Thursday, October 14, 2010

Targeting Target - Conservative Buycott This Weekend

George Soros' funded has targeted Target for making political contributions. doesn't even the intellectual integrity to be honest about what Target has done. is spreading the lies that Target gave money directly to a campaign that Moveon calls anti-gay. What Target actually did was donate money to a pro business group Minnesota Forward that then put out commercials talking about Tom Emmer's positions on taxes and small businesses. Minnesota Forward is a group that promotes policies that are pro business, and have backed both democrat and republican candidates. In the current economic environment businesses have been under attack, so this group spreads the message of what high taxation and over regulation do to stunt business growth and in turn keeps the country in this jobless recovery.

Emmer is both a social and fiscal conservative. As such, he has views on gay marriage that Moveon doesn't agree with. Although, it is the exact same position that President Obama is said to have. Target is an organization that has a 100% rating from Human Rights Watch and is known for maintaining a diverse workplace as well as doing community outreach to the needy in each community that their stores are located. is trying to force target to give money to the other candidate who is not "anti-gay". Target has so far stood up and refused to buck to this blatant form of intimidation and has been boycotted by members of Soros funded organizations.

It is well past time that conservatives fight back to this hi-jacking of our electoral process. Target has done nothing illegal. They have the legal right to make donations to organizations that they feel represent their corporate view and policies. Target employs thousands of employees across the country and gives a percentage of its profits to charity. While the executives are making donations to represent policies that will grow the bottom line of the corporation, that bottom line growth in turn gives more people jobs (and benefits, I may add) and helps individual communities, not to mention it grows the portfolios of the 401(k)'s of its stockholders, most people have some retail stock in their individual retirement plans.

So, this weekend stop by your local target and throw a little cash their way and tell Soros to stick his boycott where the sun don't shine!!


Anonymous said...

Target lost my spending dollars when they no longer allowed the Salvation Army bell ringers and kettles outside their stores. Sorry, I hate what Soros has done here but I still do not shop at Target because of the above.

Just a conservative girl said...

I agree with you on that, but to be fair, they have allowed them back.

hometown guy said...

Neither me nor any of my loony liberal friends have the slightest desire to boycott target. most of us get it. i don't think there will end up being any substantive boycott.

Just a conservative girl said...

get what? That Soros is evil?

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