Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventures - Part 4 Save The American Dream Summit

Here are some highlights from Newt's speech:

European Socialism is losing. 

In 1977 President Carter started his presidency with a higher approval rating than President Obama. 

We need to make a non-partisian commitment.  If are too busy we don't value our country.  Campaign effectively.  Don't write off anyone.  He reminded us something that Margaret Thatcher said:
1st you win the agruement, then you win the vote. 

He thinks that the President should speak to every TV show that is willing to have him: as he is a great orator with the wrong message.  The more he talks, the more his poll numbers drop. 

He also has some thoughts on real stimulus:

1. 2 year 50% reduction in Social Security taxes.  Repeal the rest of the stimulus to cover the costs. 

2. Create jobs  that will compete with China.  Capital gains taxes in China is 0.

3. Match Irish corporate tax rate which is 12%.  (ours is more than double this)

4. Abolish the death tax.

5. Energy policy that uses American energy sources.  Bowing to a Saudi King is not an energy policy. 

He electrified the place.  Newt has his flaws, but is a brilliant conservative mind.  He is what we need right now.


Sparky said...

Very good ideas! I pray that Congress and others in power are listening to these wise words.

Writer X said...

I do enjoy listening to Newt. I especially agree with him on Obama: President Obama should continue to book his television appearances. The more people see/hear him, the less they trust him.

The Conservative Lady said...

Keep him talking...without TOTUS.

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