Friday, October 16, 2009

Anita Dunn and Chairman Mao Update

Anita Dunn, the woman who last week went on the Sunday talk show circuit to disparage Fox News Channel has been revealed. Several months back she gave a commencement speech in which she talked about her two favorite philosophers; Mother Teresa and Chairman Mao.

Ok, Mother Teresa I can see. Who can have problems with someone saying that they admire her? She spent her life giving to a higher calling and helping people who in many instances had no one else to speak for them. I realize that even Mother Teresa had her distracters, but generally speaking she was a woman worth admiration.

Now, let’s talk about Chairman Mao. Mao is believed to have caused the deaths of about 10 million people. That is a number that is almost impossible to wrap your brain around. That is more than Hitler caused during World War II. This is the person that you talk to high schools students about saying he is your favorite philosopher?

There is no doubt that Chairman Mao did some things that are to this day held in high regard within the Chinese culture, but that certainly cannot excuse deaths in those types of numbers. Mao himself admitted to the killing of at least 700,000 people and saying they were necessary. If he admits to killing that many, the number must be much higher. His economic policies are said to have caused famine that lead to tens of thousands of deaths.

A video of this speech surfaced and was played on Glen Beck’s radio and TV shows. The video was played on the same day that The Washington Post did a write up of her in the style section. In this article, the paper mentioned that she would be leaving “soon”. Whatever soon is supposed to mean.

Today, an ABC reporter tweeted her in regards to this speech and her response “I was only kidding”. You were kidding? Does this administration really expect people to keep believing all this crap? This speech was given only several months ago. How stupid does this administration think I am?

During the run up to his election as president, Obama told us to judge him by the people he surrounds himself by. Well what does it say that he has a woman in his administration going around telling high school seniors that Mao is one of her favorites? The same woman he has going out and publically declaring war on a news organization that has opinion/commentary shows that have a very different opinion than the administration.


Opus #6 said...

She was not kidding about Mao. I saw her speech. She was deadly serious. She repeated and explained why she liked Mao. She is un-American.

LL said...

Check your numbers.

During the Cultural Revolution roughly 50 million Chinese starved to death - due to Mao's programs. Perhaps another 25 million dissenters were executed. The great leap forward crossed rivers of blood. The numbers I'm citing come from the Chinese Government itself.

As to Ms. Dunn, she seems to be a good fit with the ObamaNation crowd.

Unknown said...

Just kidding? Can you imagine how the left would react is a conservative said: they admired Hitler's political philosophy? I do not think I was kidding would work.

Light Up Your Life said...

'Judge him by the people he surrounds himself with'--

Ok what about the 'safe school czar' who told that 16 year old boy 'I hope he wore a condom' when the teenager revealed to him he was having sex with a 40-something year old man???

Oh yeah, and let's not forget about ACORN--which in my opinion is nothing but 'organized crime'

And now this woman, Anita Dunn who admires Mao?

More and more this Presidential Administration is beginning to remind me of an episode of 'Criminal Minds' because--again this is only my opinion--that is exactly what they are..."criminals", and obvious Anti-American.

Janie Lynn said...

What's with her dry mouth tongue thrusting stuff? E-e-e-w-w.

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