself could come down and say he was born in Hawaii and some will never accept it.  But one can hope that this issue will largely disappear. 

The one thing that I have yet to see much coverage on is the fact that Donald has been saying that he was told it was missing and he had investigators that were finding "things".  What are these things Donald?  The man is a snake oil salesman.   It seems that Donald is now moving onto the college transcripts to keep himself relevant. 

We have really big issues in this country this isn't one of them.  Although, the one thing that I will say is that it should be law that the birth certificate should be given to the FEC when filing papers to run for president.  Huckabee was asked about the requirements when filing and said it is not asked for.  It should be.   That law should be changed. 

A little comedic relief - Obama said we have better things to do, I have better things to do.  Now excuse me, I have to fly to Chicago to meet with Oprah.

This is Why I Miss President Bush

President Bush hosted and participated in the W100.  It was a 100K 3 day mountain bike ride across Texas.  It was part of the wounded warrior project for soldiers who have been injured in either Afghanistan or Iraq. 

He always has shown real love for our troops and continues to do so since leaving office.  The man did many things that I didn't like, but I have always respected his love of country and the troops who serve her. 

You can see more photos and videos here

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Romney Cannot be the GOP Nominee

There are many things to complain about with Mitt Romney, but by far has to be his determinedness to stand by RomneyCare. The more time passes the worse the results of the law become.

The Massachusetts Medical Society found that 56% of physicians are not taking on new patients. Wait times for appointments are climbing. Just two years after reform took root, one clinic in Western Massachusetts had amassed a waiting list of 1,600 patients.
What is the point of having insurance when you can't see a doctor? I remember the night that Obamacare passed I was down at the hill joining in on the protests. We were accompanied by the Catholics for Social Justice Crowd. One of the guys (I use that term rather loosely, he couldn't be more than 22) was telling me that one the main reasons it would reduce costs was because the people would stop using the ER for primary care. Really?

Despite the expansion of insurance coverage, people are continuing to seek routine medical care in expensive emergency rooms. Emergency room visits climbed 9%--or 3 million visits--between 2004 and 2008. The bill for uncompensated care has exceeded $400 million.
I guess there goes that argument. But, everyone now has insurance right? Wrong. Nearly 20% of the residents are still uninsured.

When signing the bill into law, Romney claimed that it would "take about three years to get all of our citizens insured." In 2006 the number of uninsured in Massachusetts ranged from 372,000 to 618,000. Five years later, over 100,000 remain uninsured.
But, the costs have gone down right? Wrong again.

A 2010 study published in the Forum for Health Economics & Policy found that health insurance premiums in Massachusetts were increasing at a rate 3.7% slower than the national average prior to the implementation of RomneyCare. Post-overhaul, they're increasing 5.8% faster. Annual premium hikes in the state have averaged 7.5% since 2000.

The average employer-sponsored family health plan costs nearly $14,000. That's higher than anywhere else in the nation.
But but but the state is saving money right?

That's only the tip of the RomneyCare cost iceberg. Originally projected to cost $1.8 billion this year, the reform effort is now expected to exceed those estimates by $150 million. An analysis from the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation found that state spending on health care reform grew from $1.04 billion in 2006 to about $1.75 billion in 2010. Over the next 10 years, RomneyCare will likely cost $2 billion more than predicted.
What is really sad about the above numbers is the fact that the state used part of the state's stimulus money to damp down some of these costs, so the projected over-runs would have been even higher. One of the reasons that the costs are higher?

Of the previously uninsured individuals who have signed up, 68% are receiving free or subsidized coverage.

Many of these people aren't even citizens of Massachusetts. A recent report from the Massachusetts Inspector General found that state agencies have failed to implement controls to prevent ineligible people from making claims. In 2010 millions of dollars were spent on medical services for individuals from 48 other states and several foreign countries.
His refusal to walk back from this is troubling enough, but he seems to be proud of the accomplishment of wasting the money of the MA taxpayers. Like I said, there is much about Romney that is troubling, but his signature on this law makes it impossible for the GOP to support his candidacy. If people vote for this man, they are will only be continuing the nanny state mentality that has driven this nation to debtor status. The only thing attractive about this man is his hair.

Stats from Forbes Magazine.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Conservatives Home School

Anyone who approves of this is an idiot.  Even if you are far left, you must admit that no teacher has the right to push their personal ideology on young impressionable children. 

Word to these two ladies - if what you believed was so great, you wouldn't need to sneak around the system to brainwash our children. 

Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teachers union leader (in the Tax the Rich shirt) and Megan Behrent a New York City teacher affiliated with the International Socialist Organization, explain how to push Marxism in the public school classroom

H/T to The Conservative Lady

Raising Cain - Herman Cain on America's Finest Days

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Et Tu, Stacy McCain

I was up even earlier than usual today as I had to get everything ready for the trip down to the Lincoln Memorial for the most amazing sunrise service on Easter Sunday.  After the services, the annual Easter Egg hunt (or should I say spring sphere) took place, then the very large breakfast commenced.  The pancakes with fresh blueberries and heated syrup and the Eggs Benedict were both made to perfection if I don't mind saying so myself.  After a few hours of Nerf darts to wear off the rare treat of chocolate in the morning all has settled down.

I have been thinking about a post I read early this morning on The Other McCain that originally started over a ridiculous OP-ED piece on how all Fraternities should be closed down as they only encourage young college aged males to rape young woman.  But that is post for another time. 

Stacy then found his way to an article about how many women get married anyway even though their gut is telling them something else.  An article in Marie Clare talked about how much of this has to do with the fairy tales we tell our young daughters and as they grow they watch the romantic comedies that come out of our Hollywood culture saying that love conquers all. 

While much of Stacy is discussing is the personal responsibility that is being taken away and this article is creating almost a victimhood mentality of young women due to these influences that most young women grow up with.  What Stacy has completely overlooked is the culture that we have created for not only ourselves but for our young girls.  Divorce is the answer. 

We no longer have the reason to make our marriages work.  We no longer have the reasons to listen to our guts as we are waiting to walk down the aisle and that little voice is saying RUN AS FAST YOU CAN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION.  We can simply go through the motions because for a relatively small amount of money and short waiting time we can just start over.  The divorce rate in our society is far too high. 
43.7% of custodial mothers and 56.2% of custodial fathers were either separated or divorced. And in 2002, 7.8 million Americans paid about $40 billion in child and/or spousal support (84% of the payers were male).
Stacy asked the question:

Amanda Clark got a $15,000 gown and a 7-carat ring, and she still wasn’t happy, so whose fault is that?

Was it really the fault of her husband being the Wrong Guy? To believe that, you must believe that somewhere out there is the Right Guy, ready and eager to wed Amanda Clark, except for the fact that she goofed up and married the Wrong Guy. But shouldn’t we at least consider the alternative hypothesis, that Amanda Clark was to some extent responsible for the failure of her own marriage? Isn’t it possible that she was the Wrong Woman?

It may be that Amanda is the wrong woman, but what is also possible is that Amanda  didn't care that he was the wrong guy, because she could just get that quickie no fault divorce and find the "right guy".  Part of the lie that feminist movement has hoisted on our young females (and males for that matter) is that divorce is so common that it has almost become a right of passage, and if you are being made to feel that you are not being understood or are not reaching your potential in all your glorious womanhood you can get up and walk away, it isn't that big of a deal.  Self fulfillment is the far more superior objective than actually taking your time and marrying the right person
I am not trying to say that people are not making a difficult choice or that they don't even attempt to work on a marriage, but the divorce rates being as high as they are we must ask ourselves what makes one go through with a marriage if you are not feeling right about from day one?  Marriage is very hard work.  You have to compromise, you have to give up some things that at one point in your life you considered very important.  You have to put your spouses feelings at least as high on the totem pole that you put your own.  You also must accept the fact that it isn't going to be rosy each and every day.  You will go through patches that are painful and you must be honest about that pain and the causes of it.  You also have to realize that all those habits that you think are so cute before you get married aren't really all that cute after you live them everyday year after year.  The things that bother you before the wedding only become more pronounced after the big day.  We become even more ourselves.  You have to work on your marriage like divorce isn't an option.  That is very hard work indeed. 

What I am saying is that our society feeds the idea that marriage the first time around is just a test run and if your fulfillment in your womanhood is being threatened the answer is divorce.  Stacy questions if we woman are asking the question is it us.  It isn't that women don't ask is it us, but it is that women are being told even if it us this doesn't feel good and doesn't fit the narrative that we can indeed have it all, we then can just have a start over.  Even Stacy didn't ask the question of how damaging the woman's rights movement has been.  So I must ask, Et Tu Stacy, Et Tu? 

He Is Risen - The Passion of the Christ

If you have never seen this movie, you don't know what you are missing.  Mel Gibson has many issues, but he poured his heart and soul into making this movie and it shows.  The entire movie is on You Tube or available on Netflix. 

Here is just a small piece. 

Have A Blessed Easter - He Is Risen

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Dose of Reality

I came across a post about an interview that Ben Stein did on the Dennis Miller Show. Five Feet of Fury came to the conclusion that Stein was actually just another liberal because he made the statement that the tax rates on the "rich" will have to be increased in order to deal with our national debt. I don't agree. I think that it is high time we have an honest discussion on what we are facing.

Everyone in this country is going to have to give up something. Nothing can be taking off the table if we are truly going to fix this. There will be some in this country that will not be able to be taken of the public assistance that they are currently on, for a number of different reasons. But there are people on public assistance that can be phased out of the system. We are going to have to start doing means testing for social security and medicare. Give the very wealthy a one time payout and be done with it. They can pay for their own retirement and insurance. There are people in this country that can afford it on their own, Gates and Jobs as an example.

Corporate welfare has to stop. We are giving farming subsidies to very large companies such as Dole. They are a very successful and don't need government handouts. If we still need to help out the small family farmer we can do that in a different way. We may find that this is no longer necessary, or if it is necessary it can be done on a much smaller scale than what we are currently doing. The tax system MUST be simplified so that companies like GE are not paying anything.

The people on the left must realize that we cannot keep up the spending we are doing at the current levels and the right must realize that taxes will need to be increased in order to deal with the debt. It really is that simple. If we keep pretending otherwise the problem will never be solved. I honestly believe that people would be willing to pay slightly more in taxes IF the money is being used to pay down the debt. The problem becomes that the government ends up wasting it. So the spending must be curtailed.

Sadly, the polls are showing that we, as a country, are still not ready to deal with this problem. People are unwilling to give up the entitlements such as medicare and social security. Bring up cuts to military pensions and many on the right go crazy, just ask Michele Bachmann. She had to remove that off her website due to the backlash she faced when she brought up that topic. People have become dependant upon them. Social security was originally set up to be voluntary, and we are forced into this system and the American public just goes along with it without putting any thought into the fact that this system is actually damaging our way of life in this country. The lock box became too much temptation for the federal government and they have spent the money in ways it was never intended to be spent. Which, in part, has led to the debt that we are currently facing in this country.

The price of oil will continue to go up as long as the dollar continues to stagnate. Too many people in government are refusing to deal with the fact that since commodities are traded in U.S. dollars, our debt and interest is in part causing the inflation we are seeing on the world market. Of course it isn't the only reason, but to ignore this component is being dishonest.

So, is it that Ben Stein was being a typical liberal or was he only stating the obvious? Like it or not, we are all in this together and virtually every last one of us has to give up something. Until we admit this to ourselves we cannot have a rational discussion on how to fix these very real and very damaging problems.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Questions for President Obama

While this is an exercise in futility as I will never get close enough to ask the president some questions, but I still think that these are some important questions that someone should ask him. I sincerely would love to have answers to these:

  1. As a professed Christian you know that God does not say our lives are going to be "fair". Why do you believe that you or the government can make it so?
  2. You have publicly stated that the constitution is a document of "negative rights". If there were to be changes to make them "positive rights" wouldn't you be opening up the American people to having their rights change at the whims of whatever party happened to be in charge? Wouldn't it be so that what the government can give you they also have the right to take away?
  3. You believe we should be making investments to our public education system. The system is currently broken, I think we could all agree on that. If money were the only issue why do other countries spend less per pupil and have better results?
  4. Until our public school system improves why are you opposed to giving choices to parents that have children in a school system that is failing them? While the money being spent per pupil has grown, the test scores have stayed stagnant or have lowered. How long do these parents have to wait?
  5. You believe in societal safety nets for the poor. Do you believe that some families that are now reaching the second or third generation of poverty and public assistance are actually being helped by the current system which seems to have them living in generational poverty?
  6. Both you and your wife have publicly stated the need for family values and the virtues of the family dinner table. Some public school systems are now giving three meals a day to students. Don't you think that think that this is damaging to the family unit and interferes with the bonding time between parents and children?
  7. If children of very poor families qualify for food stamps and for the free food programs in public schools aren't the tax payers paying twice to feed the same child?
  8. You say that you don't need additional tax cuts, yet on your most recent tax return you deductions lowered your rate by more than 10%. Why didn't you skip the deductions and pay the full 35%? Wouldn't that have been the more patriotic thing to do?
  9. Do you think it is "fair" that people like Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, who are both multi millionnaire rock stars, to take farming subsidies for raising bees, which lowers their property tax rates to below people who have much less property? Shouldn't these subsidies be used only for people who are trying to make a living farming?
  10. I am a fiscal conservative. I believe in small, limited government. You, two former presidents, and other high level people within the democratic party, which you head have called me a racist for being a member of the tea party and being against the expansion of government and the unprecedented spending that have taken place since you have taken office. Do you really believe that fiscal conservatives would approve of your policies if you were white? If not, don't you owe me and other tea party members an apology for calling us racist?

 I have many more, but I thought this was a good start. What questions would you ask?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Just A Conservative Girl

Two years ago today I decided to dip my toe into the blogosphere.  Little did I know how much time that I would spend on this venture. 

In this time I have more than a few laughs and have had my share of name calling.  I have also caused a little controversy here and there. 

Through it all I believe I have stayed true to my own voice, which is something that I have promised myself that I would not compromise on. 

I would like to say a thank you to some folks who have become cyber friends to me and have motivated me to become a better blogger:

MA over at American Perspective

Cliff over at Another Black Conservative

Tim, RK, and Les over at Left Coast Rebel

TLC over at The Conservative Lady

Fuzzi over at Fuzzi Logic

Teresa over at Teresamerica

I would also like to thank all the people who have sent me information that I hope makes my posts more complete and more interesting.   

I also would like to give Jill from Pundit and Pundette a special thank you for including me as a blogger at PotLuck.  It has given me the chance to reach a different audience and to meet some other great bloggers.  If you are not reading PotLuck, you should.  It is a group of conservative women who have very different points of view; regardless of how the media portrays conservatives as monolithic.  PotLuck is proof that we are not. 

There are so many other blogs that I visit often and leave comments.  Far too many to list them all here.  But I would like to say a special thank you to Smitty over at The Other McCain.  Even while defending our country over in Afghanistan, he still finds time to read my blog and link to me from time to time.  Love that linky love Smitty.  He also cracks me up on twitter.  He and his wife are still deciding on what to name his first born son that is due to make his first appearance this July.  I think Herman Cain Smith should be the winner.  Just think if he does become the president, the kid will know how far ahead of the curve his dad really is.  How cool is that? 

Here are some of my favorite posts over the past two years:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unions now Targeting Target

The unions have decided to go after Target to force them to unionize.  You know there is a reason that every large retailer that unionizes goes out of business.  They can no longer stay price competitive during times of recession.  Have you noticed over the past two years that stores have fewer employees during non peak hours?  If they are union they are not able to cut hours or benefits in order to weather the storm. 

But why let those pesky little facts get in the way. 

Also why do union bus rides always include lunch? 

Target You Can't Hide, We Can See Your Greedy Side.  Catchy.  Target has a very strong record of not only giving back to the community with profits it also is very diverse in hiring practices.  Again, pesky little facts.

Quote of the Day - President Obama Edition Part 5

"We don't have enough money to waste right now"

President Obama at Town Hall.

Maybe we would have more money now if the government wasn't wasting it to start with.  If you want to stop wasting money there are many things we can do.  Such as stop having people fund the Department of Education that just adds an additional layer before actually getting to the classroom. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Krauthammer - Trump is the Al Sharpton of the Republican Party

BWAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA - I made my opinion of Trump pretty clear

My Tax Day Ode

Since DC celebrated Emancipation Day on Friday, tax day was moved to today.

"Spreading the Wealth" is really only a good idea if you are not giving up anything.


H/T to Taxing Tennesse
Cross posted at PotLuck Bloggers

Is it Any Wonder that the GOP Can't Get Traction in California

I don't know what this woman was thinking. Marilyn Davenport is a committee member of the Orange Country Republicans. If this is how the California GOP behaves they will never get anywhere. All this woman has done is to allow the continuing meme that republicans are racist and intolerant. She has hurt every republican with this nonsense.

She actually has made the entire situation worse by saying she isn't racist because she has black friends. Really? How exactly do they feel about your portrayal of a black man as a chimp?

There is a big difference between disagreeing about policy and doing something like this. Ms. Davenport needs to resign immediately. There is no excuse for it. Not only does this smack of racism her inability to see it as such says a great deal about what type of person she is and her thought process. While it is very possible that she isn't a racist, she is completely blind to how this would be viewed and interpreted

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Herman Cain in New Hampshire Edition 2

Herman Cain is spending his time in early primary states.  This weekend he has been in New Hampshire and was a keynote speaker at the local tax day tea party. 

The True Face of the Progressive Left - Content Warning

I say that we all chip in and buy these disgraceful assholes one way tickets to Cuba or Venezuela. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Herman Cain on Why He is Running for President

This is why this man is so awesome!!! 

H/T to Fuzzi

Congressman West Gets Some Love from his District

The congressman went home for the weekend and went immediately to a meeting with his constituents at 10:30 on a Friday night.   He gave a short speech and they break out singing God Bless America at the end of his speech.

The chorus for him to run for president is getting louder. I hope that he stays within himself and continues to realize that he isn't ready for that.

H/T The War Room

Cavuto is Sick of Vitorial

This absolutely cracked me up.  Enjoy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Patriotic Progressive Left

Laura Ingraham interviews one of the "Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Responsibility".  They are affiliated with Wealth for the Common Good and The Agenda Project.    The founder of which has ties to George Soros.  Shocker that you can take five minutes and find Soros' dirty little fingerprints. 

What I really enjoyed about this video is that the millionaire who is complaining about his lower taxes even says he would write a bigger check if he knew that the money wouldn't be wasted.  Does he think that the money won't be wasted if the tax rate is higher?  That is the problem.  I would venture to say that many people across this country would be willing to pay additional taxes if it actually went down to pay the debt.  I would do it, to me it would be my contribution to the prosperity for the next generation of Americans.  The reason that I fight paying higher taxes is the fact that they waste the money. 

Letting tax cuts for the top 2% expire as scheduled would pay down the debt by $700 billion over the next 10 years

Really?  The guy in the video even said himself that they waste the money. 

During the Great Depression, millionaires had a top marginal tax rate of 68%

In 1963, millionaires had a top marginal tax rate of 91%

In 1976, millionaires had a top marginal tax rate of 70%
What they didn't put with their nifty little stats is the fact that when the tax rates were this high, that the rich found ways of hiding major portions of their income so they paid even less taxes than what they would pay with the lower rates. 

They also leave these two little facts - There is a website that will allow you to give money to the treasury, and none of these people are being stopped from filling out a 1040EZ and paying 35% on the full amount of income without any additiional write offs. 

I, for one, am sick to death of being told that I have to give up more of my money to be considered patriotic.  I feel that asking the government to be more responsible with the money that is collected from hard working Americans is the most patriotic thing I can do. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Conservative Principles Vs. Progressive Principles

I came across a lovely post about the differences between the worldview of government based on conservative principles vs. progressive principles:

#1 Social Justice

A primary goal of progressive policies is to guarantee social justice, which can be generally defined as treating everyone equally well, and correcting “the system” to ensure that equality. Basically, an individual is not responsible for his/her relative position economically, and to assert as much is to “blame the victim.” As such, the function of social justice is to blame the system and those who control it (source).

Examples: Abiding by this principle, progressives work to eliminate concentrations of wealth and power in society, and believe that government should regulate economic activity to promote the common good. This is demonstrated in policy by a wealth redistribution plan that takes a larger percent of taxes from wealthy individuals, and spreads the wealth to lower income citizens through a variety of welfare programs. Social justice is also a factor in progressive policies that encourage open borders and illegal immigration (since, for example, Mexicans can't control where they're born) as well as support for things like slavery reparations.

The Conservative View: Conservatives, in contrast, are not big believers in social justice. We believe that principles like equal opportunity and individual responsibility are sufficient to level the economic and social playing fields. These principles conflict with the concept of social justice because they don’t assume problems are systemic, and they don’t presume that government can guarantee equality.

Read the rest here.  It is well worth your time. 

Liberal Human Rights Icon Jesse Jackson Being Sued for Harassment

This whole thing is a more than a little smutty, but I couldn't resist posting on this.  It is too rich to pass up on.  An openly gay man, Tommy R. Bennet has filed a lawsuit against Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition.  The lawsuit has some eye opening claims:

However, the most explosive charges revolve around Jackson himself. First, Bennett claims that at an all-staff meeting in 2008, he requested an LGBT-themed table for the national convention—and was flatly denied. When Bennett questioned why there could not be a table, Jackson allegedly "cursed at Mr. Bennett in front of all of the staff, and Rev. Jackson was visibly upset during the rest of the meeting."

Bennett also claims that he had to escort women to Jackson's room and "clean up his room after sexual intercourse with women. Mr. Bennett believes he was forced to do these tasks due to his sexual orientation," adding that he had to escort women to such places as the Sheraton Hotel in New York and the Wynn Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Bennett claims that he let Jackson know that he "was uncomfortable cleaning up his hotel rooms, escorting women to his hotel room, being summoned to his hotel room after hours or packing his clothes."

Bennett then states that another time at the same hotel, Jackson summoned him at 1 a.m. to take notes. The complaint states, "When Mr. Bennett arrived, Rev. Jackson was dressed only in his briefs and a v-neck t-shirt." Bennett alleges Jackson was sexually excited. Asked by Windy City Times how he came to this conclusion, Bennett said, "I could tell by his look. His whole demeanor had changed. His breathing pattern had changed."

The complaint continues: "Before Mr. Bennett left, Rev. Jackson stated that white folks took the word 'gay' and gave the word its own definition. Rev. Jackson further stated that he was a real poor child in North Carolina and his name was first Jesse Burns, and then Jesse Robinson and then he became Jesse Jackson.

"Rev. Jackson stated that he played football and there was a gay high school teacher who took Rev. Jackson under his wings and told him that he needed education to go along with football. Rev. Jackson said, '[F]rom that gay teacher, I got a good grade, I got to use his car, I got ten dollars and I got my dick sucked.' Rev. Jackson said, '[T]hat's not gay, that is surviving.'" Bennett alleges this meant Rev. Jackson wanted sex, but that Bennett then left the room.
Why Jackson is considered such an Icon to people is beyond my comprehension.  He is a Reverend who cheats on his wife, this we know to be true because of the daughter born out of wedlock.  His flip flop on abortion only once he wanted to run for president.  No pro life democrat could ever get elected president.  His lies about the death of Dr. King and going on the Today show in blood stained shirt.  I have no way of knowing if these allegations are true or not, but with his track record I would say settling this case quietly would be the wisest course of action. 

Read the whole sorid story here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just How Unengaged are Parents?

The news of how the rights of parents are being usurped is commonplace now. We now have the news that in Chicago, it is up to the principal of the school how children are fed lunch during the school day. The school district allows a person that the parent has no control over the hiring of, to decide if the child can bring lunch from home. Other schools in Chicago have the right to take away snacks if they contain too much sugar or salt. Who exactly decides what is too much? In Fairfax County, Virginia they are playing around with the chocolate milk to get the "right amount" of sweetener. Apparently, this is a concession to the parents who wanted the milk to be brought back as a choice for the kids, as it was removed from schools recently. Children need the vitamins they get from milk and some will not drink white milk. While I wouldn't give my kid chocolate milk with every meal, having it at lunch during the week is not going to kill them.

In the Chicago school system the principal feels that she is protecting the students from unhealthy choices. What she is really saying is that parents are too stupid to make good choices for their children. This is the liberal orthodoxy of the one size fits all. She knows far better what is right for every child in that school than their own parents do. The reporter that went to school noticed that many of the children just threw out the food uneaten.

At Little Village, most students must take the meals served in the cafeteria or go hungry or both. During a recent visit to the school, dozens of students took the lunch but threw most of it in the garbage uneaten. Though CPS has improved the nutritional quality of its meals this year, it also has seen a drop-off in meal participation among students, many of whom say the food tastes bad.

The reporter also talked to several parents about this program:

"Some of the kids don't like the food they give at our school for lunch or breakfast," said Little Village parent Erica Martinez. "So it would be a good idea if they could bring their lunch so they could at least eat something."

"(My grandson) is really picky about what he eats," said Anna Torrez, who was picking up the boy from school. "I think they should be able to bring their lunch. Other schools let them. But at this school, they don't."
Then we have this parent:

But parent Miguel Medina said he thinks the "no home lunch policy" is a good one. "The school food is very healthy," he said, "and when they bring the food from home, there is no control over the food."
There is no control over the food? This is an elementary school, who exactly is buying the groceries and packing the lunch at this home? You have no control when you turn it over to someone else, not when you are packing it yourself. This is just one further example of the how our society has turned into a bunch of sheeple who are allowing complete strangers to make our choices for us. This sounds more like a man who can't be bothered to take care of these issues for himself. He would much rather than other people make the choices for him.

I am not a big believer in letting young children drink soda. There is far too much sugar in it. I am also not a big believer in many of the so-called "juices" on the market. Many of them of so full of sugar that they may as well drink the soda. But there are good juices out there. You can even buy Kool-Aid and control the amount of sugar you put in the drink yourself. Children can be very picky eaters. If they are being given food that they don't like they just won't eat. I don't eat food that I don't like, why would children be an exception to that?

I know a mom who is kind of a control freak and plans her menu a week in advance. She does most of her cooking on Sundays for the week. Her child gets things like a smoked turkey sandwich on wheat bread with provolone cheese and mustard. Sometimes he gets peanut butter on wheat with spreadable fruit that has no added sugar to it. He gets things like carrots with low-fat ranch dressing for dipping. He is also is given apple slices, crushed pineapple in juice, yogurt, vegetable soup, or sliced chicken breast. He also is willing to eat cold chicken meatloaf. I seriously doubt anything given in a school cafeteria is any healthier than this. More than likely that food contains more fat and sodium, as I am sure much of the food is processed. The budgets for school lunches is very small and they buy in bulk. (Although the school system gets a kickback from the federal government for each school lunch sold....hmm they make money from forcing this policy on parents.)

What I found most annoying about the article about the Chicago schools is that it seems that many of the kids and the parents are not happy with this arrangement, yet they do nothing about it. These are their children. If you don't want your children to go hungry because they don't like the food choices that someone else is making for them then stand up and do something about it. There is no reason that these parents cannot demand that this policy be thrown to the wastebasket where most of the school lunches end up.

There is nothing wrong with schools trying to teach children about the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. What the problem is that they are usurping parental rights. It is high time that parents start being engaged in what is going on their kid's school and their lives for that matter. They are paying for that school. Public schools are not free, your taxes pay for them. The nanny state is no longer is just creeping into our lives, it has become an all out assault. I, for one, am not going to go quietly. If the majority of the parents in this school system start demanding their rights as the parents of these children, the school will back down. Just ask the parents of Fairfax County. While chocolate milk may seem like a small thing, it is a victory for all freedom loving people.

GOP Freshman Talk First 100 Days

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Herman Cain Making Traction

Herman Cain is beginning to make some traction.  People have actually started putting him in more polls .  Recently, PPP has started to include him.  One such poll is for Georgia, and he is pulling people away from Newt Gingrich, who is from Georgia orginally. 

Cain’s 16% standing is pretty impressive for several reasons. His third place finish comes despite having 15% less name recognition than the rest of the quartet. And even though he’s competing with a second home state candidate he still does better in Georgia than Sarah Palin does in Alaska (15%), Gary Johnson does in New Mexico (13%), or Rick Santorum does in Pennsylvania (11%).

The fact that Cain is the first choice of so many of the people who are familiar with him bodes well for his prospects if he can muster the resources to run a serious campaign.

If you take Cain out of the mix in Georgia Gingrich does lead the way with 31% to 24% for Huckabee, 10% for Palin, 8% for Romney, 5% for Bachmann, 4% for Paul and Pawlenty, and 3% for Haley Barbour.
Today Herman was in Missouri:  This video is not that great, but it is a bit of taste of his speech:  If I can find the full speech I will post. 

Anyone That Supports Donald Trump for President is a Fool

Not that I didn't feel this way beforehand, but after his interview with the Wall Street Journal no doubt is left.  The Donald talks about how he feels that Obama's presidency is a danger to the United States.  So why in the heck would he even consider running as an independent?  That all but guarantees that Obama will be re-elected. 
“I am very conservative,” said Mr. Trump. “The concern is if I don’t win [the GOP primary] will I run as an independent, and I think the answer is probably yes.” Mr. Trump said he thought he “could possibly win as an independent,” adding, “I’m not doing it for any other reason. I like winning.”
Trump's numbers in the polls seem to be rising.  This is a man who has to keep telling us that he is a conservative.  He never bothers to explain all his campaign contributions to people like Schumer & Co.  He even went as far to contribute to Dead Fish Rahm's mayoral campaign.  Wasn't that election just a few months ago?  Yeah, I seem to remember that it was.  Trump's conservatism is no different than the criminal who tells the judge he has found Jesus since the crime and begs for mercy, chances are it is more a matter of convenience then some sort of conversion. 

Trump's biggest appeal seems to be his embrace of the birthers. Those who believe that Obama was born in Kenya will listen to nothing.  It doesn't matter that the republican governor of Hawaii had it checked out before the election.  The person was obviously paid off or just lying.  They stick to fantasy about his trip to Pakistan as further proof.  The Internet rumor that American citizens were not allowed in Pakistan is simply that; a rumor.  It simply isn't the truth.  God himself could come down and tell these people that Obama was born in Hawaii and they simply wouldn't believe it.  It has more do with hatred of the President than of logic or fact.  He says his investigators are gathering information and have found things we wouldn't believe.  Yet he won't say what these things are.  Put up or shut up Donald. 

The Donald has been known for his very public skirmishes.  He doesn't take to criticism all that kindly.  How exactly would he behave if a leader from another country make a remark that he considered a slam? Would he publicly go after that person as well?  While Trump has a proven record with being a successful businessman, there is very little else that gives him the temperament or experience that is needed to clean up the mess that we are currently in.  Anyone that fits into almost every conversation about how smart they are and what great schools they went to doesn't seem to be all that confident that he is that smart.  Who is he trying to convince, me or himself? 

From the You Can't Make This Up Files

Stop saying and stop thinking that abortion is a women’s issue.

Normally, I would think this statement is a good thing. I have found that when having a discussion about abortion the rights of men get completely left out of the equation. The most rabidly pro-choice people behave like the fathers of these children have no rights whatsoever. But, that isn’t what this statement is for. No, this is about the transgender community, because after all “men” get pregnant too. Who knew?

Trans men have abortions. Gender queer people have abortions. Two spirit people have abortions. People who do not fit into the box of ‘woman’ have abortions.

This is the reality we live in, and the more we pretend otherwise, the more dangerous it is for other people, and the more they are excluded by the movement.

Gender is this thing that we construct out of a million different characteristics. The way we hold our hands. The length of our hair. The shape of our face. What we wear. Our voices. But then, for some reason, when we got to the question of what is it really, we go to what lives between your legs. Even though that’s not how we make gender and that’s not how gender works. It’s in that assumption that gender lives in our crotches, that we end up erasing the reality that men can have abortions, men can get pregnant and give birth.
Gender doesn’t work by what is in your crotch? Two spirit people? Alrighty then.

Read entire post here.

Bachmann on Budget Deal & Presidential Run

Monday, April 11, 2011

Boehner on Budget and Over Spending

In his first TV interview since the deal was announced.  I agree with him, this was a start.  We have a long way to go and there is only so much they can do until we get the senate back. 

Ho-Hum Romney for President

Today Mitt Romney announced his exploratory committee for a run for the GOP nomination.   Did you know that today is the fifth anniversary of Romneycare?  All I can say is NEXT!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Politico's Winners and Losers of Shutdown Deal

Politico has an article of which they assess the winners and losers of Friday night's last minute deal to avoid the federal shutdown.  Winners include Speaker Boehner and Planned Parenthood.  The losers include Nancy Pelosi and The District. 

They point to the lack of federal funds being used for abortion and the voucher program as the reason why DC has lost.  The most obvious thing one can say about the abortion issue is this is just further proof that federal money isn't used for the funding of abortion is an outright lie.  But when it is convenient the left will trot out this mantra yet again. Now the district is very left leaning so it is likely that the majority of the residents are pro choice.  This being a classified as a loss for The District is understandable from that point of view. 

What I don't understand is why the voucher program is considered a loss.  The expert that congress hired to look at the program without an political agenda has concluded that the program was successful.  It is brought down the shamefully high number of high school drop outs in DC.  The voucher program is less expensive than the DC public school system and generates a higher rate of graduations and a higher level of college acceptance.  How is that a loser?  We are spending less money to get better results.  In no way does this program take money away from the public school system.  The program actually gives twice as money to the public/charter schools than it does to the vouchers.  If a parent wants their child to continue in the current public school they are in they have the right to do it.  But for the parents who realize that their child is in a school that is failing them or in a dangerous neighborhood they have the choice to put them in a better school.  An education is the key to lifting the poor out of poverty. 

Here is a commenter on the Politico article:

Why do the right hate education so much?
OK, my first question to this person would be did you go to the DC public schools?  My second would be why do you keep insisting that voucher program isn't designed to help the poor?  The only people who can rationally believe that this program is a loser is someone who is so blinded by the liberal left orthodoxy of how unions are the answer to improving our educational system.  Even when the facts bear out that this program is a winner. 

Not only will these children get a chance at a better education and are more likely to graduate and go onto college.  They will help lift themselves and their families out of poverty that will reduce their dependency on the government dole.  Yes, that sounds like a loser to me. 

Legacy of Failure

The first ad due out to go against Obama's re-election. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How You Know Obama is not Happy with Budget Deal

Why else would have done this today? 

Speaker Boehner Won Tonight

There seems to be some consternation on the deal made between Speaker Boehner, Reid and President Obama.  Many on the right seem to be unhappy about this and are saying that Boehner caved.  Really?  I don't think so. 

While the cuts were less than the right was hoping for, there is great deal to be happy about with this deal. 

There will be an up or down vote on appealing Obamacare on the Senate floor.  23 dem senators are up for re-election next year.  Some of those come from states that are very much against Obamacare.  Clare McCaskill, Ben Nelson, and Joe Manchin just to name three.  They will have to go on the record with a vote.  During his campaign, Manchin repeatedly said he was against Obamacare on the federal level.  He will now have to put his money where is mouth is.  Missouri voted in the last election against mandates and McCaskill has since admitted that the bill needs to be improved.  We all remember what an uproar Nelson caused with his vote for Obamacare.  I am sure none of these people are happy to find out that they are going to have to make this vote.  If they vote yes, they lose their base, if they vote no they lose the independents.  It is a no win vote for them and great fundraising material for their opponents. 

The additional IRS agents that were to be hired to implement Obamacare have been defunded.  This is huge win for the right. 

No public funds for abortion in D.C. 

An up or down vote for funding of Planned Parenthood on the senate floor.  Again, no chance of becoming law, but it will get them on the record. 

The reality is that polls were moving towards the dems favor, almost 40% of the country would have blamed the GOP for the shutdown.  The left was winning the argument when it was framed that they were holding out over funding for Planned Parenthood.  While the majority of the country is now Pro-life they still feel that abortion shouldn't not be illegal.  They are personally against abortion.  People did not want to see the military not getting paid over a very small amount of money in the federal budget that goes to organization that many people do believe offer more services than abortion. 

The GOP has the wiggle room to allow many of the tea party members to vote nay and it still pass comfortably.  Which will help Boehner keep the caucus together. 

The press today coming from the left was full of vitriol with all the comments:

“This is probably one of the worst times we’ve seen because the numbers of people elected to Congress. I went through this as co-chair of the arts caucus,” Slaughter said. “In ’94 people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they’re here to kill women.”

“There is actually a war on women,” the California Democrat said Thursday in Washington, taking aim at House Republicans’ efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict access to abortions, among other measures.

We are absolutely outraged. This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians,” she said.

“It’s time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to go straight to hell!”

Thank you Speaker Boehner.  You did your job and set the groundwork for the real battles; the debt ceiling and the 12 budget. 
Read more here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Career Day Sure Has Changed Since I was in School

Most elementary schools ask the parents to come in and talk to the students about their jobs. Not only does this give kids a chance to hear about things that is outside of their own worldview, it involves parents in the education of their children. Most children are very proud of their parents. In Henrico, Virginia such a day took place. One of the parents that came in is a plastic surgeon. As a Show and Tell prop he brought along breast implants and they were passed around to the kids feel.

This was done without any warning to the parents of the children in this classroom. This presentation was done for the older children, which means they are about 9 or 10. This is an age where they are finding out about their bodies and the changes that they will be going through in the next few years.

We live in society that puts way too much emphasis on our bodies and how we look as it is. Children are bombarded with issues such of these, and it is already difficult for parents to teach their kids it is what is on the inside that really matters. We also have Michelle Obama's lets move initiative that is highlighting the weight of our kids. There is struggle within our schools to deal with the problems of childhood obesity and the lack of exercise our kids are getting these days.

Most children are not mature enough to distinguish the difference between a healthy body image and being too thin. They are also not mature enough to understand the difference between looking a model they see on magazine covers and the reality of what human beings really look like. Not even the model themselves look as good in real life as they do on the cover of Vogue. This puts pressure on many young women to turn to plastic surgeons to find that beauty that they are seeking. It seems that parents are turning to plastic surgery as way to keep their kids from being bullied:

Statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery show that the number of children and teens who get cosmetic surgery increased nearly 30 percent over the past decade. Experts believe an increase in bullying behavior is one reason for the upward trend.
What exactly are we trying to teach children with displays like these? Can you imagine the giggles that came from these kids when they found out they were touching a fake breast? Small kids don't understand why breast implants may be necessary unless they have the unfortunate experience of a close family member that has had breast cancer. I am sure that there were many children who were very embarrassed by this display. While children are naturally curious, is this a curiosity that we should be enabling in 9 year olds?

Needless to say that most parents were very unhappy when they found out about this display. Parents have the right to decide what their children are ready for and what they are not. Not all parents want their children exposed to an explanation of breast implants at the age of 9. Parents have a hard enough time to guide their children through the very difficult tween years where they are struggling to be like everyone else and have yet to realize that being yourself is much more important. Instead this program is planting the seed that your body image and your looks are the important factors to your self-esteem. It is way past time that the school systems start to realize that as parents we have the right to decide what our kids are and are not exposed to at young ages. Teachers and administrators do not have the right to make these choices for us.

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