Monday, October 18, 2010

VFW To Dissolve PAC Over Barbara Boxer Endorsement

The VFW Political Action Committee (PAC) oddly endorsed Barbara Boxer for Senate in the California race.  This has not sat well with many members across the country, to say the very least.  While the PAC is a separate organization, they have received many complaints from across the country. 

We all remember her request to be called senator during a rude exchange during a committee hearing, but this is not the only reason.  Boxer has very strong ties to Code Pink.  The Code Pink ladies are very anti-military and have gone as far as to send people to the Iraqi border during the war to help the "freedom fighters" against the U.S. military.  They did this during a time of war and may very well have the blood of American soldiers on their hands.  For this organization to then turn around and endorse a woman who has helped funnel funds to this organization is unconscionable. 

Apparently people around the country agree and there has been outrage at this endorsement and The VFW has lost support.  The loss has not gone unnoticed by the leadership of the VFW, and as such Richard Eubank, The Commander in Chief, has requested that no confidence vote take place in order to dissolve the political pac for the organization.  Good for him!!!

An organization that is dedicated to the issues that veterans face when they come back from war has no business whatsoever endorsing a woman who has shown with not just her words, but with her actions, to be so contrary to the values of the military and the very important mission that they willingly put their lives on the line to accomplish. 

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Proof said...

Our schadenfreude moment of the day!

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