Friday, October 23, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, Blue Dogs and You

Today, the big news is that Nancy Pelosi does not have the votes in the house to pass healthcare legislation that contains a public option. The speaker is in a bit of a conundrum. She has publicly stated on many occasions that passing legislation that does not contain a public option is out of the question as far as she is concerned. The blue dog dems have made their impact and have stayed together; they are saying no way, no how.

The real irony to this story is the fact that Speaker Pelosi has created this situation herself. After the 2004 loss of John Kerry, she devised a plan to consolidate power in the house. In order to do this, the party made a concerted effort to go out and find moderate democrats to run in districts that lean more conservative. Her plan worked beautifully, until now.

In 2006, the gains that were made by the democrats gave the democrats control of the house and gave her the speakership. That lead was increased in 2008. The republicans got their clocks cleaned and her power was further consolidated.

The speaker is trying to foist her extreme left wing views on the rest of the country and fully expected her compatriots to go along. I am sure that she is thinking to herself, I helped get you elected and you owe me. So far they are staying true to the job that they were elected to do, represent the people from their districts; not give Speaker Pelosi everything that she asks for. Conservative leaning districts don’t want government run healthcare.

A large part of this good news to conservatives has to do with you. All the people who showed up at town halls, and have written letters, sent e-mails, and have gone to tea parties made the difference. Keep up the good work. If we keep the pressure up, we may just be able to get real healthcare reform, not the dribble that they are trying to pass off as reform.

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Light Up Your Life said...

This is good news. I hope that Memphis, TN has another 'tea party' soon. I missed the last one because I had to work.

Thank you for sharing, and keep up your good work on your blog. I am doing the best I can with mine right now. I just got home, and I am just getting started, and I really need some coffee to keep me going so that I can get in form tonight for my next post.

Have a great weekend.

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