Monday, October 18, 2010

The Moral Argument?

There is an short article on The New Republic on The Moral Argument for "soaking the rich".  It contains the normal meme of the progressive left that the rich owe society and the ridiculous idea that somehow this will make things "fair".  I personally get a real kick out of the left talking about morals. 

One of the most important issues to the left is abortion.  That is just a fact that can't be denied, at least not honestly.  So if you want to talk about the government doing the "moral" thing, than abortion has to become part of that discussion.  Pro life people are not against abortion just for the sake of it.  They firmly believe that morally it is murder and life begins at conception. 

I was talking to someone that I had never met before at The Tea Party Convention, she is the sister of someone I know who is very involved in the 9/12 and tea party movement.  We were discussing my experience the night of the final health care vote.  I had an unhinged woman screaming at me that I had no soul.  There was a group of Catholics for Social Justice there that night.  She was explained to quite a few different people that she is a doctor and her 30 year old daughter lost her job and was without insurance and how dare we not want her to not see a doctor if she gets sick. 

  1. I have never said that I would not want someone in her position to not see a doctor.
  2. If this woman is a doctor, she probably makes a good income, therefore she can afford to help her daughter out and get cobra coverage while she is looking for another job so can afford her own coverage.
Yet, I am the one who doesn't have a soul.  What progressives just don't get about conservatives (and not that this will be the only thing) is that we believe in helping people out of sense of right and wrong.  We believe in charity in a way that the left just doesn't want to see.  My gosh, Vice President Biden gives next to nothing to charity.  Last year was a banner year for the Bidens, they gave about 4% of their income if I remember correctly.  That was the highest number he has given in many years.  I give about 15%.  Who is doing more to help the needy, me or VP Biden?  Now, you may disagree with the charities I choose to give to, but they are issues that I care about and feel need to be addressed in our society, school vouchers being one.

What conservatives believe is that the government is actually interfering by giving all this help to people.  It interferes with our relationships.  If your best friend is in trouble you want to help in any way that you can.  If the government is doing that for you, than your friend is not coming to you to confide in you.  It then takes away the relationships that you have spent a lifetime creating.  The government then becomes your best friend, your parent, or whoever else you would confide in when you have problems.  Those relationships are part of your morality.  They are the things that keep you grounded and give you a moral compass of what type of person you want to be. 

I have had hard times in my life, just like everyone else.  I had serious issues some years back and had to move in with friends.  I tried to start my own business and it failed miserably and I had sunk all my money into it and needed help when it failed. They helped me get back onto my feet.  My moral obligation is to do the same for someone else if and when the need arises.  That is morality.  It comes from within. 

For those on the left, you don't get to have it both ways, you can't say that "soaking the rich" is the moral thing to do and then insist that killing a baby is simply a choice; all the while saying that pro life people are trying to push their morality onto your life.  You either want to discuss morality or you don't.   

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