Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Tidbits from Obamacare

9 Pages of the bill are dedicated to force chain restaurants to post all caloric information, even drive thru menus.  Even though the research now shows that it has not changed eating habits.  In New York, where the law is already in place, the caloric intake has actually gone up.  Another words, people are going to make bad choices.  The government cannot control that. 

Vending machines will be included. 

Veterinary students will also be eligeble for grants, scholarships, and loan forgivness.  The addition of the veterinarians will come in at a cost of $283M for 4 years.  I have no idea why we are paying for this.  This is a complete waste of money.  I will be more than happy to take that money.  I can waste it much better than the government can. 

Americans for Tax Reform have found at least 13 additional taxes included in the bill. 

A 2.5% tax increase will be levied on all wholesalers of medical devices.  Just remember, corporations do not pay taxes.  They pass them onto consumers. 

Tampons and Condoms are included as medical devices.  Do they think that people who make less than $250K/year not use these? 

All over the counter medications will no longer be eligible for Health Savings Account reimbursments.  The only exeception will be insulin.  This is going to affect the middle class more than anyone else.  The poor more than likely don't have HSA's and the rich can afford it. 

Pet supplies will be included as a medical expense.  I love pets as much as the next person, but this is just silly. 

So, you can get reimbursed for dog food, but not cough medicine for your kids.  Gotta love those democrats. 

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Conscious Observer said...

You're right! And they don't "really care" if American's eat unhealthy foods (you know they eat it themselves in the dark, as well as veal dog houses) But they DO want to "appear" to be penalizing us by taking over our health care as if it's for our own good. They are hypocrites. It's BS on their part. They just want to control the money, period.

They've got moneys in there for "cosmetic" sevices too, i.e. lypo, tummy tucking, hair transplants, face lifting, probably ass lifting...(At first I thought it was just for Biden and Pelosi, but I guess that last one applies to all of them)

As for the veterinarians, they've GOT to have these types of grants and tax codes in place so the vets can keep our animals healthy so they will be able to sue us in court, if needed.

We'd all be happy to take that money instead. What happened to that buzz/rumor a year ago when everyone was calculating if the government gave every American (I think it was) $40 grand, (maybe more?) We'd all reinvest it back into the economy, get our lives back on track, and TRUELY stimulate our nations financial melt down??

When I heard that, first I thought that's never going to happen, and then I thought, "that" really would be a stimulus, a huge financial shot in the arm for America...not to mention would have been a big boost for our confidence in government. But those who are in charge now, are selfish, and truly do not want us to succeed. Which makes them stupid as well, for one day they'll be out of office and power.

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