Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Liberal Logic - Western Center Law and Poverty Center on California's Welfare Fraud

"When people go on assistance, they're going to have the same kind of life situations come up as anyone else. You're going to visit your sick relative. You're going to go to funerals out-of-state. That's what's going on here," says Mike Herald from the Western Center on Law and Poverty.
This is the answer that they come up with when it is shown that welfare money is being withdrawn on cruise ships?  How many funerals have you been to that occur on a cruise?  It seems that California's welfare recipients seem to have a very high level of sick relatives and funerals in Las Vegas as well, a total of $12 million per year.  But don't despair, they are only wasting less than 1%.  What's a measly $69 million?  Why even bother to fix the problem?  The "rich" can afford it.  After all, California is just swimming in budget surpluses. 


Lisa, An American Mom said...

Ugh, this makes me sick. How can people who are living on the government dole live with themselves after doing things like this? I really just don't get it.

Just a conservative girl said...

Some of them think they deserve it. I am not saying that they all feel that way, but some do.

After what I witnessed on Saturday; people that really believe that the government owes them something.

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