Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Day, Another Radical - Judge Louis "Loophole Louie" Butler

Judge Louis Butler is the latest in a long line of radicals that the Obama administration is trying to foist onto the American people. Judge Butler has been given the nickname “Loophole Louie”, a name that he seems to embrace and relish. He had gotten this nickname due to the fact that he bent over backwards to take the side of the criminal defendant over law enforcement.

Butler is the first judge to lose a re-election bid in Wisconsin in forty years. He started his career as a public defender in 1979. He was appointed to the judgeship in 1992. During his tenure as a judge he has written such opinions as companies can be held liable for products that they may not have even been involved in the manufacturing. The case is Thomas v. Mallett, a case that allowed the plaintiffs to hold responsible the paint manufactures for the existence of lead paint in homes that were built in the early part of the 20th century. The plaintiffs could not show that they manufactures that they were suing actually manufactured the paint not did the plaintiff have real evidence of the damage that was done to his health. While we all know that lead paint is dangerous, especially to children, the fact remains that was not known as early as 1900. Part of the dissident of the ruling was written as follows:

"The end result ... is that the defendants, lead paint manufacturers, can be held liable for a product they may or may not have produced, which may or may not have caused the plaintiffs' injuries, based on conduct that may have occurred 100 years ago when some of the defendants were not even part of the relevant market."

The voters in Wisconsin voted for a constitutional amendment to ban casino gambling in the state and Louie not only over-turned this but allowed them to expand. Shortly after this the voters of Wisconsin kicked him to the curb when re-election time came rolling around.

Louie has been nominated to fill an open seat on the Western District Court for the state of Wisconsin. This is yet another example of how President Obama has no real respect for our constitution or the will of the people.

His nomination will be need to be confirmed by the Senate.  I believe that his record is far more distrubing than that of Justice Sotomayor. 

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Opus #6 said...

Ya know, these radicals must just be a mistake. Probably Obama's inexperience. I mean, they can't have set OUT to hire all these radicals, right? {sarcasm off} I'm SO sick of this administration!!!!!

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