Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inmate # 11593-051 Gets 40% of the Vote in West Virginia Primary

Keith Judd, otherwise known at federal inmate #11593-051 got 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Primary yesterday.  Judd is doing time for making threats to the University of New Mexico.  You have to wonder what the president's camp is thinking when a federal inmate can get 40% of the primary vote in usually reliable blue state.  He was unable to get any delegates slated for the ballot, so Obama will have all the delegates, but the optics of this is isn't what the president would hope for.  

People don't want to admit this, but West Virginia played a huge role in getting President Bush elected in 2000.  People all concentrate on Florida, but what allowed Florida to become the factor it was is the fact the Gore lost both West Virginia and his home state of Tennessee.  Had either of those states gone his way, Florida wouldn't have mattered and he would have been president.  The average day person may not remember that, but I can guarantee you people who are working for both campaigns do.  

A piece of advice to the Romney camp, invest the money right now to get your offices open in West Virginia and start you get out the vote effort now.  It made all the difference in the world in 2000.  It is possible that it will play a pivotal role in 2012 as well.  

His attack on the coal industry does have a price, and this is it.

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So I take it "Jailhouse Rock" won't be playing at the next Obama rally, huh?


LL said...

The sad truth is that Inmate# 11593-051 would likely be more honest with the American People and would make a better president than the one we currently have.

If elected POTUS, could Inmate# 11593-051 pardon himself?

Opus #6 said...

Yes, lol, that gives the phrase "pardon me" a whole new meaning.

hometown guy said...

Agreed, this is bad news for Dems.

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