Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Getting Ugly Out There - Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Portrayed as a Dog

It seems that people are all too willing to roll around in the dirt to get into congress.  Ozzie deFaria is one such guy.  He is a republican fighting for the chance to go up against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the Florida 20th congressional district.  How does he go about trying to get noticed?  He puts a picture of Wasserman-Schultz up with a photoshopped image of her wearing a spiked dog collar and calling her Obama's #1 attack dog.

Wasserman-Schultz and Biden are neck and neck in the who is winning the most embarrassing democrat contest.  You have to really scratch your head to try to decide who commits the biggest gaffes between the two.  As such there is no reason to stoop to this level.  Loop her own words, people will hear for themselves how insane this woman's stances are.
deFaria calls himself "The Tea Party" candidate.  I have not spend the past three years working my butt off to be represented by the likes of this man.  This is vile and disgusting.  It also seems that the man has a criminal past as well:
CACE11005287 -2011 Auto Negligence(Pending) (Circuit)
DVCE05007368 -2005 Repeat Violence (Domestic Violence)
COCE05011501 -2005 Civil litigation (Circuit)
06011986MM10A-Misdemeanor (Circuit)
09033561TI30A -Traffic Infraction (Circuit)
COWE07027615 - 2007 Small Claims litigation (Circuit)

Sounds like a great guy.  Luckily there is another republican running for the nomination in this district.  We may as well not have an election if this guy is the nominee.

All this accomplishes is to allow the left to continue the meme of the imaginary war on women.  Both republicans and Tea Partyers can do much better than this man.  Sadly, by the look of his facebook page, he is doubling down on this and attacking his primary opponent for distancing herself from these types of attacks.  All I can say is Karen Harrington for Congress.  Send Mr. deFaria back to whatever rock he climbed out from under.

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LL said...

Wasserman (from a medical perspective, it's a test for the presence of an STD) should be allowed to roam free in 'fly over country' defending her boss. It will end ANY support for the big-eared one quickly.

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