Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Virginia Tea Party Convention

Ever get the feeling that someone’s NOT listening to you?

•52% of Americans oppose a stimulus program that only stimulates government takeovers – and trillions of dollars in debt.

•56% of Americans oppose Obamacare.

•And 61% oppose huge cash handouts to failing businesses and corrupt political allies.

But Washington is just...not...listening.

Friday and Saturday, October 8th and 9th, you can change that at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention.

•Hear Lou Dobbs, Dick Morris, John Fund, Herman Cain, JennyBeth Martin, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Ginni Thomas and others speak about their vision for America and how we can get there.

•Learn how to make your voice heard, from local to national levels, in seminars on Constitution, Public Policy and Grassroots Training.

•Hear from the candidates themselves in Congressional District Forums.

•Participate in a National Policy Forum featuring Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Steve King, former Senator and Governor George Allen and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

•Party down at the Friday Night Freedom Lovers Extravaganza.

•And vote in the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention Presidential Straw Poll, perhaps giving one of the candidates a jump start in the effort to unseat President Barack Obama.

Register to Attend Today!!!

Because the first step towards a better tomorrow is reminding Washington’s big-government crowd who they work
Also in attendance:
Gov. Bob McDonnell
Congressman Steve King
Senator George Allen
AG Ken Cuccinelli
Congressman Ron Paul
Senator Rick Santorum
Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling
Bob Hollsworth
Friday, October 08, 2010 8:00 AM -

Saturday, October 09, 2010 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 North 3rd Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
United States

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