Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sarah Stands By Her Word - Doug Hoffman Endorsement - Updates

During her speech in which she announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska, Sarah had said she was going to stand by conservative principles before party.  Today she did just that. 

Gov. Palin has weighed in on the race for the NY 23rd congressional seat. Doug Hoffman has a record of being a true conservative. Sarah has thrown her weight as well as funds from Sarah Pac behind his unlikely candidacy. Mr. Hoffman is the conservative independent running in the race. This is going to be one of the first true tests of the tea party movement.

The actual republican candidate is Dede Scozzafava. I, for one, don’t particularly like the term RINO (republican in name only), but in this case that is one of the kindest things that can be said about her. She cannot even be classified as a moderate republican in the mold of Olympia Snowe or Lindsay Graham. She is pro-acorn, rabidly pro-life, and a big government tax and spender. Why exactly she calls herself a republican is a question that I just cannot answer. To make matters worse, some big name conservatives, such as Newt Gringrich, have thrown their weight behind her candidacy. A very disappointing development to conservatives like myself indeed.

To further complicate matters on Monday night she actually called the police on a blogger from the Weekly Standard. There had been a report on a union friendly website saying that she had changed her stated position on Card Check legislation. He asked if the AFL-CIO announcement on the website was an accurate statement, since last month her campaign had announced that she was against the pro-union legislation that virtually all conservative/republicans are against. She did admit that she has changed positions and would support the bill if she reaches congress. Mr. McCormack tried to ask some follow up questions to her flip flopping and he was unable to get any additional answers as her staff got her away from him.

Mr. McCormack saw her standing in the parking lot and proceeded to try and get some more answers and again was rebuffed. While he was sitting in the car filing his report, the police with sirens and flaring lights approached him. The following day her campaign described him as a stalker. She actually went “there”, calling the police on a reporter who asked questions that made her admit to being a flip-flopper and showing without any doubt that she is in no way deserves to be elected to congress. Although in some ways she will fit right in to some of the behavior that is presently going on inside the beltway.

The Tea Party movement is strongly supporting the candidacy of Mike Hoffman. They are asking that you make a symbolic donation to his campaign of $9.12, or of course more if you can afford it. You can read more about who is supporting the “right” candidate at Left Coast Rebel, and who is supporting the rino on Another Black Conservative.

Mr. Hoffman has raised more than $100K since the announcement of Gov. Palin's endorsement


Left Coast Rebel said...

It looks like you completely hit the nail on the head here. Like you say, Hoffman is the Tea Party candidate, he simply is THE conservative that we can point to in a national race to express our displeasure with everything that our government is doing to our country. His candidacy is just the start, Palin knows this as well. I hope he wins and am glad that you have done your part as well......


Eric Dondero said...

Yeah, this is a great move on Sarah's part. However, we Libertarians are feeling a little jilted by our Conservative buddies.

Why the hypocrisy? Why is it okay for hardliners to endorse a Conservative Third Party candidate, but not a Libertarian Party candidate?

You can bet that we Libertarians will be pointing this out ad nauseum to our Conservative friends in future elections.

Writer X said...

Way to go, Sarah. Newt is more concerned with appeasement and pandering than actually standing up for conservative values. I used to respect the guy but can't after this.

Adirondack Musing said...

I grew up in the same town as Doug during the same time period. Doug has NO record of being a "true conservative". Doug is running as conservative because he's in a pissing contest with the local republican machinery. He first ran as a Republican, promising to support which ever candidate won the Republican line. Doug wouldn't even have the funds to run a decent campaign without the "club for growth". He cannot answer any questions about local issues because he doesn't care. He wants to cut government spending but refuses to say what needs to be cut. Personally, I'm not sure he's even as "anti-gay" as he claims to be...but he has to say that...right? If Doug wins the election (doubtful) it will be one of the final nails in the coffin of the Republican party. It will prove there is no room for a moderate Republican in the GOP.

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