Monday, May 21, 2012

Looks Like Telling the Truth is not Welcomed in the Democratic Party - Cory Booker Gets Attacked by the Tolerant Left - Language Warning

Cory Booker, Newark Mayor, said yesterday on Meet the Press that he didn't like the attacks on Bain Capital or on Equity firms in general.  Unlike his counterparts in the party he understands that firms like Bain help virtually every person in this country.  Most 401(k) funds, pension funds, and other retirement funds have money invested in firms just like Bain.  Well run firms give good long term investments and revenues to your retirement plans.
But that is just too logical for the dems.  They went after Mayor Booker with a vengence:

@CoryBooker @dawn9476 @Bain Cory, ur political career is DEAD to us Dems unless u get ur ass back on TV ASAP & take back ur words re; Bain

@CoryBooker @dawn9476 @Bain Only Cory Booker can fix this mess that Cory Booker made! Your name is MUD today among the Dem/Obama twitteratti

I dont give a fuck who Booker thinks he is, he is NOT bigger than the POTUS. Stand united with Obama or get the fuck outta the way.

Now so-called PBO supporters are retweeting @goldietaylor A BLACK REPUBLICAN to defend Cory Booker?! AGAIN, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

.@CoryBooker You just let David Gregory destroy your career. It's what happens when you won't defend the person who would defend you.

Fucking Judas Iscariot. Fuck @CoryBooker He's made a deal. Get Romney in the WH and you get the NJ Gov mansion. He's their Black attack dog.

And of course the dems just can't help themselves and bring race into it:

@PragObots @CoryBooker Booker did this? U mean Booker is just another house nigger? 

@MWJ1231 @CoryBooker Mr. Booker is nauseating. he is just another hating jealous house nigger begging for table scraps.

The press is reporting that he has backtracked on his statement.  He has not, but the edited version of his video sure makes it seem that way.  Listen to the entire video and you will see that he has not backtracked.  He is still supporting the president, but he makes it clear that attacks on Bain are counterproductive.  There are people in this country that understand how important these firms are to lifeblood of our economy.

There is nothing wrong with making money.  After all who is going to pay for all that "free" birth control if no one is making any money?

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