Thursday, October 7, 2010

Allred Releases Complaint Against Meg Whitman - Something Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

First, I will at least Gloria Allred this; she didn't put down the home address of the lying felon of a maid.

But if you look closely at this, Nicki, the lying maid says that she requested her last pay one month before she was fired. Hmm.

She also has said in this complaint that she has no record of her hours. If she didn't keep records, how would she know how much she is owed? Hmm.

This is a woman who presented a false drivers license and social security card and once she finds out that Whitman is running for governor she goes to her and asks for help to get legal status in the country and instead gets fired. What kind of creditability does this woman really have? This is politically motivated and anyone who doesn't see that just doesn't want to.

Diaz Santillan's attorney, Gloria Allred, said that Whitman did not send a gift when her maid's baby was born, never called or sent a card, and never called to find out how she was doing during the eight months she was at home with the baby.

Oh, poor woman. She didn't get a baby present. What an evil witch Meg Whitman is. Silly me, I was under the impression that employers were not required to give you gifts. The last employer I had that did give me gifts, I had to pay taxes on them. I wished they had kept them. On top of the fact that the Meg Whitman was under no legal obligation to give her job back after an eight month leave. The law only requires that a similar job be held for 90 days, and it is unlikely that the Whitman's would not have been required to even do that, as you need to have a certain number of employees to fall under that law; I believe it is fifty employees.

This rings too much like class warfare. Nicki the lying maid was paid $23 per hour; a very good wage for a part time job. But of course, the Whitman’s have boatloads of money, so they must be evil. The continued meme of the left, anyone who has money is bad. Let’s forget the fact that the Obama’s are rich, one of Obama’s bff, Valerie Jarrett is also quite well off. Let’s not talk about how she has made some of that money by being a slum lord. We’ll just look the other way on that, as they are progressives, and it’s all ok then. After all, she is not an evil republican.

"It is not fair that we work hard and then get thrown away like garbage with no thought about what will happen to us," Diaz Santillan said.

The problem is that Nicki the lying maid would still have a job had SHE not told Meg Whitman that she was in the country illegally. She cannot now say that she thrown away like garbage. She basically thought to herself, that she could blackmail the Whitman family into helping her getting a green card.  Since it didn't work, she has decided to throw Whitman under the bus. 

Nicki the lying maid never spoke to the Whitman's about her pay, never complained about the hours she was working, and in her application form that she filled out she said was willing to do driving and run errands.  Yet, she expects everyone to believe her story four weeks before election day.  Well, good luck with that Nicki the lying maid.  I ain't buying what your are peddling.

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Proof said...

If you look at the form, Ms. Santillan didn't put her CDL number on the form. We all know she has one (just not a legal one!)

For nine years she liven in the land of opportunity and never left her "abusive" employer to take a different job. Oh, yeah! She's credible all right! (Or is that Allred?)

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