Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twitter Fun - #Ask Michelle

Of course conservatives couldn't resist.  Here is a taste:

#askmichelle Does Barack view Orwell's '1984' as a roadmap rather than a cautionary tale.

Why do you get to eat BBQ ribs and preach healthy food to the rest of us? #AskMichelle

#AskMichelle What's "the other white meat?' Poodle or Llasa Apso?

#AskMichelle Most women get irritated when their husbands play golf incessantly. How do you cope?

Dear @MichelleObama: I'm volunteering at a soup kitchen tonight. Gucci or Prada? #AskMichelle

#AskMichelle Who is your favorite Marxist? Besides your husband, of course.

#AskMichelle Are your Mao Christmas ornaments union made in the USA or imported from genuine 
communist sweat shops in China?

#askMichelle Bill Maher said "Bristol will name her next kid Colt 45.After what shes drinking when she gets pregnant. What do you think?

#askmichelle Why did you get offended by the American flag at the 9/11 memorial last year? #tcot #obamafail #mooch

#AskMichelle If the election of your husband wasn't the end of the 'racist era' in the U.S., then when, pray tell?

Would you call George Zimmerman a white Hispanic? If so, would you call Barack a white African American? #AskMichelle

RT @BowlMeOverVa#askmichelle You know Jar Jar Binks is trending on @Twitter and you are not?

#AskMichelle Why do u have so much more $$ than me? Shouldn't u give me some of yours? To be fair?

#AskMichelle: Nevermind Obama, how come YOU stayed in Reverend Wright's pews for 20 years of virulently anti-American, Marxist propaganda?

#AskMichelle: If family is off limits, why (& how) did your husband get a judge to unseal the divorce records of his previous opponents?

#AskMichelle How much longer is Barack going to lie about his support for gay marriage?

#AskMichelle How many bottles of bubbly did u have once u realized u hoodwinked the country?

#AskMichelle Was Joe right? Does Barack have a big stick?, if so how did he find out?

#AskMichelle: If you were "struggling" to pay student loans, how could you afford a $650,000 house

#AskMichelle Since staying home with my kids doesn't make me ill, does that mean I am stupid?

#AskMichelle @MichelleObama did you buy your own birth control while in law school?

#AskMichelle I am in the middle of making dinner. Which Gov't agency should I contact 2 make sure I am doing it correctly?

Linked at TCL Facebook page and The Other McCain  Thanks!!!


The Conservative Lady said...

That's hysterical. I linked to you at TCL FB to let them in on the fun.

Opus #6 said...

Michelle's expression at the correspondent's dinner was priceless. She could not believe the gall.

Heck, after this, she might walk out of the White House and keep walking. It could happen.

Conservative Pup said...

Great post! Made me laugh! Linked at my place.


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