Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Official - Michele Bachmann is in for POTUS - This is the First Day of Taking Our Country Back

I just love her.  I have a girl crush on Michele.  She is so lovely in person, and not just in looks in spirit as well.  Bachmann will accomplish at least one thing in the race, she will tack the debate to the right. 


Kid said...

I will vote for her in a second. I wish I could vote for her 100 million times.

Michelle is the only one who has even suggested rolling back the liberal agenda. She wants to start by dissolving the Federal Dept of Education - An Abject Failure.

Folks if we don't roll back liberalism, which we haven't done Ever, the Dems WILL get in again and just pick up where they left off. Not even Ronald Reagan (OK, Dem congress) did not roll back a single abject failure liberal program or department.

In my opinion, this is our last chance.

sharon said...

My thoughts exactly! She is so principled and doesn't waver. She is a softer version of Sarah Palin I believe. I also love that she has five kids and fostered 23 children. She's smart and a good person. Maybe its because I have 5 kids too and have one adopted, but she has such integrity.

Sharon Thornburg

RightKlik said...

Good for Michele. I think her media savvy is underrated. That will certainly change soon.

...and mark my words. That Bachmann is in means Palin is out. Bachmann is Palin's candidate.

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