Thursday, May 31, 2012

Virginia Primaries Heating Up - Ken Vaughn for Congress VA 11th

We have our primaries coming up in Virginia in just over a week.  Things are getting hot around here with last minute campaigning and the get out the vote effort.  

A man I know and genuinely like is running for congress in the Virginia 11th.  His name is Ken Vaughn.  He and his wife Julie were one of the first people that I met when I decided to dip my toe into the activism world; having no idea where it would lead.  

Ken and Julie opened up their home to strangers and helped get us organized.  Believe me in the progressive la la land that Northern Virginia is, that wasn't an easy task.  Ken took it many steps beyond me and decided to run.  When he made this decision it was before redistricting and he wasn't sure if he would be running against Moron Moran or Connelly.  Once the lines had been set, he found out he would be running against Connelly and would have to face a primary challenge.  

If you live around the NOVA area, help Ken with his GOTV efforts, if you don't you still help out with a small (or not so small) donation.  Every little bit matters when election day is in less than two weeks.  

Ken is an honest man.  He will work to help us get back on a path of fiscal sanity.  

Here is one of the latest email ads and this should strike a cord for all fiscal conservatives:  Spending must be curbed, and it must be done now.

After more than a year on the campaign trail, my primary opponent has finally explained how he wants to cut government spending:
With 48 cents of every dollar the federal government plans to spend next year going to a so-called 'entitlement', I recall what the famous outlaw, Willie Sutton, answered when asked why he robbed banks:  "Because that's where the money is!"  Six cents of each dollar will go to paying the interest on the national debt, 27 cents will pay for national security related expenditures, and the remaining 19 cents will be used for everything else the federal government does. 

We can absolutely find some savings within the latter, but significant entitlement reform will be required to make a serious dent in our deficit and national debt.  We should not go after retirees and near-retirees, but rather restructure the system for future generations who would virtually lose all benefits when the programs collapse.
After highlighting how much money is spent on entitlements he fails to identify a single cut that he is willing to make today. Instead, his proposal is to have the “future generations” pay for all of our spending!
I find that proposal to be fundamentally immoral.
There is a better way. It starts by resolving to live within our means. Just as when an overweight person pledges to get into shape, it’ll take work and require a change in lifestyle, but we can succeed, if we unite behind a common goal.
To achieve our goal, we must first define what that goal is. Our Congress needs to set a budgetary goal with measurable milestones. Just as President Kennedy pledged to put a man on the moon within a decade, we need to rally behind a goal of returning our debt to a sustainable level within 12 years.  Once we know what our goal is, we can then develop a year-by-year debt plan showing how we will get there. Our Congress should then raise or lower the debt ceiling based on this plan. This will put real constraints on our budget.
Whoever wins this congressional race will be only one voice out of 435 in the House. That person will need to work with others in Congress to get things done – as a result, it is impossible to predict what the detailed spending and tax policies might look like at the end of the process. However, common sense tells us that virtually every program will have to contribute to the solution. History has shown that it is unlikely that federal revenues will exceed 19% of our economy, regardless of what our tax policies are. That means we will need to cut federal spending by about a third if we are to be responsible. This will not be easy but my website provides a sample budget that describes what this might look like.
My question to you is: Would you rather have your representative join with the current majority from both parties in stealing from our children’s future, or would you prefer to have your representative lead the way towards a more responsible budget?
I will lead.
We are now twelve days away from the primary election, and every dollar counts. Please help the cause by making a $250, $100, $50, or $25 donation today.
In Liberty,
Ken Vaughn
Our campaign is very excited to announce the endorsements of the following 11th District voters:
David Ray- State Central, 11th Congressional District
Geraldine Davie- Delegate to the Republican National Conventional, Virginia’s 11th Congressional District
James Lightweis- Delegate to the Republican National Conventional, Virginia’s 11th Congressional District
Steven Yeh- Former Congressional Candidate, 11th Congressional District
Terrence Boulden- African-American Coalition Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Fredy Burgos- Burke Precinct Captain, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Ralph Hubbard- Sully District Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Please join us at some of our upcoming events:
PWCRC Call center event with Ken Vaughn
Tuesday June 5, 6:00pm- 8:00pm
Prince William County Republican Committee Headquarters
4431 Prince William County Parkway, Woodbridge 22192
Get-Out-The-Vote Canvassing Effort
Saturday June 2, and Saturday June 9, 10am- 2pm or 2pm- 5pm
Vaughn for Congress Campaign Headquarters
10410 Main St. Fairfax 22030, Suite 220
To reserve a spot on our Canvassing Team RSVP to

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quote of the Day - Artur Davis Edition

  But parties change. As I told a reporter last week, this is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party (and he knows that even if he can’t say it).  If you have read this blog, and taken the time to look for a theme in the thousands of words (or free opposition research) contained in it, you see the imperfect musings of a voter who describes growth as a deeper problem than exaggerated inequality; who wants to radically reform the way we educate our children; who despises identity politics and the practice of speaking for groups and not one national interest; who knows that our current course on entitlements will eventually break our solvency and cause us to break promises to our most vulnerable—that is, if we don’t start the hard work of fixing it
 On the specifics, I have regularly criticized an agenda that would punish businesses and job creators with more taxes just as they are trying to thrive again. I have taken issue with an administration that has lapsed into a bloc by bloc appeal to group grievances when the country is already too fractured: frankly, the symbolism of Barack Obama winning has not given us the substance of a united country. You have also seen me write that faith institutions should not be compelled to violate their teachings because faith is a freedom, too. You’ve read that in my view, the law can’t continue to favor one race over another in offering hard-earned slots in colleges: America has changed, and we are now diverse enough that we don’t need to accommodate a racial spoils system. And you know from these pages that I still think the way we have gone about mending the flaws in our healthcare system is the wrong way—it goes further than we need and costs more than we can bear.

Congressman Artur Davis on why he has become a republican.  He is now living in my neck of the woods and may run for congress as a republican in Northern Virginia.  Not an easy task by any standards, but may be even harder with these statements.  

But this is something that I have been saying for years.  The mainstream media keeps feeding the public that the republican party has become "extreme".  It is the democratic party that has.  It has been hi-jacked by far left loons that don't have any idea what American Exceptionalism means.  I probably don't agree with many things that this man does, but may I say welcome.  If you fiscally conservative, I will support you.  

JFK would be a moderate republican today, as much as dems would like to deny it.  

Meet the Latest Medal of Freedom Winner & By The Way She is the Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America

Yep, the president that the left keeps saying doesn't have socialist tendencies just gave one of the highest honors given to a civilian in America to a socialist.  She is a big fan of Hugo Chavez.

Read more here.

She is also said to the be the inspiration behind Obama's Yes We Can slogan during the 08 campaign.  Oh, thanks for that.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Continued BeClownment of the United Nations - Despot Mugabe Named International Tourism Ambassador

Robert Mugabe the infamous former leader of Zimbabwe  has been named tourism ambassador.  The United Nations is trying to promote tourism to Africa.  Africa needs to have tourism to help improve the economies of the countries there.  Many of the countries there are truly beautiful.  The problem is that the majority of them are unstable and dangerous.

Mugabe is one of the reasons that is true.  The man is a murderer.  He has jailed and beaten his opposition.  Zimbabwe now has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS transmissions in the world; about 3,500 people die per day.
So the question that needs to be asked of the bureaucrats enjoying the tax-free scenery from the UN’s headquarters on Turtle Bay, is how does a destroyer of nations like Mugabe become a tourism ambassador? I just hope the tourists read the fine print when they book their next trip to Zimbabwe. I also wonder if they know that the country has now been listed as “very high” with respect to major infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, schistosomiasis, and rabies just to name but a few?
We give the UN $26 million a year for what reason?  They have long ago walked away from their true charter.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember Our Fallen

I realize that this is a difficult concept for the many on the left to understand, but they are heroes. They are willing to lay down their lives to protect this nation.  It is a damn shame that so many in this country don't ever stop to think that he can go on television and spout his dribble because of the men and women who are willing to serve.

God Bless our fallen and their loved ones.

H/T To Conservative Lady for Cartoon

Saturday, May 26, 2012

GOP Debate - #VASen

The third and final debate for the GOP candidates for the Virginia senate seat was held last night.  The four candidates had their chance to make an impression on the voters of Northern Virginia.  For early Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend there was a pretty good turnout.  This was the smallest crowd of the four debates, but it was about 400 people.

The debate had a very simple format, 2 minute opening and closing statements with 90 seconds to answer questions.  Each candidate was asked the same questions.

The cast of characters were

George Allen, former senator and governor.

Jaime Radtke, former employee of George Allen and Tea Party activist

Bob Marshall, state delegate

E.W. Jackson, former marine and minister.

George Allen has been pretty much given the nomination by all media outlets.  Polling is being done between him and the dem candidate Tim Kaine.  So it is looked at as an uphill battle for the other three candidates.  Some have been surprised that Allen agreed to three debates.  But Virginia has a large geographic area to cover and it would be hard to find one centrally located area to give all the voters a chance to hear the candidates.  So the debates were divided up by regions of the commonwealth.

Allen's plan was do no harm.  Which he accomplished.  I don't think he did anything to help himself, but he certainly did nothing to hurt himself.  Allen also lives in this area of the state and has strong support here.  Most people I know are supporters* More on this later.

Jaime's plan was a full frontal attack on Allen.  Which she did from opening statement on.

Both E.W. and Bob spoke from the heart.  You could tell they were not using prepared remarks and canned answers.
Here are some of the notes that I jotted down while listening:

Opening Statements:

Virginia has to take the bull by the horns.  Bowing to none.
If we don't deal with spending nothing else matters.

Made many references to Jefferson and abortion.


Started by thanking the soldiers who died.  Talked about the legacy of freedom and America's comeback.  He was trying to be Reaganesque.

Now Jaime talked about not allowing congress to pick winners and losers.  Which I found very interesting indeed.  Jaime backed Jeff Frederick for the State Senate last year.  Jeff Frederick used(s) minority status to get set aside contracts from the federal government.  So that is just hypocrisy of the highest order.  You can read about that here.

One of the questions was meant to Perryesque and the candidates were asked which regulations they would try to do away with.

E.W. being a Bishop talked heavily on the regulations being put on the Churches forcing them to go against their consciences.  He also brought up the federal real estate tax that is included in Obamacare that will be collected by the IRS.  He got a good laugh when he talked about how 90 seconds was not enough time.

Jaime didn't really answer the question.  She talked about Dodd/Frank and closing down the depart of ed.  Which I agree with by the way, but it wasn't really the answer to the question at hand.

Bob pushed a flat tax and spent his time talking about car safety and flat tax.

George talked about Obamacare and CO2 regs.  Which goes beyond cap-and-trade because of the all the power the EPA has taken for themselves.

I would have to say one of the most interesting parts of the evening was when Bob was talking about a conversation he had with Senator Mark Warner at a college football game about Obamacare.  According to Bob, Senator Warner was not worried about the constitutionality of Obamacare, or "not his first concern".  Great.  We have a senator that doesn't care if laws are constitutional or not.

There were asked about what they would do about some reforms to the healthcare system they would like to see done if Obamacare is rendered unconstitutional.

I would have to say that George Allen did have the best answer on this.  He was stressing HSA's.  Which I am a huge fan of.  I had one for years and it worked very well.  HSA's were done in Indiana on the state level under Gov. Daniels and reduced costs for the state and the employees were very happy with them.  It is also the type of plan that Whole Foods offered to its employees.  They work.  The rest didn't seem to have great answers to this question, but did stress federalism.  Which I also am a big fan of.  Healthcare reform should be done at the state level, not at the federal one.

I have decided that I am supporting EW.  I made that decision long before last night.  But last night only solidified my belief that I am doing the right thing.  Hands down he won the debate.  He had the room on their feet by the end of his closing statement.  The only candidate that was able to accomplish that.

He also made some fans last night.  Three people who I know went in being Allen supporters and left saying they would vote for EW.  He is very impressive when you hear him speak.  He has the ability to inspire you.  His passion comes through.  Matter of fact, a friend of mine and I went sign blitzing after the debate.  We made sure that voters in Fairfax will be reminded of EW.

Even though I am no fan of Bob Marshall I would have to say he came in second.   He had very good answers to most questions.  He spoke of following the constitution.

I can't really say who finished last between Jaime and George.  George was overly cautious and I heard one person say that he seem "tired".  Not tired today, but in general.  Jaime's answers seemed canned and forced.  She stuck to talking points and you didn't see her, if you know what I mean.  She had a game plan going in and followed it.  I just question if that was the correct game plan.

I will tell you if George Allen doesn't get the nod, it will be national news.  No one is really paying all the much attention to this primary.  They may realize that they are making a mistake.   But I have to say the grassroots is split, so it will more than likely mean it will be Allen.  But I, and many other grassroots activists will be working hard over the next few weeks to show them not to take us for granted.  We have minds of our own and we can be very convincing.  This is race is far from over.

EW Jackson for Senate.  He is good and honest man.  We need more of them in Washington.  Or should I say we need at least one of them there.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Everybody Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day

There really are no adequate words to describe the ruthlessness of Brett Kimberlin.  His story is all over the conservative blogosphere.  (With some very notable exceptions; Breitbart.  Andrew would be so ashamed).  

Another really important aspect of this story is the mainstream media silence on this story.  Mr. Kimberlin doesn't really care all that much what your political persuasion is if you dare tell the truth about him.  He has harassed people on the moderate left who also have dared expose him for what he really is.  A convicted felon, suspected murderer, liar, and just all around scum.  

Don't take anyone's word for it.  Do the research yourself on this man.  Then ask yourself why the likes of Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz-Kerry are giving this man money.  It becomes obvious that they care none for the good of the country, but about an agenda that will limit free speech in this country.  One of the bedrocks of our great nation.  

I personally have tweeted main stream media reporters to ask them why they are not covering this story.  To date, I have yet to get any response from any of them.  I am not surprised for the most part, but I did have hope that at least Jake Tapper would have the fortitude to get this story out there.  I believe him to be one of the few good reporters out there in the mainstream media.  He is still willing to speak truth to power and ask some of the uncomfortable questions that most in the media will not.  

You don't have to like Stacy McCain's viewpoints to realize that this is dangerous precedent to set.  A man with a wife and children was forced from his home in fear of their safety.  His wife's place of employment was contacted.  We have had other bloggers who have swat teams showing up at their homes.  We have bloggers who have lost their jobs due to this.  The employers were concerned for the safety of their other employees.  Which is understandable, but think about the economic impact this has on a family.  

Here is a site that has been set up to help financially with the people who have lost their jobs and their home due to this man.  

This can not be allowed to stand.  We, as Americans, have the right to get our opinions out there without fear of our lives and livelihood.  Ignore this at your own peril.  Sooner or later they will come for you.  

I know that I have quite a few left leaning readers.  I ask you, is this OK?  Disagree with Stacy.  Heck, I know Stacy and I don't always agree with him.  But, he speaks his truth.  He is a seasoned reporter.  He knows the lines that cannot be crossed.  What he did was report the facts.  Brett Kimberlin is a dangerous and well-funded man.  Follow the money.  Then ask yourselves if you still want to support a leftist agenda that targets private citizens.  Heaven help us all if you do.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quote of the Day - Jesse Jackson Edition

“I believe his father was very much involved in it and did condone it. The New York Times did a pre-emptive strike.  But, I’m not holding it against his son. Tom has been fair and open. Ever since he’s owned the Cubs, he’s been reaching out.”
Jesse Jackson on the campaign to smear Joe Ricketts.  Ricketts is a Romney supporter and has funded a Super-Pac to further the cause of Romney being elected president in November.  

How is this man a "man of God"?  Further, how is The New York Times still in business?  

Nothing to see here folks, just move along.  The right is just paranoid idiots for thinking that there is a liberal bias in the media.  

Quote of the Day - S.E. Cupp Edition

“S.E. Cupp is lovely, she’s smart, she’s fine but she happens be a crazy conservative who is pro-life and wants to defund Planned Parenthood and for that she deserves the phallus in her mouth — that is essentially what they’re saying and I have to commend that as being incredibly honest, they have uncomplicated this belief system that my political views, my being pro-life, my political views make this kind of behavior OK. It justifies it and I essentially deserve it. That is honesty and I have never seen it before.”
S.E. Cupp on the disclaimer next to her graphic and misogynistic picture in Hustler magazine.

She is 100% correct.  If you are a conservative woman, the thought process of the lunatic left is that you deserve this type of treatment.  Sandra Fluke was called a slut.  Relatively harmless compared to what was done to S.E., although you will see none of the outrage from feminists about this.  Why?  If you are pro-life you are not really a woman to eyes of the left.

When Liberals Attack - Conservative Blogger on the Run with Wife and Five Children

That's right, a conservative blogger is on the run with his wife and five children.  Why you ask?  Because some lunatic "liberal activist" is unhappy with the reporting done about him.  This is a career criminal who has spent time in jail for a variety of offenses, who is now well funded by the institutional left; Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry to name just two.  What did this blogger do?  Tell the truth about how a career criminal is being financed by the who's who of the institutional left.  You know, the party of tolerance.  The party of underprivileged and saviors of the downtrodden.  

I am sick to death about hearing about how the "Tea Party" is so scary.  We are asking the government to stop wasting tax dollars.  We are not funding terrorists to intimidate bloggers who have young children.  At least one of his children is still in elementary school.   I have met one of his sons, a very charming young lad.  Their lives have been disrupted and they had to be removed from school because of this looney.  

The next time someone on the left talks about the danger of the Tea Party and conservatives tell them this story.  Because sure as shit they didn't hear about in the media.  

Say a prayer today for Stacy McCain and his family as they deal with this bomber and career criminal.  As a Christian I will also be saying one for the Streisand and Kerry too.  Maybe, just maybe, God will show them how to use their consciences.  Although I am not holding my breath on that one.  

Nice Deb has a nice write up on Blog about write about Brett day which is scheduled for this Friday.  He can't come after as all.  

Just to show what a liar this man is, here is another for your viewing pleasure.  

If there was ever a time for you to hit a bloggers tip jar.  This is it.  His wife had to leave her job and they moved their family.  Not something that people plan on.  Go here if you feel so inclined.  

If you are a blogger, please go to Nice Deb to hear about this project to get Brett's story all over the blogosphere.  You never know, just maybe some reasonable democrats will see what has become of their party.  

Quote of the Day - You Mean that Gloria Allred is Publicity Whore Edition

“If I could turn back time, I would have not chosen Gloria Allred as my lawyer,...The only times I saw her (Allred) was when the media was there,”
Debrahlee Lorenzana, former client of Gloria Allred.  

You may remember her, she sued Citibank because she was too hot to work there.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

@JonahNRO The Tyranny of Cliches A Book Review

The Tyranny of Cliches by Jonah Goldberg

I just finished up with the book today and I have to say it was a treat.  This is his second book, the first being Liberal Fascism.  Unlike Liberal Fascism this is an easier read.  Not to say that I didn't like his first book, but it was a very heavy topic.  This book is written in a more fun fashion and you get to see more clearly the humor that is usually accompanied in his pieces on National Review Online.  

He takes 24 clich├ęs that we hear ad nauseam from the left and disseminates them bit by bit.  Among the topics are Dogma, Dissent, Ten Guilty Men, and No Labels.  I would have to say one of my favorites is The Catholic Church.  

He takes apart the notion from the left about the evils of the church since its inception.  He talks about the truth of the crusades, the inquisitions that swept Europe and the calls for the "Martin Luther of Islam".  It is highly likely what you think you know about this period in human history is exactly wrong.  The history has been hijacked and turned into something that it is not.  Shocker, I know.   

In a related by different chapter is the notion of "Social Justice"; one of my pet peeves that is constantly thrown in our faces as conservatives.  He goes into the history of how this began in the Catholic Church and what it originally meant.  Again, not at all what it has been portrayed as.  It too was hijacked by Marxist theology in order to justify the means towards an end.  That end being a more socialist worldview.  

The best part of this book is that contains useful and easy to remember facts that you can have at your disposal.  I am a big believer in understanding our history and how things came about.  We, as a society, are woefully ignorant of it.  We allow ourselves to be taken in by talking points and have no real grasp on what led us to the place in history that we find ourselves in.  I do have to say that I was disappointed to read his defense of The Patriot Act.  Seriously, Jonah?  There is no reason in the world that they need that many days to get in front of judge.  But other than that, it is a good read that I believe you will find informative, enjoyable, and at times downright witty.  

If you have not read Liberal Fascism I recommend that you purchase both.  As they will both give you some important history lessons that will score big in debating with liberals.  

For the tweeters out there, if you are not following him, you don't know what you are missing. @JonahNRO

Both books are available on Amazon.  Please feel free to use the widget on the left.  After all, a girl has to eat.  

The Los Angeles Times Beclowns Itself - Story on Ann Romney's Horse Riding Habits

You can't find the president's college records (when somehow they have been able to find every other major candidate's) but they did find out Ann Romney's Pricey, Private World of dressage.

Mrs. Romney believes that riding horses helps her with her MS.  I think it is irrelevant if there is scientific evidence of that, because she believes it helps her.  If she is feeling better emotionally it will help her physically.

The L.A. Times is correct in the title that horse riding is a very expensive sport/hobby.  But they are not asking anyone else to pay for her to ride her horses.  She is paying for this herself.  How she spends her money is her business.

They then move onto a lawsuit that was filed over the sale of one of her horses that she was having difficulty riding.  The horse was checked out by a vet before the sale and was given a clean bill of health.  Shortly after the sale the new owner noticed some problems with the horse and felt that she was misled before the sale.  The case was settled last September.

But the intrepid reporters found the story and decided to run a feature on it.  No, there is no media bias.  After all, The Los Angeles Times is the newspaper that has audio of Obama speaking at a dinner that reportedly contained a great deal of Israel bashing.  After all, a candidate for president bashing one of America's closest ally's is far less important than Ann Romney's, who is running for nothing, sale of horse that developed health problems after receiving a clean bill of health from a vet.

The seem to help people realize that the Romney's have a great deal of money.  Boy, that was a newsflash.  Thank heavens they cleared that up for us.

Quote of the Day - Senator Mark Warner Edition

"Bain Capital was a very successful business. They got a good return for their investors. That is what they were supposed to do,"
Former Venture Capitalist, Senator Mark Warner.

And expect the attacks to start in 3...2...1

Student Who Recorded Ms. Dixon-Neely Speaks

I almost feel sorry for Ms. Dixon-Neely.  I mean how embarrassing is that the entire country knows that she doesn't even speak with good grammar and she is a teacher?

And to mom, you did a good job raising your boy.  He stood his ground when he could have easily let that teacher bully him.  He spoke up.

The woman is basically on vacay.  She has been suspended with pay.  Gotta love tenure.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Quote of the Day - Tanya Dixon-Neely Edition

 “Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush? Do you realize you are not supposed to slander the president?”
Tanya Dixon-Neely; high school teacher and President Obama fan, yelling at one of her students after he was trying to engage in a debate about the teacher calling Romney a bully.  

I am sure the union is right on this.  After all, screaming and demeaning students won't be allowed.  

The teacher has been suspended with pay.  So basically she is just on a little paid vacation.  

I would like the name of the people who were arrested for "saying" things about President Bush.  Do happen to have them?  

Home school anyone?  

Audio and Transcript here.  

Looks Like Telling the Truth is not Welcomed in the Democratic Party - Cory Booker Gets Attacked by the Tolerant Left - Language Warning

Cory Booker, Newark Mayor, said yesterday on Meet the Press that he didn't like the attacks on Bain Capital or on Equity firms in general.  Unlike his counterparts in the party he understands that firms like Bain help virtually every person in this country.  Most 401(k) funds, pension funds, and other retirement funds have money invested in firms just like Bain.  Well run firms give good long term investments and revenues to your retirement plans.
But that is just too logical for the dems.  They went after Mayor Booker with a vengence:

@CoryBooker @dawn9476 @Bain Cory, ur political career is DEAD to us Dems unless u get ur ass back on TV ASAP & take back ur words re; Bain

@CoryBooker @dawn9476 @Bain Only Cory Booker can fix this mess that Cory Booker made! Your name is MUD today among the Dem/Obama twitteratti

I dont give a fuck who Booker thinks he is, he is NOT bigger than the POTUS. Stand united with Obama or get the fuck outta the way.

Now so-called PBO supporters are retweeting @goldietaylor A BLACK REPUBLICAN to defend Cory Booker?! AGAIN, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

.@CoryBooker You just let David Gregory destroy your career. It's what happens when you won't defend the person who would defend you.

Fucking Judas Iscariot. Fuck @CoryBooker He's made a deal. Get Romney in the WH and you get the NJ Gov mansion. He's their Black attack dog.

And of course the dems just can't help themselves and bring race into it:

@PragObots @CoryBooker Booker did this? U mean Booker is just another house nigger? 

@MWJ1231 @CoryBooker Mr. Booker is nauseating. he is just another hating jealous house nigger begging for table scraps.

The press is reporting that he has backtracked on his statement.  He has not, but the edited version of his video sure makes it seem that way.  Listen to the entire video and you will see that he has not backtracked.  He is still supporting the president, but he makes it clear that attacks on Bain are counterproductive.  There are people in this country that understand how important these firms are to lifeblood of our economy.

There is nothing wrong with making money.  After all who is going to pay for all that "free" birth control if no one is making any money?

Robin Gibb Dead at 62

Rest in Peace Robin.  You will be missed.  The Bee Gees gave millions of people pleasure and memories from their lifetime of music.  They helped create a soundtrack of a generation in the 70's.  They went way beyond Saturday Night Fever Disco.  Many don't even realize how much they contributed to music over the decades.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ryan V. Goolsbee Sparring on Economics

Well worth the 20 minutes

Quote of the Day - Campbell Brown Edition

I have always admired President Obama and I agree with him on some issues, like abortion rights. But the promise of his campaign four years ago has given way to something else — a failure to connect with tens of millions of Americans, many of them women, who feel economic opportunity is gone and are losing hope. In an effort to win them back, Mr. Obama is trying too hard. He’s employing a tone that can come across as grating and even condescending. He really ought to drop it. Most women don’t want to be patted on the head or treated as wards of the state. They simply want to be given a chance to succeed based on their talent and skills. To borrow a phrase from our president’s favorite president, Abraham Lincoln, they want “an open field and a fair chance.”
Campbell Brown, Journalist, in her OP-ED on President Obama's failing message to women.   

The problem Ms. Brown is not that he is failing to connect to women during his re-election.  It is that you fell for the "Hope & Change" to begin with.  He has always pandered and told people what he thought they wanted to hear.  Four years ago it was much easier, he could just say "Bush's fault" and the masses ate it up.  Four years later that argument has long since grown old and we are left with the fact that Mr. President is nothing more than empty suit.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The (Very) Fertile Man

Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year-old from Tennessee, has fathered 30 children.  He was recently in court to ask a judge to lower the amount of his pay that goes towards child support.  The problem as Hatchett sees it is that about 50% of his pay goes towards "supporting" his children.  But, he only makes minimum wage, so some of the moms only get a $1.49 a month for the child.

The kids are spread across 11 mothers.  In two different years he had four children born.  He was in court several years back to answer charges that we wasn't paying support, at that point he had 21 kids.  So since 2009 he has fathered 9 more children, although he told the judge he wouldn't be having any more children.  I guess the birth control plan went awry.

My question is who are these woman who are having sex with this guy?  Why in heaven's name would you engage with a man who has this many children that he doesn't support?  Do these women think they are going to be the "one" who he magically changes his ways for?  Even if he does change his ways, how at minimum wage and 30 other kids to try to support could he do that for you and your children?

I guess it ends up being no problem since the tax payer will pick up most of the tab.

I don't support forced sterilization of anyone, but if I did, he would be a good place to start.

This is the slippery slope of the today's culture of "free" birth control and anything goes attitude to sex and raising babies.  30 children are growing up with a dead beat dad and it is considered just another "lifestyle" choice.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Quote of the Day - Rev. Wright Edition Vet President Obama

It's hard to tell
Rev. J. Wright on whether he believes that he converted President Obama to Christianity.

The reason this matters is because of the lies the president tells.  I firmly believe that many politicians lie about their belief in God.  But, what makes it different with Obama is the narrative that he told about his life.  

Because the media didn't vet his past at all, now that someone is his lies are becoming more clear.  

Read more on President Obama's "Christianity" here.  

I want to make it very clear that I don't like or approve of people questioning what in the heart of another, but as I said it does matter in the sense of story that Obama has weaved about his life. 

I think we will find that "weave" is a very appropriate word

Since there are tapes of the interview between Klein and Wright, there is no doubt Wright said this.  If Wright is telling the whole truth, it is hard to tell.  

#I am Breitbart #VetObama 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tweet of the Day

 So/Obama is native Kenyan when it helps sell books, Indonesian 2 help pay 4 college & American when he runs 4 office. I see
I  am not a birther, never have been.  My opinion on this has always been the Clinton are ruthless, they would have found it out.  But it seems pretty clear that the man has lied about his past on a consistent basis.  One very viable theory is that he used immigrant status to get money for college.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Bob Marshall Fit to Serve in U.S. Senate?

As many know there is an open senate seat in Virginia due to the retirement of Senator Jim Webb.  Four republicans are vying for the GOP nomination to go up against Tim Kaine, our former governor and former head of the DNC.  One of the republicans that is looking for the nod is Delegate Bob Marshall.  

Very early yesterday morning (I mean really early, 1:30 AM) the Virginia House of Delegates took some votes for judgeships as the final act of this years activity for the legislator.  Most of the judges sailed right through.  Except for one, the appointment of Tracy Thorne-Begland has been denied a seat on the Virginia court.  Thorne-Begland is a former Navy, currently a prosecutor in the Richmond area, and gay.  

He served in the military before President Clinton enacted the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.  Thorne-Begland was honorably discharged from the Navy after he questioned the policy of not allowing gays to serve.  Honorably discharged.  The Navy had no choice at the time to release him from the service as the law was clear, gay people were not allowed to serve.  But, he was not stripped of his rank or given a dishonorable discharge.  Which the Navy would have been able to do had they wanted to at the time.  

Bob Marshall never questioned the qualifications of Thorne-Begland, he only hammered home the fact that Thorne-Begland was a "homosexual activist".  There was no other questioning of his qualifications other than being against the now defunct ban on gays in the military.  Nothing about his record as a prosecutor.  Since it never came up, one would can easily assume that his record is a good one.  Marshall questioned whether he can uphold the Virginia's Constitution since our law states that marriage is between one man and one woman.  That alone is what disqualified him from the seat on the bench.  He has already taken this oath as a prosecutor.  There is nothing in his prosecutorial record to suggest that he has not upheld his oath.  

One of the biggest problems with this argument is that the court Thorne-Begland would have been serving on would not be answering questions on this issue.  It is not a court of record.  Meaning that if the decision is appealed, the case is then heard at the next level as it never been heard before.  Any decision that is made at this level will have no record.  There will be no opinion put in writing. How exactly could one be a "judicial activist" at this level?  It would seem to me that Bob Marshall simply doesn't like gay people.  Which is fine, he is entitled to his opinion.  

But the question has to be asked, can Bob Marshall serve in the U.S. Senate when it is clear that he  is willing to discriminate against people simply based on what they do in their bedroom?  Mr. Thorne-Begland isn't running around the country being an activist, which then would question his impartiality. He is in Richmond, doing his job and raising a family.  You can disapprove of his "lifestyle" all you want, but do you get to say that someone shouldn't have a job that they are otherwise qualified for simply based on sexuality?  That is exactly what Delegate Marshall did.  

Bob Marshall is not fit to serve in the U.S. Senate if he is this willing to discriminate against someone due to a private and very personal matter.  Thorne-Begland deserved a fair hearing for his qualifications for the position.  Not the witch hunt that Delegate Marshall allowed the proceeding to turn into.  One of the judgeships that sailed through easily was a former delegate who comes from a family of union activists.  It seems pretty clear that the only thing Thorne-Begland has against him is what he does in his bedroom.  Shame on Delegate Marshall.  Not only do I hope that you don't get the nod for the GOP nomination for the senate seat, I hope that your district wakes up and sends you packing when it comes time for your re-election to the House of Delegates in November of 2013.  So thanks Delegate Marshall for making all Virginia republicans look as intolerant as you are.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Christie and Booker - "We've Got This" - Video

The Governor of New Jersey and the Mayor of Newark have a little fun and hilarity ensues:

It's Getting Ugly Out There - Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Portrayed as a Dog

It seems that people are all too willing to roll around in the dirt to get into congress.  Ozzie deFaria is one such guy.  He is a republican fighting for the chance to go up against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the Florida 20th congressional district.  How does he go about trying to get noticed?  He puts a picture of Wasserman-Schultz up with a photoshopped image of her wearing a spiked dog collar and calling her Obama's #1 attack dog.

Wasserman-Schultz and Biden are neck and neck in the who is winning the most embarrassing democrat contest.  You have to really scratch your head to try to decide who commits the biggest gaffes between the two.  As such there is no reason to stoop to this level.  Loop her own words, people will hear for themselves how insane this woman's stances are.
deFaria calls himself "The Tea Party" candidate.  I have not spend the past three years working my butt off to be represented by the likes of this man.  This is vile and disgusting.  It also seems that the man has a criminal past as well:
CACE11005287 -2011 Auto Negligence(Pending) (Circuit)
DVCE05007368 -2005 Repeat Violence (Domestic Violence)
COCE05011501 -2005 Civil litigation (Circuit)
06011986MM10A-Misdemeanor (Circuit)
09033561TI30A -Traffic Infraction (Circuit)
COWE07027615 - 2007 Small Claims litigation (Circuit)

Sounds like a great guy.  Luckily there is another republican running for the nomination in this district.  We may as well not have an election if this guy is the nominee.

All this accomplishes is to allow the left to continue the meme of the imaginary war on women.  Both republicans and Tea Partyers can do much better than this man.  Sadly, by the look of his facebook page, he is doubling down on this and attacking his primary opponent for distancing herself from these types of attacks.  All I can say is Karen Harrington for Congress.  Send Mr. deFaria back to whatever rock he climbed out from under.

President and Mrs Bush Celebrate The People Struggling for Freedom Worldwide

At the Bush Center today at 10 AM EST the former president and first lady will be paying tribute to those around the world are struggling for and working towards freedom.

You can watch the live stream here.

Regardless of how you may feel about the policies he enacted during his eight years in office, the man believes in freedom and will continue to work for all people across the world to experience that.

Obama's Empty Promises on Debt & Deficit - New RNC Ad - Video

Monday, May 14, 2012

Quote of the Day - Democrat Underground

"Romney By 3" if you stand on your head, close one eye and try to focus on a sign five yards away that says: "WTF?"
I guess they are not too pleased with the latest CBS/NYT poll that has Romney ahead by three overall and ahead with women.  The only group that Obama leads with is self-described moderates.  

Some Monday Food for Thought

H/T to America is Conservative for Vindication

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day from the Romney Boys. Tribute To Mom Ann Romney

I am sure I will say this many times between now and November.  I like Ann Romney much more than Mitt.  She seems like a very nice, down to earth woman who loves her family and wants to try and help the country get back on track.

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