Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maher Afraid Muslims Taking over the Western World

Hmm, shouldn't he be fired for saying this?  Of course this is simply about his hatred of anyone who has religious views. 

H/T Mediaite


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

No he should not be fired for speaking his fears. My God are we to become them in silencing speech?

I know you are speaking sarchastically (sp?), but to repeat what NPR did would start an avalanche in eroding what is already a tilted view of the news.

I abhore what Maher stands for but in this instance as in Juan Williams they are simply stating their OWN, as in PERSONAL opinion.

Just a conservative girl said...

yes, I was being sarcastic. The last thing I want to do is silence Maher. We need his voice out there.

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