Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you a three percenter? - A story of our founding

By Kellene Bishop

Here’s a set of facts about the Revolutionary War that every American should know.

■During the Revolutionary War, only THREE percent of the people actually fought against Great Britain.

■Only TEN percent of the citizens actively supported that three percent.

■Approximately TWENTY percent considered themselves to be on the side of the Revolution, but they did not actively participate.

■Towards the climatic end of the war, approximately THIRTY percent actually fought on the side of the British.

■The rest of the citizens had no disposition either way. They didn’t care. They didn’t want anything to do with what they deemed to simply be a political issue.

The sanctity, liberty, and freedoms of this nation were brought about by the unselfish, honorable, patriotic, committed, and determined acts of a mere 3%. This three percent didn’t let the comforts of life blind them to the eternal significance of freedom. They didn’t allow evil speaking to sway what their heart told them was true. They didn’t postpone their actions for a more convenient time. They didn’t value their own life over the life and liberty of their fellow citizens. In many cases, they sealed their testimony of Freedom, Liberty, and Choice with their blood and the blood of their families. Although it was only three percent, it was still sufficient to create a nation which was to be an example to all the rest of the world of a truly free republic. This three percent laid the foundation of the most powerful and prosperous nation on the earth. This valiant three percent manifested to the entire nation, and surely even the world, the unalienable value of hope, faith, family, virtue and freedom.

The question is does this nation still contain a “three percent” who possess the same traits? Is there a “three percent” among us who can save this nation from crumbling into a vile, unrecognizable society?


Hack said...

Great blog!

Feel free to check mine out if you have time...

The Conservative Lady said...

We can pray. Each day more and more people are waking up.

Heather Chandler said...

only 3%? Wow... things they never tell you in history class. This is interesting! Do you have a link where I could find out more?

Just a conservative girl said...

No, I got this in an email from a 9/12'r. I can ask her where the source came from and let you know.

Janie Lynn said...

Amazing! Well I sure as hell hope I can be counted as a 3 percenter. I wrote a post the other day about people saying they are concerned about what is happening in Washington, but never even thinking of ways to help stop it. It's frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this article. Hazaa, his information on being a Three Percenter came from my blog originally: You're welcome to come check out the blog for more info.

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