Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Richard Mourdock Ousts Longtime Senator Lugar in Indiana Primary

Senator Lugar will be retiring from the senate come January.  Not by choice, but by the will of the people in Indiana.  

I have been having a back forth with several different people about this since the news hit last night.  They are blaming the libertarians and The Tea Party for Lugar's defeat.  They are none too pleased.  I have heard that Lugar is conservative enough.  Really, for whom?  It would seem to me that the person he is conservative enough for is President Obama or maybe majority leader Reid.  After all he supported both Kagan and Sotomayor for their seats on the supreme court.  It will be a rare instance when either of these justices put the written constitution before their own political belief systems.  There is nothing conservative about voting for either of these women.  You cannot say that someone who is putting ideology before the constitution means that they are qualified for the bench.  They are both judicial activists that will continue to erode the limited role of government intrusion into our lives that our constitution guarantees us all.  

Lugar is a supporter of embryonic stem cell research, has a rating of 78% from the Conservative Union, has a rating of D+ from the NRA and an F from Gun owners of America.  He supported not just TARP, but the illegal and unconstitutional take over of the car companies.  He said not one word when President Obama gave the unions preferential treatment over the car companies bondholders.  Even though that was in violation of bankruptcy laws.  He has consistently voted against much needed earmark reform.  His record on illegal immigration has shown someone who sides with the illegal immigrant over the rule of law.  He also supported Kathleen Seiblus for HHS.  A woman who is raising her own personal war on consciences of people of faith in this country.  

I am supposed to think that this man is a good representative of conservative values and the Republican party?  

Mourdock has a record of protecting life, protecting the 2nd amendment, standing up to the President's auto company takeovers; he actually took the administration to court to try and stop it and protect the bond holders.  He has brought fiscal sanity back to Indiana by returning money to the state treasury every year, refusing a pay raise, helping communities lower bond costs by pooling resources; saving tax payers money and increasing the effectiveness of the pension funds for the retirees.  Indiana has a stronger fund for families to save for college and the pensions he heads were recently named as one of the top managed pensions in the country.  

Boy, he certainly is someone I should turn away from simply because The Tea Party backed him.  Those crazy people who would rather see someone in office that will fight to regain some fiscal policy to our federal government.  

I have resisted the meme that the "establishment" GOP is trying to stop much needed reform and is only interested in the status quo.  After looking at Lugar's record and seeing the people who tried to stand up and say he is "conservative enough" I have to give.  That is exactly what is happening.  I get that compromise is needed to get things done.  I don't deny that.  But it is time that we have conservatives in Washington that understand that the nature of the compromise has been that republicans spend money and the democrats talk about future savings that never materialize is no longer working.  It is time that we cut the budget, rid ourselves of waste, and get our financial house in order.  

So I must ask again Senator Lugar is conservative enough for whom?  

Good Riddens Senator Lugar.  

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