Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Pay Check for Me, But Not for Thee - Congresswoman Refuses to Give Up Pay Check During Shut Down

A federal government shut down is all but certain.  The new house rules do not allow enough time for the house to vote on a new piece of legislation to fund the government for the balance of the fiscal year and the senate will not vote on the house bill that passed 45 days ago.  Many federal employees will not get paid during this shutdown.  The men and women who are serving in our military will have a check cut from DoD on Saturday that will pay them for the first week of the month and will not be paid again until the federal government re-opens.  We have families that have loved ones serving in Afghanistan risking their lives and they will not paid.  Many of these families do not live on base.  They have mortgages to pay, food to buy, and need gas in their cars.  The president has stated he will not sign a bill that will continue to pay the troops and fund the wars.  Some members of congress have said they will forgo their paychecks while this is going on.  Congresswoman Linda Sanchez doesn't agree.  She lives paycheck to paycheck.  On a salary of 174,000 per year.  That is almost 4K per month after taxes (depending on the rate she pays, I deducted 46% for federal and state, after all she is from CA and they pay high taxes).  Poor baby, the military families would love to make that kind of money.  Oh, and that doesn't include her husband's income. CA's 39th must be so proud. 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Then stupid selfish woman, tell all of your colleagues to vote for the Republican's plan ... problem solved!

Justin said...

If Rep. Sanchez lives "paycheck to paycheck" on $174,000 a year, that tells us A LOT about why the Democrats were unable to produce a budget when they controlled both houses of Congress and the well as why they buy into obviously moronic ideas like a nation borrowing and spending itself into prosperity.

Kid said...

What's even more disgusting are the number of people who support her.

This didn't happen in the past because people would have tossed her out on her something.

Buttheads like her have always been around, but they've been kept at bay by people with some common sense and work ethic.

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