Thursday, April 14, 2011

Liberal Human Rights Icon Jesse Jackson Being Sued for Harassment

This whole thing is a more than a little smutty, but I couldn't resist posting on this.  It is too rich to pass up on.  An openly gay man, Tommy R. Bennet has filed a lawsuit against Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition.  The lawsuit has some eye opening claims:

However, the most explosive charges revolve around Jackson himself. First, Bennett claims that at an all-staff meeting in 2008, he requested an LGBT-themed table for the national convention—and was flatly denied. When Bennett questioned why there could not be a table, Jackson allegedly "cursed at Mr. Bennett in front of all of the staff, and Rev. Jackson was visibly upset during the rest of the meeting."

Bennett also claims that he had to escort women to Jackson's room and "clean up his room after sexual intercourse with women. Mr. Bennett believes he was forced to do these tasks due to his sexual orientation," adding that he had to escort women to such places as the Sheraton Hotel in New York and the Wynn Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Bennett claims that he let Jackson know that he "was uncomfortable cleaning up his hotel rooms, escorting women to his hotel room, being summoned to his hotel room after hours or packing his clothes."

Bennett then states that another time at the same hotel, Jackson summoned him at 1 a.m. to take notes. The complaint states, "When Mr. Bennett arrived, Rev. Jackson was dressed only in his briefs and a v-neck t-shirt." Bennett alleges Jackson was sexually excited. Asked by Windy City Times how he came to this conclusion, Bennett said, "I could tell by his look. His whole demeanor had changed. His breathing pattern had changed."

The complaint continues: "Before Mr. Bennett left, Rev. Jackson stated that white folks took the word 'gay' and gave the word its own definition. Rev. Jackson further stated that he was a real poor child in North Carolina and his name was first Jesse Burns, and then Jesse Robinson and then he became Jesse Jackson.

"Rev. Jackson stated that he played football and there was a gay high school teacher who took Rev. Jackson under his wings and told him that he needed education to go along with football. Rev. Jackson said, '[F]rom that gay teacher, I got a good grade, I got to use his car, I got ten dollars and I got my dick sucked.' Rev. Jackson said, '[T]hat's not gay, that is surviving.'" Bennett alleges this meant Rev. Jackson wanted sex, but that Bennett then left the room.
Why Jackson is considered such an Icon to people is beyond my comprehension.  He is a Reverend who cheats on his wife, this we know to be true because of the daughter born out of wedlock.  His flip flop on abortion only once he wanted to run for president.  No pro life democrat could ever get elected president.  His lies about the death of Dr. King and going on the Today show in blood stained shirt.  I have no way of knowing if these allegations are true or not, but with his track record I would say settling this case quietly would be the wisest course of action. 

Read the whole sorid story here

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