Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Funniest Line of the Day - Maxine Waters Edition

"The Tea Party emerges as not only outrageous, but they have turned up the
volume in ways that even Code Pink have not been able to do."
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA):

Hmm, Code Pink forced a speech by Karl Rove to be cancelled because the interuption was unable to be stopped. 

Can someone help me out here, when did the tea party stop someone from speaking? 

I think that this has more to do with the fact that the Tea Party has been more successful in gaining the public trust than Code Pink has ever been able to do, nor will they in the future. 

Funniest Line of the Day - Matthew Modine Edition

“Imagine if somebody were to really sit down with Osama Bin Ladin and say, ‘listen man,what is it that you’re so angry at me about that you’re willing to have people strap bombs to themselves, or get inside of airplanes and fly them into buildings.’ That would be the miracle if we can get, sit down and talk to our enemies and find a way for them to hear us.” – Matthew Modine

Ok, everybody sing it with me:

Kumbaya my lord, Kumbaya. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Funniest Picture of the Day

Did you notice the $15 price tag? 

This is one photo from a photo essay; a tale of two protests.  One being the Tea Party in Searchlight, Nevada and the other an anti-war protest in Los Angeles.  Both protests were on the same day, but had very different messages.  Of course this will not hit the pages of The New York Times; as it would dispel the narrative that they have created of the "violent" tea partiers.  Check out the whole photo gallery here.

Portrait of a Jack Ass - Sean Penn - Open Letter to Sean Penn

“14 of the most transparent elections in the globe, and been elected democratically,”
“Every day, this elected leader is called a dictator here, and we just accept it, and accept it. And this is mainstream media, who should -- truly, there should be bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies,”  Sean Penn to Bill Maher on March 5

Maria Conchita Alonso, who grew up in Venezula took offense to this statement and penned this open letter to her former co-star 

Dear Sean, WHY?

Even though I have great respect for your artistic talent, I was appalled by a recent television interview where you vigorously showed support for the regime of Hugo Chavez. Therefore, I've decided to set the record straight for you regarding the Chavez regime, supporting my case based not only on my political ideologies, but on proven facts you choose to ignore. Otherwise, I believe your position would be different.

Being born in Cuba, a country where freedom of speech is non-existent, it's startling to observe how Venezuela, where I was happily raised, is fast becoming Cuba's mirror image: Dismantling of fundamental democratic rights deserved by its people and citizens of the world.

For example, you said that all Chavez-winning elections in Venezuela were "transparent."

Then WHY didn't the government allow a manual recount of the votes and computer information when doubt set in? After all, how do you explain how these votes that were strongly favoring the opposition mysteriously reflected the opposite results the morning after, thus permitting Chavez to continue on? On what are you basing your conclusions? I strongly recommend that you read a report by the U.S. State Department written in 2009 entitled "The Fraudulent Elections in Venezuela".

We live in a Republic comprised of three autonomous branches of government: Supreme Court, Congress and Executive, thus, a true democracy.

Then WHY do you accept violations by part of the government of Venezuela to ignore its Constitution whereby one man, military-educated Chavez, controls all branches of government? His military background is revealed by his philosophy: "I order, you obey and if you disagree you're a traitor to the country." And your voice is silenced along with the ability of freethinking. Did you know solely the government controls 92% of media communications?

You've strongly criticized your own governments' overspending and corruption, whereby the budget for We the people never ends up in the hands of those who need it most.

Then WHY do you support a government with over $100 million in oil revenue that has 71% poverty? Or don't you know that corruption is so rampant that the rightfully deserving poor never sees a "red cent"? In addition, the fact is that Chavez gives away millions of dollars; belonging to the Venezuelan people, to other countries in order to build a false sense of philanthropy of a man whose self-proclaiming ego is blinded by power behind a communist Cuban-style revolution, expanding such regime.

We live in the U.S.A., the land of opportunity to do and say what we desire, respecting dissenting points of view, of course and without reprisals.

Then WHY do you defend a government whose stronghold upon its people is so oppressive that a big price is paid for exercising freedom of speech: Persecutions, closing of radio and television stations, jail...and even death?

You are fortunate enough to live in a country where you can buy property and claim it as your own to do whatever you want with it.

Then WHY do you promote the interests of a government that violates the Constitution by hindering the possibility of development: Land, industries, commerce, communications companies, foreign investment opportunities, financial institutions and private property? This is an everyday scenario in Venezuela.

Then WHY haven't you informed yourself on these facts by reading Venezuelan and international newspapers exposing thousands of cases?

Given your sense of community and respect for all people, I think you would defend the security of the citizens in your country.

Then WHY do you validate a government that has converted Venezuela into the second most dangerous country in the world, where impunity is above 90% and its people live in a constant state of stress and fear of getting killed? Many wonder if this situation isn't but a diabolic strategy by the part of the government, something to think about. Do you know that the weekend of March 13th there were 67 counted homicides only in Caracas? Furthermore, in the first 50 days of this year, there have been 140 express kidnappings for fast money (a 50% increase in 2009 versus previous years). After 11 years of the Chavez government, more than 16,000 people has been murdered by armed gangs and we're not even at war like in the Middle East.

In the U.S.A. the arm of the law comes down hard on government or private sector where cases of fraud and corruption are discovered.

Then WHY do you defend a politician who promised to sweep corruption, but has ended up sponsoring illicit enrichment by part of his closest allies and civil servants, placing Venezuela as the most corrupt country in the Americas and in its political history? Corruption has increased 68% and inflation 31% in 2009. What a coincidence, Sean that the majority of those "corruptors" are members of the government you have chosen to embrace.

You've demonstrated admirable assistance to those in need, due to natural disasters or poverty, those with desperate pleas to get their misfortune exposed for the whole world to see.

Then WHY do you applaud the efforts of a government that has notoriously increased poverty (65% to 71%), produced scarcity of staple products and created an energy and water shortage crisis never seen in Venezuela? Not to mention the numbers of children begging in the streets. You may have missed it because the government tends to take the scenic routes for its guests. I invite you see the real Venezuela, stay for a couple of weeks without the logistics the government of said country organizes for you and you'll be amazed with the results in your unaided observations.

Sean, you live in a country where your parents had the freedom to teach you principles and respect for entities and human beings, where education hasn't been manipulated by political agendas of those in power.

Then WHY are you in favor of a country where day after day education isn't plural by obligating a single-minded agenda and lack of respect for family structure? Did you know Sean that in Venezuela there is political indoctrination at a very early age, better known as "brainwashing"? And let me tell you that if parents don't agree, they will lose custody of their children, just like in Cuba, a country you've placed on a pedestal.

You are a product of a Jewish father.

Then WHY is your fascination with a government that has overtly stated its hatred against the Jewish community worldwide, to the extent that the State of Israel condemned anti-Semitic attacks in Venezuela? Do you think it's fair that many Jewish-Venezuelan families have emigrated because the Chavez government robbed their personal files when their temples and offices were under attacked in 2008?

I don't think so, Sean, that you would support violence as a means to impose your agenda.

Then WHY do you support a government with close relationships with FARC, ETA, Cuban G-2, Government of Iran, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, among others, which are the most feared terrorist movements in the world?

You have said that you applaud the actions that Chavez has instituted for his "pueblo".

Then WHY do you back him up when he himself has recently publicly recognized his failure for effective social programs (missions) in the areas of education, social service and hospitals; where each day the number of the uncared rises for lack of appropriate facilities and respective upkeep, and a country where the mothers give birth in the streets? This you can see on YouTube in investigative programs run on German, Swedish, Italian and Spanish television stations.

Sean, have you considered researching the existence of the growing list of political prisoners, including journalists, on your own? For your information Chile, Peru and Costa Rica has that data. Furthermore, many of these prisoners are tortured and their families persecuted and threatened, just like the Cuba you stand up for.

Is that what you support when you publicly declare that all those that say that Chavez is a dictator should go to jail?

Sean, you have the right to say what you want, but as far as I know, your statements are contradictory to "Freedom of Speech", the same one you enjoy in this country; by coincidence, "The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America."

My intention isn't to convince you, but to let you know what is truly happening in this beautiful country of noble people, Venezuela. I would encourage you to investigate in depth the "inside story" and realize for yourself the dark side behind the person you choose to idolize.

Agreed, Chavez did win his first elections, but like Hitler, he betrayed what the country gave him: The vote of confidence

All I can say is, You Go Girl!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tea Party Cleveland, OH

2nd Annual Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party

Thursday, April 15th, 4:00pm
Mall C Downtown Cleveland

Tea Party Sunrise Florida


Happy Passover

I am not going to even pretend that I know very much about Passover.  But, for those who celebrate, enjoy your seder.

Moscow under Terrorist Attack

Moscow was hit with two subway bombings during the height of rush hour, the bombings were 30 minutes apart.  At this point 37 are confirmed dead with a dozen more wounded.  Russia has a long history of terrorism from separatists groups, dating as far back as Stalin's time. Chechens are very loosely tied to al Qaeda.  They are attempting to break off from Russia and form an Islamic state, although much of the Chechen population is Russian Orthodox.  This is sixth such attack since 2004. 

Funniest Line of the Day - Geraldo Rivera Edition

Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist had a spirited debate on Fox News Sunday this morning.  Here is Geraldo's take on Rubio's performance. 

“In fairness to our audience I have to say that my family loves Charlie Crist. We were at his wedding. He came to our mom’s house. He’s a wonderful guy. I’m not endorsing anybody. It’s not my job. But, it seemed to me he held his own. But, Rubio was surprising. He wasn’t foaming at the mouth. He wasn’t radical. He seemed poised in his own way so Charlie’s got his hands full.”

What exactly did he expect? 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Searchlight Tea Party Crowd - Does This Look Like 1,000 People to You?

That is the number that CNN reported.  I don't know about you, but I think this is more than 1,000 people.  It has just gotten to the point that it is comical how biased the media is against this movement.  Go take a look at MAInfo, she was at the event and you can get a first hand account.  You can also take a gander at some very interesting poll information at Another Black Conservative.  It seems that the message is getting through even with the obvious bias. 

Guess Who is Going to the Masters - Porn Star Joslyn James Still Looking for an Apology from Woods

Like she has not caused enough pain to Elin Woods; porn star and adultress Joslyn James has decided that she is going to go The Masters, where Tiger is due to make his return to golf.  She feels that she has not gotten a proper apology. 

Let's see, you have sex on camera for money and had an illict affair with a man you knew to married.  You also knew that his wife was pregnant twice during your affair and you think that you are owed an apology? 
Hmm, I think you should go crawl into a hole and never come back out.  The apology belongs to his wife, not to you.  He never owed you anything.  If you were stupid enough to think that he was going to leave his wife for you, that is your problem.  Seriously, what is wrong with this woman?  You took a chance on a married man and lost.  Be a big girl, admit your mistake and get on with your life.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tea Party Express III - Bus Tour Schedule

Day 1: Saturday, March 27

•Laughlin, NV – 9:30 am to 10:00 am

•Searchlight, NV “Mega Rally” – 12:00 noon

•Las Vegas, NV – 5:00 pm

Day 2: Sunday, March 28

Phoenix, AZ – 2:00 pm

Flagstaff, AZ – 6:30 pm

Day 3: Monday, March 29

St. George, UT – 3:30 pm

Day 4: Tuesday, March 30

Provo, UT – 10:00 am

Salt Lake City, UT – 2:00 pm

Day 5: Wednesday, March 31

Grand Junction, CO – 10:00 am

Denver, CO – 4:00 pm

Day 6: Thursday, April 1

North Platte, NE – 10:00 am

Omaha, NE – 5:00 pm

Day 7: Friday, April 2

Topeka, KS – 10:00 am

Tulsa, OK – 4:00 pm

Day 8: Saturday, April 3

Little Rock, AR – 10:00 am

Tupelo, MS – 4:00 pm

Day 9: Sunday, April 4

Huntsville, AL – 2:00 pm

Nashville, TN – 6:00 pm

Day 10: Monday, April 5

Evansville, IN – 9:00 am

St. Louis, MO – 2:00 pm

Springfield, IL – 6:00 pm

Day 11: Tuesday, April 6

Davenport, IA – 10:00 am

Rockford, IL – 2:30 pm

Madison, WI – 6:00 pm

Day 12: Wednesday, April 7

Milwaukee, WI – 9:30 am

Green Bay, WI – 2:00 pm

Eau Claire, WI – 7:30 pm

Day 13: Thursday, April 8

Minneapolis, MN – 9:30 am

Duluth, MN – 2:30 pm

•“Whistlestop” in Ironwood, MI – 6:30 pm

Day 14: Friday, April 9

Escanaba, MI – 12:00 noon

Sault Sainte Marie, MI – 6:00 pm

Day 15: Saturday, April 10

Traverse City, MI – 11:00 am

Grand Rapids, MI – 4:00 pm

Lansing, MI – 7:15 pm

Day 16: Sunday, April 11

Detroit, MI – 10:00 am

Cleveland, OH – 3:00 pm

Erie, PA – 7:00 pm

Day 17: Monday, April 12

Buffalo, NY – 11:00 am

Syracuse, NY – 4:00 pm

Day 18: Tuesday, April 13

Albany, NY – 10:00 am

Concord, NH – 4:00 pm

Day 19: Wednesday, April 14

Boston, MA – 10:00 am

Day 20: Thursday, April 15

•Washington, DC
Rally on the Mall at 6 PM

Palin Kicks Off Tea Party Express Tour - Buses Attacked by Reid Supporters

The Tea Party Express has kicked off it's latest bus tour.  It started today in Search Light, NV, the hometown of Senator Harry Reid.  The tea party was expecting about 10,000 to show up in this very small town.  It is hard to tell exactly how many people showed up, but it is far more than the 1,000 that CNN's website is reporting. 

(Uh, that is more than 1,000 people CNN)

As the Tea Party Express buses were making their way counter protesters and Reid supporters threw eggs.  One of the buses was hit.  Gateway Pundit is saying that the counter protesters numbered about 35.  Also Andrew Breitbart reportedly also had eggs thrown at him when he was walking by the protestors.  Apparently the police were called on Breitbart by the protesters to say that he was inciting violence. 

So yeah, it is getting ugly out there. 

The Tea Party is supposed to continue tonight in Henderson, Nevada.  Ann Coulter is the keynote speaker.

photos from Gateway Pundit

And The Fallout Begins - Costs of Obamacare

Accounting rules require that publically traded companies must restate earnings when there are changes to healthcare liabilities.  As much as the defenders of this "reform" may not like it, we will be hearing about this over the next few weeks.  So far the damage is as follows:

AT&T $1 Billion
John Deere $150 Million
Caterpillar $100 Million
AK Steele $31 Million
3M $90 Million
Valero Energy $20 Million

Verizon has sent out warnings to employees that healthcare costs will increase.  This is not going to sit well with union employees. 

Caterpillar had already announced layoffs before the bill passed.  I don't think I am going out on ledge to say more may be in the offing in coming days. 

For those who have internet service through AT&T should expect a raise in fees.  As much as democrats don't want to admit this, companies don't absorb these costs, they pass them on.  Fewer available jobs, lower wages, cut hours, and higher costs to consumers. 

Bibi Shamed - Is Israel Ready to Bomb Iran?

Bibi Netanyahu left Washington, DC earlier this week in shame according to world newspapers. It was been widely reported that trouble has been about the announcement of additional settlements in Jerusalem. Jerusalem has always been and will continue to be one of the most difficult issues when it comes to lasting peace with the Palestinians.

Apparently it had become so contentious that Bibi felt he needed to go back to the Israeli embassy to use the phone, as he was not comfortable and felt that he may be eavesdropped on. Of course, that has not been said publically, but it is a pretty serious charge if true.

The Israeli's have been very consistent about one thing, the willingness they show for peace talks revolves around how secure they feel at that particular moment. The Israeli's are not feeling very secure right now. Iran is getting closer and closer to nuclear weapons and the capacity to hit Israel. Why exactly would they feel secure at the moment?

Does anyone really believe that President Obama has publically dissed Israel over a few apartment buildings? Was the real reason that Netanyahu was in town was to tell the President they are ready to bomb Iran? It seems very unlikely to me that we would put Bibi in the position of worldwide embarrassment over some apartment buildings, especially when you consider the proof that the announcement for the building permits was simply bad timing, no ill will was intended. If it is indeed true that Israel is moving closer to taking real action with Iran, the very last thing we should be doing is put them in a position that they don't trust us.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Black Conservative Birthday

When I read this post this morning, it made me laugh out loud.  Today is also the one year anniversary of Another Black Conservative.  Cliff has great content and is a very good writer.  If you are not checking him out, you should.  He also has some very nasty tweets threating the lives of Gov. Palin and her family. 

You remember Peggy the Moocher, she is the sister who voted for Obama because she thought he was going to pay her mortgage.

Well Peggy will be sitting pretty very soon.

From The Washington Post: The Obama administration plans to overhaul how it is tackling the foreclosure crisis, in part by requiring lenders to temporarily slash or eliminate monthly mortgage payments for many borrowers who are unemployed, senior officials said Thursday.

Banks and other lenders would have to reduce the payments to no more than 31 percent of a borrower's income, which would typically be the amount of unemployment insurance, for three to six months. In some cases, administration officials said, a lender could allow a borrower to skip payments altogether.

[…] Officials said the new initiatives will take effect over the next six months and be funded out of $50 billion previously allocated for foreclosure relief in the emergency bailout program for the financial system. No new taxpayer funds will be needed, the officials said.

I have a better idea, take the $50 billion and pay down the deficit with it. Then institute my time tested plan called “The Moving To More Affordable Housing Program”. The details of the program are pretty straightforward; you pack up all your crap and move to a smaller more affordable place. It even comes with a secondary option; I call it “The Family and Friends Option”. Family and friends who love and care about you, makes their homes available to you for free on a short-term basis.

The best part about The Moving To More Affordable Housing Program is that it’s FREE! Even Peggy can try it, though I kind of think she will opt for the Family and Friends Option.

Friday Funnies

I am Shocked, Shocked I Say - Hafiz Returns to Fight with the Taliban

"I'm completely shocked," said Steven Killpack, a Utah public defender who represented Abdul Hafiz in a federal lawsuit challenging his detention, when told today of reports that his client was now fighting with the Taliban. "There was absolutely nothing that was brought to our attention that he constituted a danger to any Americans or that he had any ongoing affiliation with any group that was hostile to America. He never indicated any hostility to the American government." Killpack also said that, as far as he knew, Abdul Hafiz was not facing any outstanding charges in Afghanistan and he was being returned to his homeland to "resume his regular life."

Abdul Hafiz is the first gitmo detainee freed by the Obama administration that has returned to the battlefield. 

His regular life is about killing infidels.  Just ask the family of the International Red Cross worker he killed. 

I am glad he's shocked.  Me, not so much. 

"Blow Them Up" - ACLU Executive Director

Anthony Romero has used the term "Blow Them Up" when discussing the military commissons. 

Why has he not been called ignorant by the democrats?  That is what they called Sarah Palin when she used the term "Reload".  Oh, that right, he is a liberal. 

source: The Weekly Standard

Can't Wait

Timeline of Major Provisions in the Democrats’ Health Care Package

•2‐year tax credit (total cap of $1B) for new chronic disease therapy investments

•Medicare cuts to hospitals begin (long‐term care (7/1/09) and inpatient and rehabilitation facilities (FY10)) 2009

•States and Federal officials review premium increases

•FDA authorized to approve "follow‐on" biologics

•Increase brand name pharmaceutical Medicaid rebate (from 15.1% to 23.1%)

•Medicare payments to physicians in primarily rural areas increase (2 years)

•Deny "black liquor" eligibility for cellulosic biofuel producers credit

•Tax credits provided to certain small employers for health care‐related expenses

•Increase adoption tax incentives for 2 years (what in heavens name does this have to do with healthcare?)

•Codify economic substance doctrine and impose penalties for underpayments

(transactions on/after 3/23/10)

•Provide income exclusion for specified Indian tribe health benefits provided after 3/23/10

•Temporary high‐risk pool and high‐cost union retiree reinsurance ($5 B each for 3.5 years) (6/23/10)

•Impose 10% tax on indoor UV tanning (7/1/10)

•Medicare cuts to inpatient psych hospitals (7/1/10)

•Prohibits lifetime and annual benefit spending limits (plan years beginning 9/23/10)

•Prohibits non‐group plans from canceling coverage (rescissions) (plan years beginning 9/23/10)

•Requires plans to cover, at no charge, most preventive care (plan years beginning 9/23/10)

•Allows dependents to stay on parents’ policies through age 26 (plan years beginning 9/23/10)

•Provides limited protections to children with pre‐existing conditions (plan years beginning 9/23/10)

•Hospitals in "Frontier States" (ND, MT, WY, SD, UT ) receive higher Medicare payments (FY11)

•Hospitals in “low‐cost” areas receive higher Medicare payments for 2 yrs ($400 million, FY11)


•Medicare Advantage cuts begin

•No longer allowed to use FSA, HSA, HRA, Archer MSA distributions for over‐thecounter medicines (This will raise the taxes for people making less than $200,000)

•Medicare cuts to home health begin

•Wealthier seniors ($85k/$170k) begin paying higher Part D premiums (not indexed for inflation in Parts B/D) Since this is not indexed for inflation it will not take long that most seniors will be paying higher premiums.

•Medicare reimbursement cuts when seniors use diagnostic imaging like MRIs, CT scans, etc.

•Medicare cuts begin to ambulance services, ASCs, diagnostic labs, and durable medical equipment

•Impose new annual tax on brand name pharmaceutical companies

•Americans begin paying premiums for federal long‐term care insurance (CLASS Act) $1500 per person

•Health plans required to spend a minimum of 80% of premiums on medical claims

•Physicians in "Frontier States" (ND, MT, WY, SD, UT ) receive higher Medicare payments

•Prohibition on Medicare payments to new physician‐owned hospitals

•Penalties for non‐qualified HSA and Archer MSA distributions double (to 20%)

•Seniors prohibited from purchasing power wheelchairs unless they first rent for 13 months

•Brand name drug companies begin providing 50% discount in the Part D “donut hole”

•10% Medicare bonus payment for primary care and general surgery (5 years)

•Employers required to report value of health benefits on W‐2

•Steps towards health insurance administrative simplification (reduced paperwork, etc) begins (5 yr process)

•Additional funding for community health centers (5 years)

•Seniors who hit Part D “donut hole "in 2010 receive $250 check (3/15/11)

•New Medicare cuts to long‐term care hospitals begin (7/1/11)

•Additional Medicare cuts to hospitals and cuts to nursing homes and inpatient rehab facilities begin (FY12)

•New tax on all private health insurance policies to pay for comp. eff. research (plan years beginning FY12)


•Medicare cuts to dialysis treatment begins

•Require information reporting on payments to corporations

•Medicare to reduce spending by using an HMO‐like coordinated care model (Accountable Care Organizations)

•Medicare Advantage plans with a 4 or 5 star rating receive a quality bonus payment

•New Medicare cuts to inpatient psych hospitals (7/1/12) (2nd cut to this)

•Hospital pay‐for‐quality program begins (FY13)

•Medicare cuts to hospitals with high readmission rates begin (FY13)

•Medicare cuts to hospice begin (FY13)


•Impose $2,500 annual cap on FSA contributions (indexed to CPI) (this means that I will have to change my plan)

•Increase Medicare wage tax by 0.9% and impose a new 3.8% tax on unearned , nonactive business income for those earning over $200k/$250k (not indexed to inflation)

•Generally increases (7.5% to 10%) threshold at which medical expenses, as a % of income, can be deductible

•Eliminate deduction for Part D retiree drug subsidy employers receive

•Impose 2.3% excise tax on medical devices

•Medicare cuts to hospitals who treat low‐income seniors begin (Wasn't the whole point of this to help low income people?)

•Post‐acute pay for quality reporting begins

•CO‐OP Program: Secretary awards loans and grants for establishing nonprofit health insurers

•$500,000 deduction cap on compensation paid to insurance company employees and officers

•Part D “donut hole” reduction begins, reaching a 25% reduction by 2020


•Individuals without gov't‐approved coverage are subject to a tax of the greater of $695 or 2.5% of income

•Employers who fail to offer "affordable" coverage would pay a $3,000 penalty for every employee that receives a subsidy through the Exchange

•Employers who do not offer insurance must pay a tax penalty of $2,000 for every fulltime employee $2,000 is very low amount, it will be much cheaper to pay this fine than to pay for insurance.

•More Medicare cuts to home health begin

•States must have established Exchanges

•Employers with more than 200 employees can auto‐enroll employees in health coverage, with opt‐out

•All non‐grandfathered and Exchange health plans required to meet federally mandated levels of coverage

•States must cover parents /childless adults up to 138% of poverty on Medicaid, receive increased FMAP

•Tax credits available for Exchange‐based coverage, amount varies by income up to 400% of poverty

•Insurers cannot impose any coverage restrictions on pre‐existing conditions (guaranteed issue/renewability)

•Modified community rating: individual or family coverage; geography; 3:1 ratio for age; 1.5 :1 for smoking

•Insurers must offer coverage to anyone wanting a policy and every policy has to be renewed

•Limits out‐of‐pocket cost‐sharing (tied to limits in HSAs, currently $5,950/$11,900 indexed to COLA)

•Insurance plans must include government‐defined "essential benefits " and coverage levels

•OPM must offer at least two multi‐state plans in every state

•Employers can offer some employees free choice vouchers for health insurance in the Exchange

•Government board (IPAB) begins submitting proposals to cut Medicare

•Impose tax on nearly all private health insurance plans

•Medicare payment cuts for hospital‐acquired infections begin (FY15)


2015 •More Medicare cuts to home health begin

2016 •States can form interstate insurance compacts if the coverage with HHS approval (2016)

•Physician pay‐for‐quality program begins for all physicians

•States may allow large employers and multi‐employer health plans to purchase coverage in the Exchange.

•States may apply to the Secretary for a limited waiver from certain federal requirements


•Impose "Cadillac tax on “high cost” plans, 40% tax on the benefit value above a certain threshold: ($10,200 individual coverage, $27,500 family or self‐only union multibemployer coverage)


Impose "Cadillac tax on “high cost” plans, 40% tax on the benefit value above a certain threshold: ($10,200 individual coverage, $27,500 family or self‐only union multi employer coverage)

Committee of Ways and Means

And The Signs Just Keep On Comin'

Paying the Max - Congressional Salaries

On the same day that we find out that our debt is now reaching epic levels that we more than likely will never be able to crawl out of, comes news about how much we are paying congressional staffers.  2,000 staffers are making salaries of six figures.  53 of which are making the maximum allowed; just under $175,000, another 80 are only raise away.

I know very well how hard these people work.  The work weeks are crazy, sometimes 14 to 16 hours per day, and some of those days are on weekends.  It is very difficult to have social life when you have a job on the hill, as you never know when that 16 hour day is coming.  I have no problem with them making a livable wage.  I do have a problem with them making this much money.  There is no reason that we are paying these types of salaries.  The reasoning behind it is said to be that they can make more in the private sector working for lobbyists.  The truth of the matter is that most lobbyists positions do not pay that well.  The ones who own the firm make that money, but the staff of the lobbyists do not. 

When reading this type of data it is no wonder that Americans are so fed up with how our government is currently behaving.  We cannot stay on this path of spending money that we do not have.  What are we doing to the next generation?  We must make the hard choices to reduce our debt.  Lowering these salaries is not a hard choice. 

Two Latest Fans of Obamacare

Well, Hip Hip Hooray.  It must be good, if they approve.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tea Party Policing Their Own

This is our Choice? - Miss Me Yet Jimmy Carter Billboard

Things are not going very well for the ONE if we are missing Jimmy Carter.   This has popped up in Texas. 

Hmm, Miss Me Yet?  I am not sure how to answer this. 

Of Course, It's Sarah's Fault - Palin Derangement Syndrome Continues

As we have all heard by now, some members of congress have received threats during the past few weeks during the run up to the healthcare vote.  There is no justification for acts of violence.  There just isn't.   Stupak has released some voice mail messages that have been left for him at his office.  He was called a human piece of shit and told that people wish him ill.  To me, that goes with the job and is not a threat.  Wishing someone ill may not be nice, but it certainly doesn't constitute a threat.  Congresswoman Slaughter's office had a window broken with a brick.  Again, not really a threat, but an act of vandalism on federal property is a serious crime.  If this person is ever caught they should be prosecuted to the fullest exent of the law.  Someone also left a message about snipers.  Again, a serious offensive that needs to investigated and prosecuted if the person is found. 

But what was Congresswoman Slaughter's response to this act of vandalism?  Blame it on Sarah Palin.  Of course, it must be Palin's fault.  Sarah sent out a facebook message the day after the bill passed, in this note, her message was one of not losing hope, but to take a step back and realize that we need to move onto the next battle.  That battle being the elections in November.  After her resignation as Governor of Alaska she told the story of her father saying that she wasn't retreating, but reloading.  She used this phrase in her note.  Anyone that is a fan of hers, knows exactly where this phrase came from and the meaning of it.  But, Slaughter in her infinite wisdom has taken as "coded rheotoric". 

Not only is the congresswoman saying that Palin is inciting violence, she is also saying that anyone who is fan of Sarah is such a lemming that they will pick up a gun and start shooting members of congress.  So let me clear this up for you Congresswoman:

I can't stand your belief system.  I think you and your ilk are arrogant and controlling.  I resent the hell out of the fact that you think that American's are so damn stupid that we need to you to step in and take care of all the ills in our lives, because we certainly can't be responsible enough to do it for ourselves.  I am sick to death of your spitting on the constitution and behaving like it doesn't exist.  I have had it with your belief that you know best.  You have called me a racist, a tea bagger, a religious nutjob, but that is not enough, now you want to characterize me as a person who is so feeble minded that I somehow am going to pick up  a gun and shoot someone because Sarah Palin tells me to.  Who exactly is feeble minded in this scenerio?  I think that must be you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coulter's Response to Near Riot at Ottawa University

Liberals don't understand why conservatives are so afraid of the slippery slope we are on when it comes to our constitution.  Canada has "free speech" unless it is "hate speech".   I will be the first to admit that Ann Coulter uses sarcastic wit to prove a point, but that should not bring it to level of hate speech.  One of the points she was trying to make by giving these speeches in Canada was the fact that they don't have free speech.  Guess she was right, huh? 

Oh, Canada!

by Ann Coulter

Since arriving in Canada I've been accused of thought crimes, threatened with criminal prosecution for speeches I hadn't yet given and denounced on the floor of the Parliament (which was nice because that one was on my "bucket list").

Posters advertising my speech have been officially banned, while posters denouncing me are plastered all over the University of Ottawa campus. Elected officials have been prohibited from attending my speeches. Also, the local clothing stores are fresh out of brown shirts.

Welcome to Canada!

The provost of the University of Ottawa, average student IQ: 0, wrote to me—widely disseminating his letter to at least a half-dozen intermediaries before it reached me—in advance of my visit in order to recommend that I familiarize myself with Canada's criminal laws regarding hate speech.

This marks the first time I've ever gotten hate mail for something I might do in the future.

Apparently Canadian law forbids "promoting hatred against any identifiable group," which the provost, Francois A. Houle advised me, "would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges."

I was given no specific examples of what words and phrases I couldn't use, but I take it I'm not supposed to say, "F----you, Francois."

While it was a relief to know that it is still permissible in Canada to promote hatred against unidentifiable groups, upon reading Francois' letter, I suddenly realized that I had just been the victim of a hate crime! And it was committed by Francois A. Houle (French for "Frank A. Hole").

What other speakers get a warning not to promote hatred? Did Francois A. Houle send a similarly worded letter to Israel-hater Omar Barghouti before he spoke last year at U of Ottawa? ("Ottawa": Indian for "Land of the Bed-Wetters.")

How about Angela Davis, Communist Party member and former Black Panther who spoke at the University of Zero just last month?

Or do only conservatives get letters admonishing them to be civil? Or—my suspicion—is it only conservative women who fuel Francois' rage?

How about sending a letter to all Muslim speakers advising them to please bathe once a week while in Canada? Would that constitute a hate crime?

I'm sure Canada's Human Rights Commission will get to the bottom of Francois' strange warning to me, inasmuch as I will be filing a complaint with that august body, so I expect they will be reviewing every letter the university has sent to other speakers prior to their speeches to see if any of them were threatened with criminal prosecution.

Both writer Mark Steyn and editor Ezra Levant have been investigated by the Human Rights Commission for promoting hatred toward Muslims.

Levant's alleged crime was to reprint the cartoons of Mohammed originally published in a Danish newspaper, leading practitioners of the Religion of Peace to engage in murderous violence across the globe. Steyn's alleged crime was to publish an excerpt of his book, America Alone in Maclean's magazine, in which he jauntily described Muslims as "hot for jihad."

Both of them also flew jet airliners full of passengers into skyscrapers in lower Manhattan, resulting in thousands of deaths. No, wait—that was somebody else.

Curiously, however, there was no evidence that either the cartoons or the column did, in fact, incite hatred toward Muslims—nor was there the remotest possibility that they would.

By contrast, conservative speakers are regularly subjected to violent attacks on college campuses. Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, David Horowitz and I have all been the targets of infamous campus attacks.

That's why the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (a sponsor of my Canada speeches) and the Young America's Foundation (a sponsor of many of my college speeches) don't send conservatives to college campuses without a bodyguard.

You'd have to be a real A-Houle not to anticipate that accusing a conservative of "promoting hatred" prior to her arrival on a college campus would in actuality—not in liberal fantasies of terrified Muslims cowering in terror of Mark Steyn readers—incite real-world violence toward the conservative.

The university itself acknowledged that Francois' letter was likely to provoke violence against me by demanding—long after my speech was scheduled, but immediately after Francois disseminated his letter—that my sponsors pony up more than $1,200 for extra security.

Also following Francois' letter, the Ottawa University Student Federation met for 7 1/2 hours to hammer out a series of resolutions denouncing me. The resolutions included:

"Whereas Ann Coulter is a hateful woman;

"Whereas she has made hateful comments against GLBTQ, Muslims, Jews and women;

"Whereas she violates an unwritten code of 'positive-space';

"Be it resolved that the SFUO express its disapproval of having Ann Coulter speak at the University of Ottawa."

At least the students didn't waste 7 1/2 hours on something silly, like their studies.

At the risk of violating anyone's positive space, what happened to Canada? How did the country that gave us Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd and Catherine O'Hara suddenly become a bunch of whining crybabies?

After Tuesday night, the hatred incited by Francois' letter is no longer theoretical. The police called off my speech when the auditorium was surrounded by thousands of rioting liberals—screaming, blocking the entrance, throwing tables, demanding that my books be burned, and finally setting off the fire alarm.

Sadly, I missed the book-burning because I never made it to the building.

But, reportedly, a Canadian crowd hasn't been this excited since they opened a new Tim Hortons. Local reporters couldn't make out what the crowd was chanting, but it was something about "Molson" and a "sled dog."

I've given more than 100 college speeches, and not once has one of my speeches been shut down at any point. Even the pie-throwing incident at the University of Arizona didn't break up the event. I said, "Get them!" and the college Republicans got them, and then I continued with my rambling, hate-filled diatribe—I mean, my speech.

So we've run this experiment more than 100 times.

Only one college speech was ever met with so much mob violence that the police were forced to cancel it: The one that was preceded by a letter from the university provost accusing me of hate speech.

(To add insult to injury, Francois didn't even plan to attend my speech because Tuesday is his bikini wax night.)

If a university official's letter accusing a speaker of having a proclivity to commit speech crimes before she's given the speech—which then leads to Facebook postings demanding that Ann Coulter be hurt, a massive riot and a police-ordered cancellation of the speech—is not hate speech, then there is no such thing as hate speech.

Either Francois goes to jail or the Human Rights Commission is a hoax and a fraud.

Palin's Hitlist

Showin' a Little Love For Harry - Showdown In Searchlight

It's being hailed as a "Conservative Woodstock" - a historic event in the tea party movement where thousands upon thousands of patriots will gather in Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight, NV and demand an end to his term in public office.

So many people are heading to Searchlight, NV for this historic event (which takes place this Saturday, March 27th) that the local motels and campgrounds are now totally full.

As mentioned in the report, local operators at Lake Mead have scrambled to get houseboats prepared for those of you coming to the Searchlight rally and needing a place to overnight (either the night before the event, the night of the event, or both).

You can reserve one of the few remaining houseboats online via Cottonwood Cove Resorts online here:

There's also a toll-free number you can call: 1-800-255-5561

Cheaper hotel and motel accomodations are still available in Laughlin and Las Vegas, which are both about 1-hour from Searchlight (well, 1-hour away on a normal day without traffic).

WARNING: Hotels even in Laughlin are now selling out, so act fast if you want to get a room there. If you cannot find an available room in Laughlin, your next best bet is to try Las Vegas hotels. We obviously want as many people in Laughlin to join us for the big caravan from "Harrah's Laughlin" between 9:30 - 10:00 AM - and then we will all caravan up to the rally site in Searchlight led by the Tea Party Express buses.

Complete details on accomodations and transportation for the "Showdown in Searchlight" can be found at our website here:

P.S. As of today you can still get on a charter bus heading to Searchlight because more groups are still finding buses available at the last minute, and our team is working to match up requests for a bus seat (from people like you) with local organizers who still have room on a bus. To get a seat on one of the buses heading to Searchlight, send your name, city & state in an email:

And they thought we were going away.  Fat Chance

Things that make you say hmm - Nancy Pelosi Edition

NANCY PELOSI: Well, you know, some people will do anything for the insurance companies

The politician who received more money than any other in history: President Barack Obama

The political party that has received more money this election cycle from insurance companies: Democrats

The margin that democrats have outraised the republicans: 2 to 1

With the law that was signed yesterday, the taxpayers will now be subsidizing payments to none other insurance companies. 

Speaker Pelosi has received almost $230,000 from health industry pacs this year. 

The amount over the minority leader Boehner: $70,000

Source: Washington Examiner

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventures - Doctor Defending Obamacare

Yesterday while I was out and about I ran into a doctor that I know casually. He is a general practitioner who is in favor of the law that was signed today. His list of reasons included:

Medicare is losing money by not paying for wellness exams. By paying for these exams they can find things at an earlier stage when it is both easier to treat and less expensive. Ok, I think we can all agree this is a good thing. But, it didn’t take almost 3,000 pages to accomplish this.

His bottom line will increase. As a person in favor of capitalism I am ok with that. He writes off tens of thousands of dollars that he is never paid for. Here we have a bit of a disagreement. When I was sick my issues were not really my treatments, but my prescription costs. I didn’t understand that had I called the pharmaceutical company they could have helped me work out a more reasonable rate. I also must be a complete idiot, as I paid back every dime of debt. Apparently most people can’t be bothered. I made arrangements to pay an affordable amount every month. It took me years, but it was paid. I don’t understand why people don’t pay their debts. I know firsthand that if you work with the doctors, they will work with you. Now, I am not saying there are times that people just can't do it.  That absolutely happens.  Again, we can put in safety nets for this.

He told me that he is forced to increase the costs of the insured to cover the under-payments for services from Medicare. Medicare is scheduled to be decreased, not increased. This problem will still exist and may actually get worse as the baby boomers hit retirement age.

I asked him if I came into his office and paid cash in full at the time of visit would this decrease his costs. He said that it would require less administrative time which would lower his overhead costs. So I asked doesn’t it stand to reason that if we move away from insurance dependence instead of increasing it costs would be lowered? He said that would lower staff costs. He currently has five people who do nothing but fill out paperwork for insurance companies. This has been proven to lower costs at Safeway, Whole Foods, and the state employees of Indiana. I have a similar plan. I have a high deductible that is supplemented by a HSA. Once my HSA runs out I then use my insurance. This has been very cost effective for me. Almost all HSA’s will now pay doctors directly, so they will be paid the same way that they are right now by conventional insurance.

My final questions were to ask him if he accepted Medicaid. He does not. So we are increasing the role of Medicaid into the healthcare system, who is going to treat them? What we have done is given people access to insurance. This will not translate to improved health. For improved health wouldn’t they actually have to have access to a doctor? His response was that it is not perfect. Really?

Lastly, and there is no way around this, if I am wrong, so what? My bad, I’ll take responsibility for it, and the country will be better off. If he is wrong, what then? The most innovative medical care in the world could be destroyed. Who is going to be responsible for that?

Just Sayin'

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Thoughts on Watching the Dems Stab the Constitution on the Congressional Floor - Ben Stein's Thoughts on ObamaCare

1. This is a "bill" that is clearly not really a Constitutionally allowable legislative entity, eligible for signature into law. For it to be that, it would need to be identically passed in both houses. It was not. It was passed as a corned beef hash of vague promises in the Senate. Then a vote was taken in the House to eventually pass the same bill but with a few changes and a further vague promise to reconcile both versions. This is not how the Constitution defines a bill en route to becoming a law. This is just a demand by President Obama to submit to his authority, which the Democrats meekly passed. This is not Constitutional.

2. The slovenly laziness of the Majority to not even read the vague bits of the bill floating around is further evidence of contempt for law and the Constitution.

3. This is not how the U.S. government is supposed to work. This is how a South American junta does its work with a puppet legislature and a supreme Caudillo above law. This is, tragically, Barack Obama's America. It took a mere 14 months to get us from the government of Jefferson to the government of Trujillo.

4. The supine cowardice of the mainstream media here is almost beyond imagining. To fail to even notice the attack on the Constitution going on here is stunning and discouraging in the extreme.

5. For those of us who still believe in the Constitution, I offer the words of the great civil rights anthem, "We shall overcome, " and "We are not afraid." In that spirit, we continue the fight for the return to Constitutional government. Loyal to the nation and the Constitution, but most certainly opposed to the subversion or either.

As Churchill said, "In war, resolution. In defeat, defiance." And this is a war for Constitutional government. A war of words, to be sure, but a war we must win.

6. One more thought. If Mr. Obama's goal really is to protect life and health, the surest way to do that would be a right to life amendment to the Constitution. May we expect that proposal from Mr. Obama soon?

By Ben Stein

Some Observations of Last Night at the Capitol

As I spent last night with fellow tea partiers down at the Capitol Building I couldn't help but make a few observations:

There truly are some crazy people out there.  There were some Obama fans there, as well as the Catholics for Social Justice.  Now, they are Americans and have every right to be there too, that isn't my issue.  One of them must have forgotten to take her lithium last night.  She was running after me and telling me that I had no soul.  She believes that this travesty is the right thing to do, I get that.  I don't understand it, but I get it.  But, why she believes that I don't have a soul is beyond me.  She also was telling people that she is a doctor that has a 30 year old daughter that doesn't have any insurance.  Excuse me, but if you are doctor can't you afford to help your daughter out for a while and get her insurance?  Doctors make a decent living, she should be able to help out her daughter while she is uninsured.  She this is the difference, I believe that you help your own, she believes that the government should be doing it for you. 

It was hard to tell exactly who was for and who was against, as not everyone was carrying signs making it obvious where they stood.  I got into a conversation with someone who obviously was part of the vote yes crowd.  At one point he was telling me everything that was wrong with conservative Christians, and at least Catholics have a intermediary between people and God.  Fundmentalists, he said, believe that God speaks through them.  Why he felt the need to tell me this I am not sure.  We also did talk about points of the bill, well sort of.  Of course Bush was brought up, the Iraq war, and the usual talking points.  I told him that is a child's answer and it has to stop being made about party and talked about by what is right for all Americans.  If we keep up this tit for tat problems will never be solved.  He firmly believes that anything the CBO says is 100% correct.  Hmm, I wonder if that is true if it were a republican bill that he doesn't like?  See, I don't trust the CBO to be correct on anything as they are limited to what they can use, and the government always spends more money than they say they are going to. 

The signs for "do this for Uncle Teddy" made an appearance. 

The La Raza people came and joined us at one point.  One was wearing a T-shirt that said, Undocumented and Not Hiding.  Interesting that one would choose to wear that on the property of the Capitol, but they are correct that they have nothing to fear from this administration. 

Just before the vote, I had to use the ladies room.  While I was walking down the hallway I ran into Congressman Paul.  Well, his office was open and I went in.  He told me that America was committing suicide tonight, and it would pass  because the democrat majority was too high and they couldn't stop it.  He had to go and vote so I didn't get the chance to ask if he believed that we could repeal this or leave it unfunded until a new president is elected. 

Congressman King is a good man.  He kept coming out and telling us what was going on.  After the vote he came down to the side lawn where we were and talked to all of us in person.  Michele Bachmann also came and talked to us and explained to us what the next steps that the republicans would be taking. 

As much as I don't like the woman's politics, I have to admit that Pelosi is a savvy politican. 
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