Friday, October 29, 2010

Crist Confirms President Clinton Tried to Oust Dem Candidate from Senate Race

I would not vote for Meek under any circumstances, but I do feel sorry for him.  His party threw him under the bus. 

This is the second time in this election cycle that President Clinton has been sticking his nose into the process that the voters should be deciding.  This is our election.  President Clinton gets one vote in New York and that is it.  The fact that the administration is also doing this again is very disturbing. 

Crist has proven himself to be nothing but an opportunist and nothing more.  Why anyone would trust this man is beyond me.  One of the reasons that this country is in trouble is because we don't put trustworthy and proper people in office.  4 days to go!!!

My real question is when will Sharpton and Jackson going to come and cry racism?  Oh, yeah these are democrats................


The Conservative Lady said...

I found this video over at Gretawire, too, and updated my post with it and with a video of Meek denying everything. This is getting good. I wonder what the real truth is???
It is disgraceful that Clinton & Obama would try to sway the FL vote by trying to push Meek out of the race. No surprising, just typical of the Dems.

Just a conservative girl said...

He is in bad place. If he admits that he almost dropped out he will get even less of the vote. I guess we will be hearing from Bubba in the next few days.

Thanks for letting me know that Meek denied this, I didn't know.

It is truly frightening what the parties do behind the scenes. I am sure the republicans are capable of the exact same thing. We need to clean the swamp. This election is nowhere near enough.

Malcolm said...

I doubt if we will ever know what really happened. All we know is that either Crist or Meek/Clinton are lying. By the way, credit to you JACG for being objective enough to admit that these types of things happen on both sides of the political fence.

Just a conservative girl said...

See Malcolm, you still think that the tea party people are only interested in bedding down with the republicans.

We think that they are both corrupt, that is what we are working towards. A more transparent and honest federal government.

The tea party did back a dem, you know.

Malcolm said...

What you said about what I think isn't true. I do think a majority of Tea Partyers identify with the Republican Party. If you don't think that's factual, please prove me wrong. Here's a question for you; would you ever back a Dem?

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