Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here's a Novel Approach. Don't Want to Shop on Thanksgiving? Stay Home

This is another thing that just sits in my craw.  All this hullabaloo about stores opening on Thanksgiving.  For the record, I have zero intention of going to the stores this weekend, let alone on Thanksgiving day.  But I don't make a big deal over the ones that do.  I have a friend who lives in Texas and I remember last year on Thanksgiving she was posting pictures of her and her kids standing in line to get into the stores.  She labeled a few of them as creating memories.  She was doing this not so much to get a big bargain, but for her kids to remember those moments spent with mom and dad on Thanksgiving.  Again, I wouldn't do it.  But who am I to tell her she can't or that she is somehow a bad person because she chooses to?
Another thing that really gets me is the total lack of concern for those that work at restaurants that happen to be open on Thanksgiving.  There are plenty of people who can't be bothered to cook a large meal and go out for dinner.  Do you think that the dishwashers in that restaurant are getting big tips?  Not likely.  They too are away from their families.  So are the chefs/cooks.  What about the cater waiters who go to people homes to help serve meals?  Yes that does happen.  Do you think that those people don't have families like the poor abused Wal-Mart worker?
Look, I have long ago thought that the holiday season has become so commercialized that "the reason for the season" has gotten lost.  That is the society we live in.  That is the society that we have chosen for ourselves.  This isn't be pushed upon us by Wal-Mart.  I remember when I was a kid I was in the family station wagon driving to our destination on Thanksgiving morning and my parents being worried about having enough gas to get back home.  There were no open gas stations back then.  There were no open grocery stores for those items that you didn't remember to buy on your trip for your family meal.  You had to make due.  But today virtually every major grocery store chain is open for at least part of the day.  Oh yeah, they are primarily unionized so the cries for them aren't quite as loud.
Yes, Thanksgiving should be about family.  But the fact is that people have been working on holidays for generations now.  Do you think those football stadiums aren't staffed?   I have a Christmastime birthday and I am a long-suffering life-long Knicks fan.   I was trying to decide what to do for my birthday this year and was thinking about going to a Knicks game since I am now back in the New York area.  They are playing on Christmas Day.  Do you have any idea how badly I want to go to that game?  I found about it far too late and it is all sold out and I am way too cheap to pay the exorbitant prices that tickets are going for at this stage, but let me tell you, I would love to be sitting in the stands on that day.  Does that make me a bad person?  How exactly is that different from Wal-Mart being open?  People will be working won't they?
People decide for themselves what is family tradition and how that time is spent with said family.  There are people who have very tight budgets for Christmas gifts and the deals that are sometimes available during these big events are more than they can resist.  I have another friend who when her children were young, didn't have a great deal of money and her daughter wanted a doll.  That doll was on sale for three hours in the middle of the night.  She got her butt out of bed and went and got it.  Why?  Because she couldn't have afforded it otherwise and that was the one thing her little girl really wanted.  That was important to her.  You may view it a different way, but for her and her daughter it was something special.
This is yet one more example of people trying to use something for a political goal.  This isn't about people missing time with their families.   This is about unionizing Wal-Mart.  If this were simply about people working during "family time" they would be complaining about all the  other businesses that will be open on Thanksgiving Day.  When you start worrying about the servers, the dishwashers, the unionized grocery store workers, then we will talk.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turns Out, No The Server Wasn't Bashed Because She is Gay. SHOCKER

A server from New Jersey became a nationwide sensation after claiming she wasn't tipped because she is gay.  How exactly the family is supposed to know if someone is gay or not just by looking at them is beyond me, especially in the world of metro sexual men.  But she put a receipt out on social media that showed no tip left on a $93 tab along with a note saying they couldn't tip due to her lifestyle.  She has been getting donations pouring in from all over the country and become sort of like a folk hero for donating some of her windfall to The Wounded Warrior Project.  
A family has come forward with a receipt that matches the one that Ms. Morales has been showing off, the problem is that their receipt has not "hateful" note but does include a tip.  Actually quite a nice one, $18, close to 20%.  The family also has a copy of their visa bill that shows that a charge at that restaurant for that date with the dollar amount that matches the tab plus the tip.  
The woman in question said she believes that it started out as a misunderstanding that she thought the hostess told her that her server was named Dan and said 
"whoa, you're not Dan."
The server story is slightly different:
"oh I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us!"
The family decided to come forward because the story didn't seem to be going away.  I am glad that they did come forward because this young woman is profiting off a lie that she is somehow a victim of bias and hate.  
"I just felt like people have a right to know that -- it's fine if people want to donate to her or to the Wounded Warriors, but they're doing it under a false pretense,"
One would think that this young woman has some sort of agenda.  Whatever could that be?  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Quote of the Day - New York Times Editorial Edition

The Senate will return from Easter vacation with nuclear options on its mind. Republicans seem determined to change the rules so Democrats will no longer be able to stop judicial nominations with the threat of a filibuster. If they're acting out of frustration, it's understandable. In the past we've been frustrated when legislators tried to stop important bills from passing by resorting to the same tactic. The filibuster, which allows 41 senators to delay action indefinitely, is a rough instrument that should be used with caution. But its existence goes to the center of the peculiar but effective form of government America cherishes.
The New York Times March 25, 2005 talking about Senate Republicans and President Bush wanting to use the "Nuclear Option"   

I hope to see this same type of write up over the weekend.  I take that back, I expect to see a full frontal attack on this being actually implemented, not just talked about.  

Oh, wait.  They like these guys.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds in Critical Condition after Stabbing in his Home - Gus Deeds Found Dead - UPDATES

It is being reported that state senator and former gobernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds is fighting for his life in Virginia Medical Center after being stabbed earlier this morning.  His son, Gus Deeds, was found dead in the home.  

Reports are that Gus Deeds stabbed his father multiple times before taking a gun and ending his own life.  

We will have to wait and see how this pans out, as many first reports turn out to be false, but in any event my prayers go out to the Deeds family and I hope that the senator makes a full recovery.  

Very tragic indeed.  

***Police held a news conference around noon.  Senator Deeds was able to give a statement when the police and rescue services arrived.  He was stabbed multiple times in the neck area and upper torso.  His son, Gus, was alive when medics arrived but they were unable to save him and was pronouced dead at the scene due to a gun shot wound.  They will not confirm that Gus was the person who committed the stabbing, but at the present time they are not looking for suspects.  The police also wouldn't give information regarding any criminal or mental health issues of Gus Deeds.  Gus Deeds was the only son of the four children of Creigh Deeds.  
***Sources say that Gus was given a mental health evaluation yesterday and was released due to no bed being available.  
***The hospital has upgraded his status to fair from critical.   

Has K-Mart Crossed a Line With Joe Boxer Christmas Ad? - Video

I read somewhere once that sex sells.  I just seriously wish that retailers wouldn't use sex to sell Christmas gifts.  This is a very sacred time of year for the faithful.  But sometimes I think that I belong in a different era.  This is crass, I don't see how anyone can get around that.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

Dearest Oprah:
I heard about your comments to the BBC about how racist we are against President Obama.  Many "hate" President Obama simply because he is black.  Well I don't "hate" President Obama at all.  While I have seen him in person on a few different occasions, I have never actually met the man.  It is very hard to "hate" someone who you never actually have met.
What I do despise are his policies and I, for the life of me, don't get his worldview.  That somehow I am responsible for the saving of the collective soul of America.  That no matter what I do for charity I am still somehow not doing it the right way, because I am saying that it isn't the responsiblity of the government.  I have always respected your works towards charity.  You should be an inspiration to many around the world because you have taken what you have been so blessed to earn and use it to help those less fortunate.  If it were up to Obama you would paying a much higher tax rate and the government would be taking care of it.  Well, attempting to anyway.  You would have far less to give away those free cars.  Remember those, the ones that people were so upset about when they found out they had to pay "taxes" on?
Another thing that has left me scratching my head in your statements is you.  You happen to be one of the richest black women in the country.  Did you get any of that money from the white people who are so racist that they "hate" President Obama?  I mean how could you have become so successful and rich beyond your wildest dreams if this is such a racist country?  For that matter how did this racist, horrible country elect a black man that they "hate" not just once, but twice?  It blows the mind, I mean how can that happen?
I stopped watching your talk show years and years before you decided to move onto other things.  But one of the interviews I did watch was when you interviewed President Bush after his book was released.  One of the things that struck me at the time was your utter lack of knowledge that President Bush couldn't just order the National Guard in Katrina, well at least not without violating the law.  I guess you have forgotten the hate and the vitriol that surrounded President Bush and the cries of racism about killing the black man in NOLA.  Were the people who did this racist against white men?  Was it liberal "white guilt" that propelled the calls of Fascism and the Hitler mustaches?
I have thought long and hard about the question if this country was ready for a black president.  I have long ago come to the conclusion that the answer is no.  But I would suggest to you that you are part of the reason why.  Simple dissent of any policy initiative against this president is called racist.  You don't like Obamacare, raaaaacist.  You didn't like the spending of almost a trillion dollars of borrowed money in a so-called stimulus package, raaaaacist.  You were against Cash for Clunkers, raaaaacist.  You have a problem with the debt almost doubling in the time that President Obama has been in office, raaaaacist.  I can only assume that President Obama has been perfect, has yet to make any mistakes, and deserves no criticism whatsoever.  Heck, there is even republican/conservative "cord words" now.  Who knew?  I mean if you are a supporter of the 10th amendment, you want Jim Crow and slavery to be reinstated in this country.  Didn't we just get a lesson on state rights just yesterday with President Obama's "fix" to the millions of people who are losing their health insurance?  The insurance industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the country.  The states will have to grant exemptions for them in order for the  "If you like your plan, you can keep it. period." promise to be fulfilled.  It isn't as simple Obama's magic wand!!!!  Imagine that, Oprah.  He isn't omnipowerful.  He can't, just with a stroke of the pen, change laws and regulations.  Those state laws about insurance regulations must be raaaaacist too.
I will concede that people in this country are still racist.  I will further concede that it has real world effects on some people's lives.  What I hope that you will also concede is that "many" of the opposition that is there towards your good buddy, President Obama, is the normal political process in this country and it isn't unique to him.  It is actually a testament to how far we have come.  But people like you and the Sharpton all blacks are a victim crowd, can't seem to accept that.  It must be racist.  What else could it be?
I have to wonder Oprah, were you this quick to cry racism when Clarence Thomas was attacked in the hearings for his seat on The Supreme Court?  Did you cry out for Presidential Nominee Herman Cain?  Do you weep for Allen West and the racism he faces when he gets called an Uncle Tom and a race traitor?  I am not sure I have ever seen those statements from you.  Did I miss something?  Maybe I did.  I don't follow you all that closely anymore.  I can't imagine why that this Oprah.  Oh, it must be raaaaacism.

Newspaper Cover of the Day

Why yes it is.

Quote of the Day - Toure Edition Part 3

 Let’s just look at the members who are supporting this Landrieu bill. Mary Landrieu from a red state. Senator Kay Hagin from a red state. Joe Manchin from a red state. Senator Pryor from a red state. Mark Begich from a red state. Do you notice anything? We see red state Democrats who are dealing with the challenge of living and governing in a gerrymandered world where sometimes they have to deal with what the folks on the right want, with very low support on the Republican side for this, but what the folks on the right want.
Oh my.  I would be asking for my college tuition back if I were him.   

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Quote of the Day- Piers Morgan Edition Part 5

Considerably more Americans signed a petition to have me deported than enrolled in Obamacare.  I'd start panicking Mr. President.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Planned Parenthood of Colorado Was Against the New Obamacare Ads Before Being For Them

Yes, they are this hypocritical.  Apparently when they thought the ads were "fake" and done by some republican group, they were no good.  Once they found out they were actual ads they are not only fine with them, they are praising the idea of "discussing birth control".  

Oh my.  

There is no way to describe these ads as anything other than demeaning to young adults in this country.  All they care about are keg parties, sex without consequences or emotion, and birth control.  That is what this administration thinks of you.  It isn't me saying it, it is what they think.  You are only worried about partying, having fun, and sleeping around.  I guess that is why so little has been done to address the very serious issue of jobs for recent college grads and young people.   Who needs those things when they get "free" birth control and do headstands with keg stands?  

H/T. Amy.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Consequences of Feminism

Heaven help this country.   A real life ad about Obamacare.  
birth control obamacare

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Don't Think WashPo has Enough Pinocchio's For this Whopper From President Obama - President Obama Denies Saying "You Can Keep Your HealthPlan"

Um, no that isn't what you said.  Does he not realize that virtually every public statement he makes is videotaped?

I wonder how many Pinocchio's WashPo is going to give him for this one?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Quote of the Day - Politico Edition

But for the most part, the mainstream media failed to aggressively pursue the story, taking Obama’s claim at face value without testing it against the facts
 Well wonders never cease.  They finally admit it.  This particular quote is talking Obamacare and the GOP and Tea Party saying for years that people would lose their insurance once Obamacare gets implemented.  Well know they have no choice but to admit that we were right.  One would hope this would make them check into other things as well.  I am not holding my breath on that though. 
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