Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Liberals Attack - Conservative Blogger on the Run with Wife and Five Children

That's right, a conservative blogger is on the run with his wife and five children.  Why you ask?  Because some lunatic "liberal activist" is unhappy with the reporting done about him.  This is a career criminal who has spent time in jail for a variety of offenses, who is now well funded by the institutional left; Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry to name just two.  What did this blogger do?  Tell the truth about how a career criminal is being financed by the who's who of the institutional left.  You know, the party of tolerance.  The party of underprivileged and saviors of the downtrodden.  

I am sick to death about hearing about how the "Tea Party" is so scary.  We are asking the government to stop wasting tax dollars.  We are not funding terrorists to intimidate bloggers who have young children.  At least one of his children is still in elementary school.   I have met one of his sons, a very charming young lad.  Their lives have been disrupted and they had to be removed from school because of this looney.  

The next time someone on the left talks about the danger of the Tea Party and conservatives tell them this story.  Because sure as shit they didn't hear about in the media.  

Say a prayer today for Stacy McCain and his family as they deal with this bomber and career criminal.  As a Christian I will also be saying one for the Streisand and Kerry too.  Maybe, just maybe, God will show them how to use their consciences.  Although I am not holding my breath on that one.  

Nice Deb has a nice write up on Blog about write about Brett day which is scheduled for this Friday.  He can't come after as all.  

Just to show what a liar this man is, here is another for your viewing pleasure.  

If there was ever a time for you to hit a bloggers tip jar.  This is it.  His wife had to leave her job and they moved their family.  Not something that people plan on.  Go here if you feel so inclined.  

If you are a blogger, please go to Nice Deb to hear about this project to get Brett's story all over the blogosphere.  You never know, just maybe some reasonable democrats will see what has become of their party.  

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