Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Moderation from Sanity Rally

Jared Young, a California resident who attended the rally with fellow William and Mary student Chris McIntosh, told TheDC he already voted via absentee ballot in California’s heated Senate and Governor races – but not for Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Barbara Boxer or Jerry Brown. He said he wrote himself in on the ballot for the Senator seat and voted for the Green Party candidate in the governor race – even though he had no idea who the candidate was.
“I’m not kidding,” Young said. “I really did that.”

McIntosh, who is registered in Virginia, said he plans vote Tuesday for Democratic candidates down the line, even though he doesn’t know who they are.

Melissa Miller, who came to rally from Texas with her husband Tom, said, told TheDC she’s voting for the Democrat House candidate, but couldn’t name the candidate from her district.
“I was mostly paying attention to the governor’s race,” Miller said.

Nice to know that these people pay attention.  I hope that they don't vote if they don't even know who the names of the people they are voting for. 

Is it really such a mystery that our government is so corrupt? 

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1 comment:

Deekaman said...

No mystery to me. I've been crying out in the wilderness for about 35 years now. I welcome all the the (TEA) Party. The beating newbie Conservatives are taking now is what I've been taking for that entire time. I was called all the names you hear now. After this long, I'm immune to it. Don't be discouraged, be courageous in your beliefs. We WILL win because we have the courage of our convictions.

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