Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Tea Party Has Wrapped Up Its Convention

Virginia Tea Partiers are all departing the convention center after a very good two days of events.

We had a great deal of quality speakers as well as some good candidate forums and some much needed Q&A with sitting legislators. 

I will tell you Ken Cuccinelli has become a rock star.  I have some great video of him to come.  He gave a speech to huge applause.

Lou Dobbs was our final speaker of the event and he took the stage to a round of thunderous applause and loud shouts of LOU. 

He gave a rip roaring speech to great appreication as Lou was the first named person to accept the invite to attend our convention.  Due to his acceptance the people who put together our conference were able to draw other big names. 

We had a very good and productive weekend.  We are fired up to get our "Get Out The Vote" efforts starting tomorrow. 

I will post some additional photos and videos when I get home in a few hours.  I have about a 100 mile drive.

1 comment:

Opus #6 said...

Too cool! I look forward to your upcoming posts.

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