Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Day, Another Radical - Craig Becker, Union Official

Here is yet another radical that is up for nomination to high level position. Craig Becker is up for a position on the Nation Labor Relations Board, a part of the Department of Labor. This board oversees secret ballot elections and resolves issues of unfair labor issues. This board has a great deal of power over how unions are administrated in businesses all across the country. Mr. Becker is the former attorney for both the AFL-CIO and the SEIU. In his own words unions are:

“formed to escape the evils of individualism and individual competition”

He goes on to say unions:

“their actions necessarily involve coercion”

“‘Employees' only choice, explained Mr. Becker, should be over which set of union officials get ‘exclusive’ power to negotiate their wages, benefits, and work rules.”

He supports home visits during the voting process, and allowing outside attributors to force contracts on workers without an up or down vote. His feelings about unions is that we should have only the choice to what union we join, if we refuse he should be able to pick that union for us.

Becker helped force tens of thousands of workers into state dictated unions. For example, Los Angeles SEIU Local 6434’s 2007 LM-2 report revealed that almost 63,000 people rejected membership in the union but are still forced to pay dues.

I happen to live in a right to work state, so I cannot be forced to join a union nor can I be forced to pay dues. That is not the case in some states, especially in the Northeast. If Mr. Becker has his way the laws of the northeast will be imposed all across the country.

His nomination was voted out of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee yesterday. He will be coming up for an up and down vote on the senate floor. Please contact your senators regarding this nomination.

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