Saturday, May 19, 2012

The (Very) Fertile Man

Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year-old from Tennessee, has fathered 30 children.  He was recently in court to ask a judge to lower the amount of his pay that goes towards child support.  The problem as Hatchett sees it is that about 50% of his pay goes towards "supporting" his children.  But, he only makes minimum wage, so some of the moms only get a $1.49 a month for the child.

The kids are spread across 11 mothers.  In two different years he had four children born.  He was in court several years back to answer charges that we wasn't paying support, at that point he had 21 kids.  So since 2009 he has fathered 9 more children, although he told the judge he wouldn't be having any more children.  I guess the birth control plan went awry.

My question is who are these woman who are having sex with this guy?  Why in heaven's name would you engage with a man who has this many children that he doesn't support?  Do these women think they are going to be the "one" who he magically changes his ways for?  Even if he does change his ways, how at minimum wage and 30 other kids to try to support could he do that for you and your children?

I guess it ends up being no problem since the tax payer will pick up most of the tab.

I don't support forced sterilization of anyone, but if I did, he would be a good place to start.

This is the slippery slope of the today's culture of "free" birth control and anything goes attitude to sex and raising babies.  30 children are growing up with a dead beat dad and it is considered just another "lifestyle" choice.


LibertarianPatriot said...
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LibertarianPatriot said...

You are against free birth control you say? You must be part of the Republican War on Women! You racist,sexist,homophobe. : )

LL said...

The guy is clearly a charmer.

Lisa said...

... Not to mention how fantastic their moms must be to engage in this type of behavior with this man. Poor children. They are the real losers here.

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