Friday, October 23, 2009

The Tactics of Diversion are not Working - White House VS. Fox News

As the saga between Fox News and the white house continue, I have been pondering what the real reasons for this are. I would have to fall on the side of diversion. While I agree that they seem like crybabies and need to throw a bone to the far left base, it seems to me that can’t be the only reason.

Today is a good example of why a diversion is a welcome thing. Iran has been offered a deal that would allow them to have the means to have nuclear energy and get the rest of the world off their backs; and they have, yet again, backed out. The questions of our troop’s safety in Afghanistan while the President decides whether he is going to listen to his hand-picked general that is on the ground continue. The unemployment rate continues to rise. An announcement from the administration today noted the fact that the stimulus has done all it is going to do. The votes for a public option are not there in either the house or the senate. None of this is good.

To further complicate matters, Time Magazine will be printing a piece on the president that includes sections of his college thesis. Again, not good news for the President; it calls the founding fathers “so-called” and basically says that the constitution is flawed and needs to be changed. So, the “fundamental change” he promised us is in jeopardy.

People have stood up. We have shown up at tea parties and town hall meetings. We are writing and calling our congressional offices to voice our concerns. The politicians only say they want involvement. The truth of the matter is that they would be much happier if we all just continued to bury our heads in the sand and let them run roughshod over the freedoms that we are guaranteed. If they take them away slowly, we may just not notice. That is what they were counting on.

The problem is that, as the republicans did eight years ago, the dems are now over-reaching and doing too much too fast. The founders of the country very specifically and smartly designed our government to move slowly. While it may be annoying at times, it is for the best.

Fox News is talking about these issues. I will be the first to admit that they lean to the right. But, leaning to the right doesn’t mean that they are liars or are falsely reporting the stories of the day. The reality is they are really just going after Beck and Hannity. Beck and Hannity are doing commentary. Both are conservatives, even worse Beck is a libertarian leaning conservative. That means he really doesn’t like anyone in the government. Both of them stand up five days a week and give their sometimes stinging criticism of what this administration is doing.

The fact that I can refer to Beck and Hannity by their last names and people know who I am talking about says everything that needs to be said. You can say that you don’t agree with them, but you know who they are. They both have a clear voice on what they believe and have the megaphone in order to say it. Beck hammered away at Van Jones and ACORN. He won those battles; at least for now. Van Jones is out of the white house and ACORN is going to be more closely monitored; at least for now.

The administration may think that they are doing a good job at diversionary tactics, but the facts are that the ratings of Fox News have increased. Which only means that more people are hearing the stories of what this administration is doing that is against the constitution and endangering our freedoms. More people are hearing about what is contained in the so-called healthcare reform bill. More people are realizing that it isn’t about healthcare; it is about consolidating power for the executive branch. This is something that the left hammered President Bush for. It isn’t healthy whichever party is doing it. Beck is pointing that out to his ever growing audience. This is exactly what the Obama administration doesn’t need. But as far as I am concerned, keep up the war. You are only making my job as part of the new “community organizers” easier.


Light Up Your Life said...

Brilliant post. I absolutely agree. All this is is nothing but a bunch of bibble-babble. I think it is pretty clear that the 'Lie House' (my new term for the White House) is going to try to pass this healthcare reform bill by us in possibly one of the sneakiest fashionns. I believe that what they will try to do is change the name of this Obamacare bill and get it passed and we won't even know what hit us.

However, my attention is far from being 'diverted' from all that is going on. I am in this fight too, even though by the looks of my blog with it's minimal comment postings, you cannot tell, but I am in this fight too.

I may not have a degree in political science or anything, but I do have something that even the Obama Administration does not have--COMMON SENSE.

Heck, my cat could do a better job running this country than Obama.

Just a conservative girl said...

That is too funny.

Don't worry about the lack of comments. I have many more readers than comments myself.

I don't think that comprehensive healthcare will pass. I think it will be some sort of window dressing that will not affect all that much but will allow them to "claim" victory during the next election cycle.

I am not saying that is a good thing. I think we are in need of common sense reform and sadly won't get it.

Mark Pressley said...


You said common sense reform when referring to a White House decision. That is clearly a party error.

Sparky said...

Yeah, I agree too, this whole whiney crybaby stint from Obuma is a diversion. Since it's not working, I look for him to start blaming the Jews and/or Christians for getting in the way of the 'progressive movement' next. Then those of us who know our history, know what's next ...

Conscious Observer said...

You’re right on Conservative Girl . It is diversion, along with inexperience. When they try to slip something through they lack the experience to have it transparent and “clear cut”, and so knowingly while there are pieces of the HCR bill that aren’t favorable, and the fact that Obaby does NOT have the experience to lead our armed forces, they lash out like school children towards any criticism and opposition., i.e. Fox News…i.e. “diversion tactic”.

Fox is a news channel and after all of the news, they have shows like Sean and Glenn for commentary on political and social issues. And it is fair and balanced with their right to lean right. We all know the WH is going, “Phew! Good thing they’ve forgotten all of the other knee jerk things we’ve pulled off and all of the questionables we’ve put into office, and have been linked to!”

The Bush admin had thicker skin and never whined about their critics. In fact, Mr Bush was extremely dignified and classy about it (by his own personal standards, not by image advisor czars) But more importantly, he focused on the relevant issues and understood the constitution and the first amendment rather than forgetting he was commander and chief and acting like a little spoiled brat.

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