Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sarah and Oprah - Much Ado About Nothing

I had not really planned on taking up this topic, but it doesn't seem to want to die. Sarah Palin will be going onto the Oprah show. The episode will air the day before her book comes out for release. Palin fans are upset that she would go on the show after not being invited during the election. Oprah fans, who are not conservatives, are upset that she would give "that" woman the time of day.

It is easy to see why Oprah would have her on. Since the time of her open expression of love for all things Obama her ratings have gone down. This may very well not be connected, but I have feeling that they are. Many stay at home moms are conservatives. Stay at home moms must be a pretty large part of her audience since if you are working 9-5 you’re not home to watch.

Oprah fans are very, let's say, committed. I know someone who uses her DVR and has an Oprah marathon every weekend. She reads every book that Oprah recommends, gives to the charities that Oprah features on her show. She is a total fan, and would probably faint if she were ever to meet her.

I have watched her show in the past. I also will admit to reading a few of the books that she has recommended. While reading those books, I have found many of them to be depressing, so I have stopped. Someone in my life actually appeared on her show a few years back. I think that was the last time I watched it in fact. I don't dislike her show; I just don't think the topics have much relevance to my life.

Oprah had never in the past talked about her politics. If it was an interest for her, she kept her beliefs to herself. This is a good thing. She obviously has a great deal of influence with people. Oprah's more liberal fans are outraged that she would give Gov. Palin such a platform to hawk her new book.

Fans of Sarah are just as committed as Oprah's. People felt that since Oprah had opened herself up and publically backed Barack Obama, she, for balance sake, should have had on Sarah Palin. Especially since immediately following the announcement of her candidacy, she was the hot ticket for the big interview.

Let's be honest here, Oprah is not a reporter. She doesn't have to be fair or balanced. It is her show, and if she chose not to have candidates on, that is her right. She didn't have the Obama’s on once he won the nomination. So in reality she was being fair. So the Sarah side needs to get it over it. If they didn't like it, they could stop watching.

It appears that many people did. As I said her ratings have slumped since last summer for the first time in her shows history. So Oprah's fans need to get over it too. Oprah will get the conservative/independent audience that is interested to see how she handles herself. Her ratings will greatly improve that day. It is very possible that people that stopped watching her show for this reason may start watching again.

This is about money. Oprah needs ratings, and Sarah has a book tour to conduct. In most cases book deals require a certain amount of personal appearances. This is a help to them both. Everybody just needs to get over themselves. They are doing their jobs.


Light Up Your Life said...

Ok, now I don't mean any disrespect to Oprah, but she has hung out with FLOTUS for so long that in this picture of her [Oprah] is beginning to look a little bit like her.

As for Mrs. Palin, I am sure that the only real reason that she would go on the Oprah Show is that she must be really bored.

I hope that Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012.

kid said...

People bring guns to where the President give speeches and you don't say a word. They threaten his children's lives and you don't say a word.BTW, it did not ,I repeat did not happen to Bush.

Palin said thing that were so incendiary towards the President that the Secret Service has to tell the racist, homophobic, anti-woman bigot to tone it down. I would put her up there with Malkin and Clarence Thomas as people that would sell their own group out for their own advancement.

Black people are tired of Fox treating us like dogs.Any law that hurts blacks Sean Klannity loves.Limbaugh can make racist jokes and you don't mention a word. Rev Jesse Lee Peterson a friend and employee of Klannity's B.O.N.D. group made a comment to thank whites for slavery and you wonder why blacks aren't voting Republiklan.

Left Coast Rebel said...

I can relate a little, I DVR Beck. Well, I know, it's not quite the same....

Kid - Peddle your hate elswhere. If anyone treats others like a dog it is yourself. I have seen your filth on other sites as well, you should be ashamed. Go get a sleeping bag and tent with Al Sharpton, ok?

Just a conservative girl said...

I DVR Beck myself. It is on during dinner time, so I watch it before I go to bed.

kid said...

Left Coast Rebel said...

I can relate a little, I DVR Beck. Well, I know, it's not quite the same....

Kid - Peddle your hate elswhere.
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,and Keith Olbermann never told anybody to bring a gun to a rally. Glenn Beck got three policemen killed in Pittsburgh because of imaginary FEMA camps and fake rumors of taking peoples guns away.Did you see all the guns people brought to show the President?No one did that to Bush or Palin.Now if people keep doing it to the President someone might do the same to RepubliKlans too.

Let's see Al Sharpton was stabbed at a march and Jesse Jackson and his son was jumped on by Sean Klannity's "boy" Jesse Lee Peterson.So we know that the right is not non violent.

Below is a comment that coward and racist Glenn beck said:

“You gotta take a stand, even though you know, in the end, you’ll pull out a knife and they’re gonna pull out a gun… You have to ask yourself, if you stand up, what are you willing to do? Sure, you might get whacked. But let me tell you something. You spend too much time in bed with the mob, you spend too much time at that table, you’re gonna get whacked eventually anyway.”

Beck seemed to be suggesting that viewers start an armed insurrection against a mob-like White House that was a threat to their lives. But Beck’s monologue was rambling and disjointed and, at times, incoherent. He was also occasionally unintelligible. And periodically, his speech was slurred.

Most people that make comments like that against the President go to prison.It's called sedition and treason. But if the President is black it don't count.

ArthurRex12 said...

Kid: Have you ever heard of the term "metaphor"? I don't believe you have. Or how about the expression "bringing a knife to a gunfight"? No, I don't believe you have either. Where you get this insane notion that everyone who disagrees with President Obama wants him dead I have no clue, but it's not true. No one on the RIGHT has made any threats against Obama that I know of. Plenty of people on the LEFT have caused violence left and right. (pardon the pun.) The guy who shot Harvey Milk was a lefty. Lee Harvey Oswald was a card carrying Socialist. The uber-left wing gathering called Woodstock was all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and was left a huge mess when it was over. The DC 9/12 rally, a conservative gathering, was left CLEANER THAN WHEN THEY FOUND IT! Explain that away with your insane rhetoric. I dare you.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Consgirl - I gave you some linky love in my FMJRA yesterday. I have a quick question for you, I was reading on Reuters that the Senate is going to vote Monday?!?! on HC. Could you help me with some kind of action alert? Did you see the one I had last weekend? It's on the right top of my site....What should we do?

Anonymous said...

No doubt Kid has the right to speak & we, not to respond. I guarantee you won't change his viewpoint.

I agree, that Oprah's show is about ratings & money. I, too, used to watch her regularly. It lost it's spark because I found myself 'following' her words instead of Christ's. She has finally come out in the open in preaching her spiritual 'truths' & if that doesn't turn viewers off, nothing else will.

kid said...

The DC 9/12 rally, a conservative gathering, was left CLEANER THAN WHEN THEY FOUND IT! Explain that away with your insane rhetoric. I dare you.

That is a lie. Goebbels said that if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth.
Plenty of people on the LEFT have caused violence left and right. (pardon the pun.) The guy who shot Harvey Milk was a lefty. Lee Harvey Oswald was a card carrying Socialist.

James Earl Ray white supremacist right wing bigot. The same with the guy that killed Megar Evers.The same with Emmitt Till.

Now you're going after people that help the poor and minorities ACORN. A fake stereotype of 1970's pimp movies Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe portrayed fake pimps. Dennis Hof runs the Bunny Ranch, is a real pimp and has 500 prostitutes working there. He's a frequent guess on Klannity's show and several on Fox.What no boycott on Dennis bunny Ranch, you're only upset about fake pimping but you love the real stuff.

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