Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So it Begins - The Palinazation of Bachmann

Everyone on the right knew that Bachmann would get the PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) treatment once her polls numbers started to climb.  Everyone on the right knew that her poll numbers would climb.  Not because she is some sort of lock for the nomination, but because Bachmann isn't afraid to say what the base wants to hear.  She stands up and says that Obama must be a one term president, she stands up and says that we, as a nation, are in real trouble if we don't get our spending under control.  She stands up; and the Tea Party and the religious right love her for it.  It was just a matter of time for her poll numbers to reflect that.

Well, she is now polling second in Iowa behind Romney.  She is only 1 point behind him and they have quite a lead over the third place Herman Cain.  Congresswoman Bachmann made her "official" announcement yesterday in her birthplace in Waterloo, Iowa.  A place that John Wayne's family did live in briefly by the way.  She personalized that town with stories of her time in the elementary school and the street she grew up on.  Stories of her mom and her dad, and wove that into a narrative about middle America and the dreams that we still hold dear.  Dreams that she hopes to get government out of the way so we can pursue again. 

I was reading some of the coverage as I missed most of the speech yesterday.  I came across this article on a CNN blog.  The post was more about Bachmann's dedication to her faith than the announcement.  The question they are asking is she the Evangelical Feminist.  Bachmann, like myself, is a Evangelical Lutheran.  She prays daily and believes that God is instrumental in how she lives her life and gives her guiding force for the direction her life takes.  A concept that the far left and at least some in media find abhorrent.  The article itself isn't overly anti-Bachmann nor is it overly anti-Christian. 

But take a look at the photo they decided to use:

This photo is so unflattering.  Regardless of where you may fall on the political spectrum and if you agree with her political stances, Bachmann is a very attractive 50-something woman.  I have more wrinkles than she does and I am a decade younger.  She obviously takes very good care of herself and this is the photo that they choose? 

This photo is designed to make her look bad.  Even though the coverage in the article seems fair minded, they have to get that dig in any way they can.  I know because that is what I have done from time to time.  I find the most unflattering photo I can find of say Nanny Pelosi to demonstrate my point.  So you can't convince me that she isn't the intention of CNN. 

Bachmann will made to look almost demonic because of her religious and political views.  Women in general get treated this way by the media and it just gets that much worse when that woman is pro-life, religious, and a member of the GOP. 

If you really want to see how we now have BDS (Bachmann Derangement Syndrome) go take a look at the comments under this article.  People are sick, especially when it comes to a person being open about their faith in God. 

As a side note, I love it when liberals tell the truth:  One commenter said:

A feminist believes women have the right to choose... therefore, Bachmann is not a feminist. Story done.

So, it is true that feminism is now only about one issue; abortion.  Thanks for the confirmation.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The New Faces of Homelessness

Living outside of Washington, DC you see awful examples of homelessness. Within mere blocks from the White House you see people sleeping on grates. Virtually every metro station has people standing with signs asking for food and/or money. It is really quite shameful. Many homeless are mentally ill or substance abusers. You can't help anyone that is unwilling to help themselves, no matter how hard you may try.

Outside of the grocery store I used to shop at there was always a young man who was obviously homeless. I would pick him up a sandwich while I was in the store. He never appeared to be high or drunk to me nor did he ever ask me for money. A couple of times I needed help moving furniture or something else heavy and I paid him to move the things. He never stole anything and did a very good at any task that I requested. Then I noticed I had not seen him in a while and read in the paper that the homeless man who had been hit by a bus had died after a time in a coma, he is his late twenties if I remember correctly. I assumed it was him. It made me very sad. He seemed like a good guy who was just down and out, and I has always wished I had tried to do more to help him.

I have spending some time recently at the Lincoln Memorial. It is one of my very favorite views of D.C. I have been taking one of my all time favorite people with me. We talk about our day, get some ice cream, and just share some time together. I want him to have a special memory of that place that every time he goes there he remembers the time we spent together. A trigger memory as it were.

Yesterday I noticed someone who looked familiar to me with homeless please help sign written on a beat up piece of cardboard. I almost never carry cash. I am debit card girl. So, I just kept walking to my destination. I had to use the bathroom and needed to walk past her again. I noticed she was reading Atlas Shrugged. Which of course I found amusing and ironic. I looked again, and yes indeed I did recognize her. She recently started showing up at some tea party and election events that I have been to in the past few months. I went over to ask what she needed.

When she saw someone coming with children with them she moved her sign. I went and asked her why she did that and she told me that she realized that children don't always understand the very real reasons why adults are hesitant to give money to strangers. These people didn't know her story and many assume she is addict or something. I asked if drugs were the reason she was here. She explained it was simply a recession issue for her. She lost her job three years ago and could only find a job in retail sales that paid her commission. She did ok for the first two years and but then she ran out of her savings. Her job then cut her commission level in half and then cut her hours in half as well. She even said Target turned her down for a job. She simply got an email saying that they were not interested at this time and reapply in six months. Something that left her very depressed and feeling desperate.

I asked her what her most immediate need was (besides a job that pays a livable wage) and she told me she needed to do laundry. She was almost completely out of clean clothes. I didn't notice anything with her and she explained she has a car and keeps her things in her car. I asked if her car was close by and it was. I went with her and picked up her laundry. I brought it back clean a few hours later along with the food I had in the house that didn't require cooking or refrigeration. Mainly snacky foods like Lorna Doones, Cheerios and Granola Bars. I also stopped and got her a hot meal from Whole Foods.

I remember hearing about a tent city that has erected in Seattle. While Seattle seems to be a Mecca of sorts of homeless because of year round mild weather and permissive city laws, apparently it has grown since the recession has been hitting the country. It got me thinking of how many other people who have just fallen through the cracks and end up on the streets. It really is quite sad.

I also wanted to know what led her to start becoming more involved with Tea Party events. She told me that she is a conservative person but not really a joiner. She was working hard to keep her head above water when the Tea Party first started and just didn't have the time or the desire to get involved although she agreed with the basic concepts. She admitted that part of it for her is a time filler and a temperature controlled place to go for a few hours. She has never spoken to anyone that I have seen. She comes in, listens and leaves a bit early.

She explained to me that she knew this coming for a while and held it off as long as she could, but just couldn't make the rent anymore. She thought she had prepared herself but has found out that it is an incremental experience. Your life becomes about surviving today. Having enough food for today. Finding a safe place to sleep tonight. Looking at tomorrow is hard and looking at next week is next to impossible. She went through a period of depression for the first month or so but has been able to shake that off. She realized that this is her life and only she can get herself out of it. She keeps herself clean and has started filling out job applications again. She has a job interview later this week. She told me that she has been able to keep her phone turned on so can find a job. She says that is one of her biggest fears is that she will lose her phone service or her computer will get stolen. She knows she will never find a job if those things happen. She has found places that she feels safe to sleep. The hard part now is filling all the hours without getting very depressed.

I talked to someone at my church today. They have an opening for someone to help with the summer camp. It won't pay much and it is only for a few weeks, but it will help. The pastor said there are plenty of other people around and they will run a criminal background check just to be sure. My church also has a house, but presently that is being filled by a woman and her kids who were being abused and needed a safe place to stay until she can get on her feet. So I am not able to find her a temporary place to live, at least not yet.

Since I love blogging so much I told her she should start a blog and keep a record of her experience. It may help someone else who finds themselves in similar circumstances. She told me that she did start one but gave it up pretty quickly because of the depression. I told her she needed to start it up again. She told me she would. Here is the address if you want to read her story. There isn't much there, but it is interesting reading.

I am going to try to find her later today or tomorrow and tell her about the summer camp position. Wish me luck in finding her and wish her luck in her endeavor to get her life back on track. I will update you later.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Time and Summer Movies in DC

Every year DC has free movies under the stars (or clouds in this week's  case).  Thursday the movie was E.T.  Believe it or not, I had never seen it.  But, it is good wholesome family fun that is free. 

Picnicking down by the river and watching a movie under the stars is part of the summer here in D.C.

The Blind Side and Dirty Dancing were postponed due to bad weather and will replay at the end.  Most of the movies are kid friendly.  So if you in DC and free on a Thursday night join me for a night at the movies.  Just bring some bug spray and a blanket and you are good to go.  It is great way to create some memories for your kids.  Parking has been easy to find so far. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Language Matters

As we mature we can see things from a different perspective that we just don't possess as a younger person. We bring our past experiences as we age, or at least we hope. I have been thinking a great deal about these experiences of late. As a younger person I wasn't comfortable in my own skin and couldn't always express my thoughts very well. So remembering my past experiences even when I was young was a good way for me to put my thoughts together. Here are some of the things that I have experienced and witnessed.

I traveled a great deal outside of the U.S. when I was younger. Mostly Europe, but I spent some time in the Middle East. I also travelled to a few countries that were just lifting the veil of communism. I saw brutality out in the open, but was most surprised the reaction to the other people out in the streets when this brutality had taken place. They basically just ran away. As an older person I have a better understanding of geopolitics and it isn't all that surprising due to the fear that these people lived with on a daily basis. Ending up in jail in Egypt could very well cost you life and limb in the most literal of senses. The population didn't dare talk about overbearing police in public. There was no cable news shows to talk to.

I remember when I came home from Israel I almost got down on my knees and kissed the American ground I was standing on. Israel is a beautiful country and I have been back several times since my teenage years. I love it there, but I would never live there. The everyday very real threat of war and violence is a great deal for the mind to wrap itself around. At least for me. And by far Israel was the safest and most free country that I visited in the Middle East.

Life and career went on. It included doing fundraising for politicians. Even a presidential campaign. The 2004 George W. Bush re-election campaign (yeah you can partially blame me). I learned so much during that campaign. I never worked so hard, learned so much, or had such a feeling of accomplishment on election night. We won against many barriers. The CBS lies so close to election day, an unpopular war, and a media that hated the President.

One of the most important lessons I learned from this experience is that a presidential election is won by a relatively small number of independents in a handful of states. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri are some of the usual suspects. These voters don't normally pay a great deal of attention before September or October. They are generally not primary voters and a healthy percentage of them only vote during a presidential election years. They vote mainly on kitchen table issues and are very turned off by the extremes on both sides of the aisle. In some ways the presidential campaign comes down to a personality contest. Which person do you want showing up in your living room over the next four years. ridiculous to me, but for some reason not to them. This is not to say that negative campaigning doesn't work, obvious since both sides do it, it does work. If it didn't you would hear it anymore. But, campaign realize that there are lines that they cannot cross without running the risk of losing more voters than they would pick up. It is control tested to death. Campaigns spend a great deal of money doing the research.

The electorate also doesn't want to be lied to, at least not in terms of short-term. It seems that Americans still want to hold onto the notion that Medicare and Social Security are not in real trouble, but basically speaking they want to believe that a politician is capable of telling the truth, saying what they mean, and meaning what they say. What they don't want to hear about is FEMA camps for the masses, forged and or missing birth certificates, and that we are now living in a police state.

As the presidential election campaign season is gearing up I have become increasingly concerned of some of the rhetoric and hyperbole that is out there. The independents aren't going to buy into it and more than they bought into the far left claims of Bush's fascism and the police state he had created during his first term in office. It is more than likely these claims helped get him elected by swaying some of the independents away from the candidate that they associate with those claims. Even if that politician isn't using those terms themselves, guilt by association is alive and well in presidential politics.

Our society is open enough that we see images from around the world of real cases of a police state. We all saw the video of the young woman in Iran being murdered for showing up at a protest. The images of Tiananmen Square are now iconic. The images that we see of America are of average citizens showing up at tea parties across the country. Not one single arrest and no citizens being stopped at getting out their point of view. We have no curfews. We have free and (mostly) fair elections. We all witnessed the peaceful exchange of power in the House of Representatives in January. Not things that normally happen in a police state or FEMA camps.

By jumping on the crazy train of hyperbole and sheer exaggeration we get a one way non stop ticket to the acceptance speech of Obama's second term. Not an acceptable outcome as far as I am concerned. An outcome that will not allow this country to recover from the over-spending and choking over-regulation that is killing growth in this country. Presidents become even more ideological in their second terms, no elections left and they have the freedom to create their "legacy". history back this up.

This is not to say that we don't talk about the over reaching government. We talk about in terms that people relate to in their own lives and own life experiences. It is no accident that you never heard a high-ranking republican saying that Obama was born in Kenya. It would be political suicide with independents. They will not elect someone who they believe are part of the lunatic fringe. Campaigns spend a small fortune on messaging and testing that messaging for a reason. Language matters.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Curtis Johnson - Online & Social Media Specialist for the NAACP

You may remember that I did a post a few weeks ago on the NAACP siding with the unions and filing a lawsuit to stop New York City from closing down some of the worse schools in the entire country.  As many of you know I am a contributor to the blog PotLuck bloggers.  A group of diverse conservative women who are trying to get their ideals out into the blogosphere. 

I got a reply from Curtis Johnson from the NAACP inviting me to participate in the Twitterview that they would be doing regarding the lawsuit.  I received the message too late and was unable to participate.  He then invited me to send him questions directly.  So here it goes:

1. It is very obvious that our public school system is broken in this country.  Why is an organization such as yours raising objections to using innovative ideas such as vouchers and charters to help the children get a better education?

2. Can you honestly tell me that you don't accept the reality that unions are part of the problem of school reform in this country?  If so, why?

3.  How long do these families have to wait before we close a school that performs in lowest 1% of the entire country?  Is it 1 year, 2 years, or simply as long as it takes? 

4. Can you look the families of these children who have been in this failing school for years and honestly say that you care about their child's education? 

5.  Are you willing to send your child (or niece, nephew, friend's kid) to this same school why they are waiting for it to "improve"?  If not, how do you justify telling another family that they must? 

6. What do have to say about the report that came out after the DC voucher program ended showing that this program also helped to improve the public schools, by making them compete with the private schools for the money?  This report seems to indicate that vouchers/charters do help all students not just the students that are attending the other schools.  ***

7. Do you think that the result would be different in the public school system in New York than it was in D.C.?  ***

***While the DC officials and many within the democratic party have disputed it, the results for DC have been positive.  I have back-up of this if you need it.  I am very passionate about education reform and have kept a close eye on the voucher program in DC. 

I look forward to your answers. 


just a conservative girl

Monday, June 20, 2011

Guess What? You Agree with Conservatives

Today I was out doing some canvassing for Tito Munoz's senate campaign.  I was sitting at a local grocery store that happens to have WiFi and looking up some addresses on Mapquest.  The restaurant section was pretty full and this man asked if he could sit at my table.  Of course it was no big deal to me, I was not doing anything with state secrets or anything.  For some reason the man felt like he needed to have a conversation with me. 

He made a joke and asked me if I was a tax assessor because I had a clipboard of addresses.  I said no worse, I was doing work for the upcoming elections for the state legislator.  He asked me if the candidate was a minority or not.  I said as matter of fact yes he is.  I told him that Tito is a naturalized citizen who was born and raised in Columbia. 

We got to talking about politics and I told him that I have gotten very involved since 2008.  I think this man assumed that Tito and I are both democrats.  I then told him that no we are republicans and conservative republicans at that.  He then looked at me and said "oh, you are part of the tea party.".  Why yes we are.  This man happened to be a minority as well, a black man.  He told me that he would never vote for a republican because they don't care about him.  I asked him where he was from and he wasn't in Tito's district, matter fact he was from Maryland, so I figured I could say what I wanted to say without affecting anything as he didn't recognize Tito's name. 

So I explained to him my insight into the black community as it is and asked him some questions.

1. Are you a religious man and regular church goer.  Yes he is.
2. Are you against gay marriage on religious beliefs.  Yes he is.
3. Wouldn't you say that if a family is going on third or fourth generation living in poverty and public assistance the system has failed them?  Yes, I guess so.
4. Shouldn't a poor black child get a good education?  Of course.
5. Shouldn't the poor black family have access to better schools like richer people?  Of course.
6. Would you agree that the high levels of black unemployment have a relationship to the less effective school systems in the poorer communities.  I guess so.
7. Would it shock you to learn that the NAACP has sided with the teachers unions in Harlem, NY to keep one of the lowest performing schools in the country open instead of allowing the students to attend a charter school?  He doesn't believe that is true.  I assured him it was. 
8. Do you think it is fair that public school teachers in New Jersey put in approx. $100K towards benefits and the tax payers pay them almost $1 Million in return.  He doesn't believe that is true.  I googled it for him. 
9. Do you  believe that tax payers should fund abortion?  No. 
10. Do you understand that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist who gave lectures to the KKK and wanted to rid the world of "undesirables?  Did you know that she considered blacks undesirables?  Did you know that many of the PP clinics are in minority neighborhoods?  Do you think that is just happenstance?  Did you know that the black community would be almost doubled in size in this country if Roe V. Wade had not become legal in this country.  He was dumbfounded.

My final question was

You vote for the democrats why?  He didn't have an answer.  Will he become a republican.  Maybe, maybe not.  But I gave him something to think about. 

One person at a time is how we will win the fight to get our country back on track.  Don't name call, just ask serious questions and give factual answers.  One person at a time.

Much Ado About Nothing? Obama Impersonator at RLC

Reggie Brown, an comic who now makes his living off playing Obama on stage was part of the entertainment at this past weekend's RLC in New Orleans.  The reactions seem to be somewhat all over the place.  Most of what I have heard is that he forced from the stage.  It does look like it may have been cut short, but I am not sure how time they allotted him. 

I have seen Reggie before on The Huckabee Show.  He is somewhat amusing and does do a good job with Obama's voice and inflection. 

MSN is portraying this that RNC only decided to pull him when he started to go after the hopefuls for the nomination.  Which isn't true, he got in quite a few zingers at the expense of Newt and Romeny.  He also did get in a few at Pawlenty as well.  It sounded like he started to bring up Michele Bachmann when the lights when down. 

I saw on Black and Right an all out attack on the leadership conference for allowing this type of comedy to be done on a stage that is showcasing republican ideals.  The site feels that it continues the narrative of racism and bigotry as principles of the republican party. 

Now, I didn't find his jokes to be racist.  But, I am not black and I realize that in certain cases black and whites see things in terms of race differently.  The joke about only celebrating half of Black History month wasn't funny, but I don't take it as offensive. 

But, I have a facebook friend who happens to be black and she found this to be a very funny bit.  She said she was glad that the GOP was showing a sense of humor.  So, I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. 

What I have a feeling this all comes down to is the fact that the left will use virtually anything to further their narrative that people like me are racists and homophobes.  But because they will use virtually anything it then makes it impossible to joke about the President at all.  That is something that we can't by and accept.  This president deserves to be the butt of jokes unlike any other president in recent memory has been.

I would like some clarification on if he was indeed pulled because of content or was it simply a time issue?  If it was content, what exactly did they find objectionable and why? 

Here is the full clip, I guess you can make up your own mind on what transpired in New Orleans.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Herman Cain Right Online Press Conference

There were some fireworks for Mr. Cain at this.  He gets a little testy and loses his temper with a reporter.  Something he has to be very careful about.  The left is looking to bait anyone on the right and he needs to learn to control his temper. 

You can a more full report over at The Other McCain as Stacy was in attendence.  As you may know, Stacy is a huge supporter of Herman and did a great job covering the conference over the weekend. 

Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday

This is very interesting.  I like Jon Stewart, I think that he can be very funny at times.  He and I don't agree on politics at all, but I do think he brings a certain comedic relief to difficult topics.  I also think he is very intelligent and brings that into his comedy.  Which I appreciate and that is the reason that I am such a big fan of Dennis Miller. 

Which is why I find it strange that he doesn't see liberal bias in the media.  I guess it is willful blindness.  Like many others on the left they don't see the difference between Fox News Opinion shows and the news shows.  The news anchors are fair.  Which is why many on the right accuse them of being too liberal.  I hear that all the time about Shep.  I don't think anyone can accuse either Chris Wallace or Brent Baier of going easy on conservatives.  They simply do not. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Herman Cain Addresses the RLC

Oh, Shucky Ducky Now.  I have not heard that in a while. 


R.I.P. Clarence Clemons

Clarence Clemons was unable to recover from his stroke and passed away today. 

Bruce will never sound the same. 

Enjoy the Sax.

Tito "The Builder" Munoz Running for Virginia Senate

You may remember Tito "The Builder".  He came onto the national scene during the McCain/Palin Campaign after making an appearance on stage with a Virginia campaign stop with Sarah Palin.  Since that time Tito and his wife Debbie have become very involved with Virginia politics and the Tea Party.  You may remember this rip roaring speech at last year's 9/12 march:

Tito and Debbie have become friends of mine of the past few years and I can personally vouch for the passion and the commitment that they have towards making America a better place.  Tito grew up in Columbia and fully understands the dangers of socialism and sees the road that America is taking.  Because of that, Tito has decided to throw his hat into the ring and run for a seat in the Virginia senate.  A few short days ago he had his kick off event. 

Slightly more than 50 people showed up on a Thursday morning to cheer him on.  George Allen, former governor and senator, gave the introduction. 

Tito held his event at a strip mall in Woodbridge, Virginia right on route one.  This strip mall is like many others across the country, more empty space than stores.  He chose this background for a reason.  Virginia as well as other states need jobs.  The second point for this location is the traffic issues that we have in Northern Virginia.  We have the second highest level of traffic in the country.  Our infrastructure is sorely in need of updates.  Tito, as a small business owner, is aware of the issues of jobs and infrastructure.  He is also aware of the regulations that is chocking small businesses.  Tito's construction business at one time had many contracts building gas stations in the Prince William and Fairfax County area.  The new regulations have made those businesses much more difficult to build.  So not only does Tito have less work, the residents have fewer choices in where to get gas.  Few choices mean higher prices. 

Tito has decided to step up and do something about it. 

Tito is also dealing with some shenanigans within the republican party.  I will get into that at a later time, but Tito is not going to let that stop him. 

This is Luis.  I told you about him before.  Watch this video again to hear what a principled man Luis is.

Last but not least is Team Tito - We are rag tagged bunch, but we have a great deal of passion. 

And no, we didn't talk to each other before hand, we just all wore red stripes.

Visit Tito's site here and why you are there, please make a donation.  Even one dollar can make a difference. 

You can see some of the press that Tito has been getting here and here

Some of his upcoming press appearances will be with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business and with Mary Katherine Ham Brewer on her radio show on WMAL. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Does She Exist

This lovely lady, Lolita Mancheno-Smoak, is running for School Board at large in Fairfax County, Virginia. Since the time that I have become more actively involved with the Tea Party movement and blogging I have gotten to know several reporters. One of which gave my name and blog info to a colleague of hers that was working on a story of immigrants and minorities in the Tea Party movement. She did a story for Roll Call. The story including some quotes from Tito "The Builder' Munoz and Lolita who are both running for office in Virginia this year. I invited the reporter to Lolita's kick off campaign event a few weeks ago. She came and interviewed many of the guests at the event and then went to another event that Lolita attended a few days later.

Today, Tito had his official kickoff to his campaign for the Virginia senate. I happen to run into Lolita who was there to support Tito. Lolita was telling me that the article on Roll Call became somewhat of a sensation on leftie blogs around the country. They were none too pleased to hear the news of immigrants and minorities being active in the Tea Party movement in Virginia. But instead of sitting back and asking themselves why immigrants from South America who lived under socialist regimes would join the Tea Party movement, they decided that the republicans in Virginia are making up Lolita. Because after all, who really names their kid Lolita? And who in their right mind would believe that a woman who was educated at Columbia would turn to The Tea Party? This must be some kind of sick joke. She can't possibly exist.

How truly sad. Let me straighten this out for you. I know Lolita. I was with Lolita this morning. She exists and yes her name is Lolita. Lolitia is a conservative running for School Board at Large and believes in the principles of the Tea Party. Get over it.

What Took So Long? Anthony Weiner Resigns

Good Riddens you perv.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Conservatives and Anti-Elitism

I read a great opinion piece in The Washington Examiner by Philip Klein on what elitism is and what it is not. What the media and left did with President Reagan was elitism. Reagan was constantly called stupid, just some dumb actor, and many other choice names before being elected president. All the work he did before being president was completely dismissed. Reagan spent decades studying policy. He also was the governor of the country's largest state for two terms. Reagan did his homework and paid his dues. One of the things about the beloved (by conservatives anyway) president was his charm and charisma. He could charm the leaves off trees if he really tried. Reagan was one of the reasons that I became a republican. When I was in high school Reagan was running for election. I had the great fortune of having a Civics teacher who truly loved politics and teaching. He is one of those teachers that I will remember for the rest of my life. When the school year started the election was getting into full swing. As such, a big part of our first semester grade was going to be based on the campaign. The class was divided up into Carter Camp and Reagan Camp. He also did things on the state and local levels as well. I was put on the Carter campaign staff which made my mother happy. That is when I realized I was a republican, which didn't make my mother happy.

I was too young at the time to understand the real damage that the mudslinging did to the candidates and their families. But, I did find a love for politics that has stayed with me to this day; obviously. Even though I was on the Carter team, I was quite happy when Reagan not only won, but won decisively. Then I went about my high school life and did not pay all that close attention to things until it was time for Reagan to run for re-election and I had my very first opportunity to vote. I still clearly remember that day. I made a friend of mine take a picture of me coming out of the voting booth (it had a curtain and everything) that I still have in a frame. I was so proud. Very few of my friends could be bothered to vote. But I am a first generation American and was raised to be a proud American. As such voting was not only a great privilege, but my duty as a responsible citizen. I got to vote for The Gipper. Good times, indeed.

But, I still didn't grasp what the media and left could do to a conservative candidate. I don't think I grasped that until maybe 10 years ago. Now I not only know it, I do my best to fight against it. Not an easy task. But, the point of this article is that how far are conservatives going to take this anti elitism?

One of the fair criticisms that the left can sling at The Tea Party was that we were absent during the Dubbya administration. Let's face it, Georgie increased the size and scope of government. Even with the republican congress, they spent money like drunken sailors. Conservatives and the people who today are part of the grassroots said little, actually next to nothing. Some of that may be due to treatment that Dubbya received from the left and the media. He was butchered in the press daily and did little to fight back. We laughed at his stumbles at the podium, which were sometimes quite funny.

But, oh how times have changed in the past three years. The Bushes are now the "dirty establishment" and the "party elites" that the grassroots goes after when they dare say anything about a candidate that the grassroots is promoting. Klein specifically talks about Palin, O'Donnell, and Bachmann. But I think we would need to add Sharon Angle and Joe Miller to the list as well. One can't make critical statements or seriously question the decisions of these women and Joe without having names slung at them. Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer can attest to the truth of this. Rove was decimated when he had the audacity to question Christine O'Donnell. Sorry to tell the grassroots, but there are legitimate questions of her. Questioning a candidate shouldn't be made out to be an unpardonable sin. Believe me, I heard plenty when I questioned Christine O'Donnell. I had people tell me I was a bad conservative and a few readers have never commented on my blog again, I supposed they stopped reading. But wanting to know how she lived on less than $6K a year is a question I wanted answered. I wanted to know why she kept saying her house wasn't foreclosed on when it was. Her boyfriend bought it two days before the auction. That is not a short sale, two days before an auction it is banked owned. Questioning if Angle had the ability to run a serious campaign against the most powerful senator was a legitimate question. Not a sinful one. Maybe if had been asked seriously before the primary dingy Harry would be gone.

Are we to go along to get along? I don't think that is very good strategy. Matter of fact, I think that strategy not only stinks, I think it stinks to high heaven. I want to question our leaders, all of our leaders. I don't want to be some legion of blind followers. Isn't this the exact thing we make fun of with the Obamanuts? I would say it is. I know it is for me. The cult of personality that went into the Obama campaign scared the crap out of me three years ago. I think it scared the crap out of most conservatives/republicans. People were not looking at his policies, they were not paying attention to what he was really saying. How many times in the past three years have you heard people say, I didn't think he would do these type of things. Then you are an idiot. It is was all there for the world to see. In black and white as a matter of fact. Read his books. All the social justice/quasi-socialist views are in there. He didn't lie about what he wanted to do. People convinced themselves he was a centrist. Sadly, the ones who did pay attention are paying the price for those getting caught up in the "cult" of personality who did not have the qualifications for the job.

Krauthammer has been ripped apart for questioning if Sarah Palin has done the due diligence to sit in the big chair. Sarah is compared to Reagan constantly. But the only real thing that they have in common is the press ripping them apart. I am not talking about ideals or beliefs here, just simply preparation. When Ronnie took the oath of office he had been preparing for close to two decades.

I personally have no problem with the fact that Palin quit as governor. I understand the financial strain it put on her and her family. Many people don't realize that she was stuck with all kinds of legal bills due to those charges. Most states don't make the officials pay them the way Alaska does. (I believe that this law has no changed since she left office). She did what she believed to be right for her family at the time. But, that doesn't mean that other people will not. Especially when they don't understand the financial reasons why.

This new critique has reached its apex through the canonization of Sarah Palin by her fervent defenders. No doubt, Palin has been at the receiving end of a barrage of unfair attacks ever since she burst onto the national scene. But she's also been the subject of fair-minded criticism.

Yet even fellow conservatives who correctly note that quitting as governor of Alaska and starring in a reality show would not boost Palin's chances as a presidential candidate have been assailed by her blind defenders as "elites," and grouped with those on the Left who engage in vitriolic attacks on her character.

The theme will get a new airing next month with the release of the hagiographic Palin documentary, "The Undefeated." The film spends nearly two hours portraying Palin as heroic crusader who is constantly attacked by establishment liberals -- and conservatives -- because they fear her

I don't think the left fears her. I think they loathe her. But I am in the minority. Especially with the "Palinista's". They hold onto the meme that Palin is so feared because she is the only one to beat Obama. Maybe she can beat Obama, but maybe she can't. Maybe the press who set out to destroy her did such a good job that she can't repair the damage among the independents. That is a legitimate question. Can she overcome the damage? Her unfavorable rating is very high. Her favorables among independents is very low. Questioning if she can overcome those numbers is not a sin. If defeating Obama is the goal that question MUST be asked.

It also must be asked of Bachmann. Can she overcome the false character that the left has painted of her? She is also loathed by the left. She was the one of the members of congress that was most targeted for defeat by former Speaker Nanny Pelosi. It didn't work, but it wasn't for the lack of trying. Asking serious questions about conservatives is a healthy and necessary thing. We need to really look at the people we are putting in positions of power in this country. We need to stand up to every politician who is leading this country astray, regardless of party.

It's important to draw a distinction between superficial elitism that doesn't actually matter, and dangerous elitism that threatens our liberties.

I couldn't agree more. Read the entire article. You may get enraged, but I think you will realize that what he is saying is true.

We will soon celebrate the anniversary of our nation's founding, so we would do well to recall that our founders were "elites." They came from cities like Boston, Philadelphia and New York and massive estates in Virginia. They attended vaunted academic institutions of the day and in many respects had European cultural tastes.

Yet their cultural elitism was not a threat to society, which they did not seek to control. Instead, they set up a government of limited and enumerated powers that left most decisions in the hands of states and the people themselves.

Sadly, those who followed our founders sought ever more power for the federal government, and over the decades the judicial branch was happy to oblige. This is the sort of elitism that warrants conservatives' scorn.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quote of the Day - President Obama Edition Part 6

If you were looking for a bunch of partisan rhetoric, I’m probably not your guy
Gosh, where to begin.  Actually there is just not words for this. 

This could also double as Lie of the Day, Funniest Line of the Day, and How Delusional is President Obama?

Take your pick.

An American Icon Paying Tribute to Another - Flag Day

The Boston Pops Playing the Stars and Stripes a few years back on the Fourth of July. 

Wave your flag proudly today!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The CNN Debate

Just some quick thoughts as I don't have a great deal of time. 

I think that Michele Bachman did a great job.  She sometimes has a habit of getting her facts a little mixed up, but not tonight.  She showed that she is able to stay on topic and answer questions with quick soundbites that get to the point. 

I think that Tim Pawlenty was the big winner tonight.  He came across as likable, knowledgeable, and a good conservative.  Job well done. 

Newt showed why he has been described as the brain or the idea guy.  He is in his element in a debate format and tonight was no exception.  The big down side was that he outright lied in my opinion.  He is sticking to his ridiculous story that what he said about Paul Ryan was taken out of context.  It was a live interview Newt, we ain't buying what you are trying to sell with this one.  You just made yourself look dishonest. 

Herman Cain I think was one of the biggest losers.  Not because of his answers, just that he wasn't given much of a chance to speak.  The questions went mainly to Romney, Newt, and Pawlenty.  I guess these are the three that CNN has deigned the viable candidates for the nomination.  Overall his performance was strong, just not nearly enough face time. 

Ron Paul was Ron Paul.  I agree with much of what he would do on fiscal policy, but he loses me on social issues and foreign policy. 

Romney was doing his somersaults about Romneycare or as Pawlenty's newest phrase Obamney Care.  Not happening Mitt.  I am not buying it, you seem unwilling to sign a all out repeal and nothing less is acceptable.  Screw this waiver idea of yours. 

Rick Santorum also did pretty well, he showed he can debate with the rest of the field.  Santorum is out for me, I will not vote for him even if he is the nominee so I don't really care what he has to say. 

What I did find refreshing is that they talked about some of the third rail topics.  Ethanol and entitlement reform.  We need to open and honest to the American people, we are broke and it is time we take on the tough and scary subjects.  We are almost out of road and can no longer just the kick the can.  The right needs to talk openly and honestly about these topics and not allow the media and the left to turn this into throwing granny over the cliff scenario.  Oh, wait they already did that. 

What are your thoughts? 

It's Official - Michele Bachmann is in for POTUS - This is the First Day of Taking Our Country Back

I just love her.  I have a girl crush on Michele.  She is so lovely in person, and not just in looks in spirit as well.  Bachmann will accomplish at least one thing in the race, she will tack the debate to the right. 

America, Faith, and The Moral Compass

I was reading a post on Another Black Conservative where Cliff made the observation that our society's moral compass is in disrepair on his post about the latest photos released by TMZ on Anthony Weiner's obsession with taking pictures of his private parts. My comment to him was that it is more than just in disrepair, the compass is on all out life support. Cliff was really talking about how we get the government we deserve. What does it say when Weiner's district wants him to stay in office?

I truly believe that America's turn to the type of permissiveness that allows this to happen can be traced back to the court case that forever changed the way we view religion in our country. While it doesn't have the name recognition that a Brown V. Board of Ed has, the change in our country has been substantial. McCollum v. Board of Ed was a landmark decision in this country. Many people don't realize that the words separation of church and state don't exist in our constitution. I remember years back I stupidly took a job with a progressive DM agency thinking I could just put my head down and do my job. I went for the paycheck instead of my principles. It didn't go well to say the least. I was a fish out of water. I am sure that the majority of people there backed Obama over Hillary years ago in the primary, and I would feel safe in saying that they don't feel Obama has gone far enough. Don't get me wrong, most of them were very nice people who I happened to disagree with. Bush was in office at the time and the Bush bashing was done on a regular basis. I was talking to a young guy about something. I can't recall what the conversation was actually about but I had mentioned to him that it doesn't exist in the constitution. He didn't believe me. I told him if he could find it I would give him $1,000. I also told him to do some research on Judge Hugo Black, the former KKK member. Yes, that is right we had a KKK member on the highest court of the land at one time in this country. McCollum was a case brought by an atheist mom who didn't like that her local school system had VOLUNTARY religious classes. The premise of her case was that her son was subject to ridicule due to the fact that he didn't attend these classes. The classes were put on by a council that included Jews, Protestants, and Roman Catholics. This was designed specifically to give children a choice in religious education. This was not done to exclude anyone nor was it forced on anyone. It well-known how the KKK felt about Catholics and Jews.

The battle to remove God from our lives has been an ongoing struggle in this country for about a century, but this case in particular made major changes. This case opened the door for the ACLU to sue at the drop of the hat over high school graduations, Christmas celebrations done in the squares of small towns and big cities across this nation. They rarely miss an opportunity to do so. The founders of this country were very clear about what they wanted for the country. No federally mandated religion was to be allowed, but they wanted a society that could openly worship. The founders believed that in order for a society to survive it must have a moral compass.

Morality of course is in the eye of beholder. But by relegated religion to almost a back room status we have opened our society up to changing social norms and we have acquiesced what it is that we find acceptable in our society. Look at the things that the far left can accomplish by pushing religion to the back burner. Abortion on demand, because human life is no longer kept at the forefront. We are also seeing a push for assisted suicide. You can face heavy fines for damaging bird eggs in this country, but you can kill an unborn human being at will. The left never has to answer for this hypocrisy because the unborn is no longer characterized as life. It is just a bunch of cells. If it feels good, do it. If you want to have sex with five different partners in one week, go ahead. There shouldn't be any differences between men and women, when the differences are long, varied, and obvious. The stay at home traditional mom is vilified and the men who support the traditional mom are called Neanderthals, even by people on the right.

What organizations like the ACLU have done is diminish our society, not improve it. They have given us a society that allows a congressman to take naked pictures of his private parts and have no price to pay. The polls in Weiner's district show that they are OK with what he did and don't feel he needs to step aside. What kind of twisted logic does it take to write off his behavior as a personal failing and say that his personal judgement in no way gets in the way of his professional judgement to make decisions that effects the lives of everyday Americans? If Anthony Weiner worked in the private sector and his job found out he was texting pictures of himself wearing next to nothing while working out in the company gym he would be fired, yet we have people in this country who think that he should still be allowed to continue in the legislative body of our federal government. This is a loss of a moral compass. This is a loss of faith in our society and our God. The fact that the congressman worships God in a different fashion than I do, is irrelevant to me. What is relevant to me is that people like him are constantly pushing for more and more laws in this country that take away my rights to worship freely and openly, yet gives government a larger say in my life and how I live it. The same government that says it is OK for him to keep his position.

I say no thank you to the liberalism view that it is OK for the government/public school systems to decide how I feed my child, because I may not pick the foods that are "healthy" or to decide for me how often I can use my air conditioner to save the planet against man-made global warming when the science for this is still unclear and recent events have left many questioning if this is not just some money-making hoax. A government that hires people who specialize in using marketing tools to get the public to do what it wants and the main stream media covering the story like it is a good thing instead of the scary thing that it really is. Yet doesn't feel that what Anthony Weiner did rises to the level of bringing dishonor to the House of Representatives than we as a society no longer have a moral compass. When a sitting member of congress who was writing tax laws for the rest of us slubs is cheating on his taxes and is allowed to stay in congress we have lost our moral compass. When the people in the district of Charlie Rangel re-elected him knowing he was a cheat saying "they all do it" we have lost our moral compass. When we allow people to work on Capitol Hill that owe back taxes we have lost our moral compass. When the U.S. Senate confirms a man who is a tax cheat to head Treasury, we have lost our moral compass. By turning our back to faith and to God, we have created a society that is losing its moral compass.

What liberals need to realize is that practicing faith out in the open will only enrich our society. By having acts of faith in our town squares will help bring our moral compass back to life. It is nothing to fear, as you will not be forced to participate. But you will wreak the benefits of a society that cherishes values that don't allow people like Anthony Weiner and Charlie Rangel to continue to serve at the highest levels of government when anyone in the private sector would pay a high price for the behavior. We would all benefit from expecting our government officials to act in a moral and ethical way.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tim Pawlenty Coins new Phrase "Obamney Care"

Tim Pawlenty is far from perfect.  But I could live him as president, especially if he takes Cain as VP.  He will need an attack dog on the trail for a general election. 

It seems that Bill O'Reilly agrees that Pawlenty would need an outspoken VP to be his attack dog.  In case you don't listen to the entire video. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weiner to Enter Treatment as Calls for his Resignation Grows

Anthony Weiner today announced he would be entering a treatment center.  For what I am not exactly sure.  He doesn't use drugs or drink so I guess he is going with the trendy "I am Sex Addict" defense.  In the meantime the chorus to force him from office is growing louder and stronger.  The leadership of the Party has also called for his resignation. 

Nanny Pelosi released a statement:

“Congressman Weiner has the love of his family, the confidence of his constituents, and the recognition that he needs help, I urge Congressman Weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of Congress.”
Not exactly strong words, but it is about time.

Next came Debbie Wasserman Schutlz:

“The behavior he has exhibited is indefensible and Rep. Weiner’s continued service in Congress is untenable,”
Much better.  It is about time that someone in the democratic party actually stand up to this perv.

On Saturday afternoon, Mr. Israel called Mr. Weiner, a New York Democrat, to let him know that Mr. Weiner’s situation had become politically untenable and that he would be calling on him publicly to step down
I have yet to see that statement, but again this is the man who oversees the fundraising for the party's congressional candidates.  He has a great deal of power.  But, at the end of the day the state party seems to be taking the strongest action.  New York has lost two congressional seats due to the exodus of the tax laden state, the New York Legislator has basically said it will be Weiner's seat that will go.  At most he will be in office another 18 months. 

The reality is if he stays in office it says a great deal about who we are as a nation, and you know what?  None of it good.  Especially since sending unsolicited texts of your penis is not a good enough reason, it took them no longer being able to deny the fact that at least one girl he dealt with on-line was underage.  There is no proof that anything tawdry happened, it seems the most risque thing said had to do with his cape and tights. 

“I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape. …”
Whatever the heck that means.  But I will tell you what, I wouldn't want him talking to my under aged daughter.  Heck, I wouldn't want him to talking to my kids at all, regardless of their ages. 

Liberal Logic - Russell Crowe Edition

Russell Crowe to Twitter a few days ago.  He hasn't caused the uproar that Anthony Weiner has or anything, but you must wonder where he gets his logic. 

Don't touch the foreskin, but go right ahead and suck the baby right out of the womb.  If the baby is so perfect in the eyes of God how can a woman choose to kill it?  If it is a woman's right to choose, shouldn't she be able to choose to have a circumcision performed?  Does this go for Jews as well?  So many questions, so few answers in 140 characters. 

So you can kill a baby, but don't you dare touch the foreskin.  Makes perfect sense to me. 

H/T To Jill Stanek 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Quote of the Day - Charlie Rangel Edition - Part 3

"I know one thing: He wasn’t going out with prostitutes, he wasn’t going out with little boys, he wasn’t going into men’s rooms with broad stances. All of those things I understand...I even don’t understand that type of stuff to be honest with you. But he apologizes for it. So I, like everyone else, have to assume it’s not proper conduct. But I don’t know what he did, who he offended."
Charlie Rangel on Anthony Weiner

Yes, apparently he only knows one thing if he can't figure out that sending an unsolicited photo of your naked penis to someone would be considered offensive to many people. 

Jack ass.

It truly is a club in congress, they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it.  Sadly, the American people for the most part let them.

Hmm, Maybe This is Why People Don't Care What Weiner Did

Several months ago I noticed this dress at the mall. To be honest, when I first saw it I didn't think it was a dress, I thought it was a long shirt. But, I have been assured that it is indeed a dress. Every time I walked past it I would shake my head and wonder if I would ever let my teen aged daughter (I don't have any, lucky for them I guess) leave the house in this dress. The answer is not just no, but hell no.

I got to thinking that part of the reason that we think that what Weiner did was somehow acceptable is because we let our young daughters leave the house dressed like this:

I am not kidding, this dress is actually a size larger than I normally would wear and when I bent over everything that God gave me was sticking out.  No there is no photo of that, I spared you that sight. 

This dress is sized for girls as young as 13, it is in the Juniors section. 

This is what I left the house dressed in.  Light and breezy and I can actually bend over if I have to without worrying about giving everyone a show. 

But, I guess I am just one of those backward, culturally conservative weirdos that Chris Matthews was talking about.   I just never realized that Washington, DC was rural.  Who knew?  Thanks Chris for clearing that up for me. 

Quote of the Day - Margo Howard Edition

I personally do not believe in “closure” or “healing,” but I do believe in moving forward, chastened. As the great drama coach, Stella Adler, said, “Don’t go back; go on.” And perhaps try to adjust your language. Your remark, before the axe fell, that you could not say “with certitude” that the crotch shot was yours was a guilt giveaway. You just didn’t sound cocksure, which really opened the door … if only for Mr. Breitbart, who apparently didn’t appreciate your suggesting he was behind your troubles. Also, the fact that your cyber-pen-pals sent your, uh, correspondence and pictures to him suggests you may have been consorting with right-wingers. But all that is history now.
Margo Howard on What Anthony Weiner should do now.

Apparently, the only reason Weiner got caught is because the women were secretly republicans. It never occurs to her that even some democrats would find his behavior wrong, stupid, selfish, self-destructive, psychotic, etc. Oh wait...............Apparently they don't. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Herman Cain on Glenn Beck Show


Why Weiner Must Resign - This is More Than Sexting

Anthony Weiner must resign and do it immediately. The reasons for his resignation really have very little to do with the sexting. It is everything that has followed the sexting that is so disturbing. I personally don't really care if he emailed a picture of his bare penis and an undies shot. I find the whole thing to be sick, but I am not his wife, so ultimately it isn't my business.

What makes it impossible for him to stay is the pathology behind what he has done since the Brietbart announced the news of the undies shot. For someone to be taking these types of risks says something about the type of person they are. This is a man who has a pregnant wife, yet he is still sending out sex shots to an unknown college co-ed that is half his age.

He then lied about it. Not just to cover it up to the press, but to everyone. He even admits he lied to wife about it. He lied to party leaders, he stood in front of cameras and lied to them. He had reporters in office who he lied to. He lied to his staff. Staff that by the way who work very hard for him. People who have jobs on the hill are very dedicated to the cause of their party. Which ever side of the aisle that may happen to be. They work very long hours at times and are usually fiercely protective of their boss. The fact that he lied to them is deeply troubling to me. As a person who knows full well how hard most of the staffers work, I have a great deal of sympathy for them. They must feel very betrayed.

But he also allowed the press to beat up Andrew Breitbart. But, I guess to him since Breitbart is just some lowly conservative, who cares? Allowing him to be collateral damage was nothing to him. One of the "friends" of the congressman has spoken to the press and said that she felt that since he was hiring a private investigator, the investigator was digging up dirt on the women. He knew it was him that sent the tweet, so there would be no reason to hire anyone to look into who sent the tweet. He was looking to do damage control to his own reputation and to hell with the women that he dragged into this mess. She felt forced to come out to the press and tell her story, so it would be her narrative that got out there. That was the only thing she had control over. She is a 26 year old woman. Her privacy has been violated. I don't have a great deal of sympathy for her, but she had to know that something odd was going on when a married congressman was messaging you daily.

The porn star has come forward and is asserting that he offered Public Relation services for her. Basically he wanted her to lie for him. This man is pathological. This is a man who is given very sensitive information about national security issues and many other topics that require security clearances. This is the man we want to have this information? He put himself into a situation to be blackmailed.

This is a man who lied so easily to everyone for almost two weeks. He played the victim instead of taking responsibility. He has asked reporters that he knew well and had good relationships with to write positive stories about him before he 'fessed up. He put their professional reputations at risk for his own over blown ego.

The man cannot be trusted and should not be allowed to stay in congress. It isn't about the penis shot, it is about trust. It is about integrity. It is about the responsibility that comes with the job. It is also about his pregnant wife. If he truly does love her as he says he does, then he needs to put her and their unborn child first. It will say a great deal about what type of man he is if he chooses to continue to put this type of stress on his pregnant wife.

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