Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Los Angeles Times Beclowns Itself - Story on Ann Romney's Horse Riding Habits

You can't find the president's college records (when somehow they have been able to find every other major candidate's) but they did find out Ann Romney's Pricey, Private World of dressage.

Mrs. Romney believes that riding horses helps her with her MS.  I think it is irrelevant if there is scientific evidence of that, because she believes it helps her.  If she is feeling better emotionally it will help her physically.

The L.A. Times is correct in the title that horse riding is a very expensive sport/hobby.  But they are not asking anyone else to pay for her to ride her horses.  She is paying for this herself.  How she spends her money is her business.

They then move onto a lawsuit that was filed over the sale of one of her horses that she was having difficulty riding.  The horse was checked out by a vet before the sale and was given a clean bill of health.  Shortly after the sale the new owner noticed some problems with the horse and felt that she was misled before the sale.  The case was settled last September.

But the intrepid reporters found the story and decided to run a feature on it.  No, there is no media bias.  After all, The Los Angeles Times is the newspaper that has audio of Obama speaking at a dinner that reportedly contained a great deal of Israel bashing.  After all, a candidate for president bashing one of America's closest ally's is far less important than Ann Romney's, who is running for nothing, sale of horse that developed health problems after receiving a clean bill of health from a vet.

The seem to help people realize that the Romney's have a great deal of money.  Boy, that was a newsflash.  Thank heavens they cleared that up for us.

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