Friday, May 25, 2012

Everybody Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day

There really are no adequate words to describe the ruthlessness of Brett Kimberlin.  His story is all over the conservative blogosphere.  (With some very notable exceptions; Breitbart.  Andrew would be so ashamed).  

Another really important aspect of this story is the mainstream media silence on this story.  Mr. Kimberlin doesn't really care all that much what your political persuasion is if you dare tell the truth about him.  He has harassed people on the moderate left who also have dared expose him for what he really is.  A convicted felon, suspected murderer, liar, and just all around scum.  

Don't take anyone's word for it.  Do the research yourself on this man.  Then ask yourself why the likes of Barbara Streisand and Teresa Heinz-Kerry are giving this man money.  It becomes obvious that they care none for the good of the country, but about an agenda that will limit free speech in this country.  One of the bedrocks of our great nation.  

I personally have tweeted main stream media reporters to ask them why they are not covering this story.  To date, I have yet to get any response from any of them.  I am not surprised for the most part, but I did have hope that at least Jake Tapper would have the fortitude to get this story out there.  I believe him to be one of the few good reporters out there in the mainstream media.  He is still willing to speak truth to power and ask some of the uncomfortable questions that most in the media will not.  

You don't have to like Stacy McCain's viewpoints to realize that this is dangerous precedent to set.  A man with a wife and children was forced from his home in fear of their safety.  His wife's place of employment was contacted.  We have had other bloggers who have swat teams showing up at their homes.  We have bloggers who have lost their jobs due to this.  The employers were concerned for the safety of their other employees.  Which is understandable, but think about the economic impact this has on a family.  

Here is a site that has been set up to help financially with the people who have lost their jobs and their home due to this man.  

This can not be allowed to stand.  We, as Americans, have the right to get our opinions out there without fear of our lives and livelihood.  Ignore this at your own peril.  Sooner or later they will come for you.  

I know that I have quite a few left leaning readers.  I ask you, is this OK?  Disagree with Stacy.  Heck, I know Stacy and I don't always agree with him.  But, he speaks his truth.  He is a seasoned reporter.  He knows the lines that cannot be crossed.  What he did was report the facts.  Brett Kimberlin is a dangerous and well-funded man.  Follow the money.  Then ask yourselves if you still want to support a leftist agenda that targets private citizens.  Heaven help us all if you do.  

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