Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Double Dog Dare You - Go ahead Al, file that lawsuit

Rev. Al Sharpton has threatened to sue Rush Limbaugh in regards to his op-ed piece in Sunday’s issue of The Wall Street Journal. In the piece Rush was being Rush and went after Al Sharpton with little mercy.

I am personally not a huge fan of Rush. I find him more than a little arrogant and I don’t think that he can bring himself to admit when he is wrong. I listen to him from time to time; mainly when a big issue comes up just to hear his reaction. If one is being honest they would have to admit that Rush tends to be a race baiter. Now, that is very different than being a racist. There is no evidence that Rush is a racist. He has a shtick and being very provocative is part of that.

There is nothing that Rush does that Al Sharpton does not do as well. Sharpton has said some pretty horrible things over the years. He has spent decades trying to divide people instead of trying to bring them together. I grew up in Southern Connecticut, which is the same as being a suburb of New York City. So I have heard from Al Sharpton ever since I can remember. When he was walking around in his sweat suits and spewing racial hatred. I used to think he really disliked white people.

See I think that Rush needs to keep talking. Push Al to file that lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love to have him under oath? I would really like to know when exactly he knew that Twana Brawley was a lair. Was it before or after all the racial tensions in New York City was coming to a boiling point? I would like to know exactly what he meant when he called Jews Diamond Merchants. Was it a put down? Because it certainly sounded like one at the time to me. I would like to know why he doesn’t feel any sense of responsibility for continuing the riots that occurred after the tragic accident in Crown Heights. I also would like to know why he felt the need to write the letter to the NFL at all. I heard him being interviewed the other night and he said that was just taking the side of the minority players. Did they ask him to get involved or did he just take it upon himself to get back at a man that has repeatedly made fun of him? And just for a few more laughs, I would really like to know why he feels that he speaks for the poor when he has in the past hawked himself for pay day loan companies. That is something that never really was in the news. I have insomnia issues and saw a commercial of his and was shocked and appalled that he would do something like that and then have the audacity to say he speaks for the poor and under-privileged people. If he truly felt that way would he take money from an organization that preys on the poor to make huge profits?

There is an old Chinese curse – May you get what you wish for. So go ahead Al, file that lawsuit. Rush has plenty of money. He can hire the best attorneys in the country. I personally would pay money to watch him under oath during depositions. Seriously, someone could make a fortune if that were put on pay for view. How much would you pay to watch him being deposed? 


Opus #6 said...

Eeek. Depositions. I'm going through a messy divorce and this is part of it. Makes my stomach feel all icky inside. I hate litigation.

Mark Pressley said...

Maybe some of The Duke players that where wrongfully accused and had their life’s upset, only to have Al jump in on the wrong side of things before he knew the truth. I am sure they think the world of Al and would be glad to weigh in for him.

Sparky said...

That's too bad you don't like Rush. For the many years we've listened he's always polite fellow and he is a patriot. I've never heard him say anything "anti" about anyone (not on the air anyway). He's pro-Constitution and America. Best not to pay attention to what the so-called news reports, actually listen to his show.

The "Rev." Al Sharpton is anti-American, anti-Christ, anti-White, anti-life. He's full of hate and not a good person. It's a sad state of affairs that anyone would listen to him anymore.

Just a conservative girl said...

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to his show, and he said that he thanked God for himself. That is the kind of thing that turns me off.

I am a much bigger fan of Levin. I could listen to Mark talk all day.

Light Up Your Life said...

Hahaha. Well, all I can say is :

"Bring it on, Al...BRING IT ON." I am pretty sure that Rush Limbaugh's attorneys would just LOVE to chew you up and spit you out.

Anonymous said...

When I hear Rush say things like he thanks God for himself, it makes me laugh! Because he's doing it for laughs. He is quite funny I think. Sometimes I do not agree with him, but it is rare anymore. He is a powerful force. What makes him so popular is his humor and wit.
BTW: I was a little dismayed and dumbfounded that he was attempting to buy a fb team when we seem to be in the worst time in our nation's history. I would think that he would want to continue to steer the ship of liberty back on course, atleast until we could get some real leadership back in place. However, there is a part of me that is thinking that Rush is a true, real optimist. The real deal. And he must have optimism that we are not going to lose this country to be willing to throw millions of dollars into something. Hope he is right!

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