Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey Newt, Can You Hear Us Now? - Endorsing Dede not such a good idea

Last week, Newt Gringrich endorsed a very liberal candidate for the 23rd congressional seat in NY.  Dede is one of the most liberal state senators in a state that has more than it's fair share.  So it is truly saying something that she is on the list of most liberal. 

Has Newt lost his mind?  Has he changed his party affliation like Spector?  Not according to him.  He has stated that Dede told him that she wouldn't vote against Pelosi to be speaker.  OOOH, that is important.  At this point the republicans can't do anything about that.  Does he think that Hoffman would?  His explanation makes no sense.  He just was unwilling to buck the party line. 

Well, on Saturday he did a signing for his new book at his local Books-A-Million store.  That just so happens to be my local Books-A-Million store as well.  The Northern Virginia Tea Party Association decided that Newt needed to understand that conservatives feel betrayed. 

If you want to join the fun, see his schedule here

Photos provided by Northern Virginia Tea Party


Left Coast Rebel said...

Linked you! Great story, thanks for the tip too....

Rational Nation USA said...

Great post.

Newt is no longer a conservative, if he ever really was one.

I doubt there are many real conservatives left in the Republican party. That is why I re registered as a conservative in my state, and I no longer contribute to the Republican Party.

Until such time as the party returns to the values of Barry Goldwater (circa 1964) and Ronald Reagan I must echo Reagan when he left the Democratic party for the Republican Party. I didn't leave the Republican party, it left me.

Sparky said...

Hubby and I don't support Newt either. I'm old enough to remember everything he and the Republicans did while in power. Nope. That dog don't hunt. Thanks for posting the schedule my fellow Patriot!! :)

Light Up Your Life said...

Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

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