Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Schooling the Newbies - Michele Bachmann Will Be Holding Classes on The Constitution for Congress

Congresswoman Bachmann has promised to start holding weekly classes on The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence. She will be inviting all newly elected members as well as encouraging the existing members to attend as well. She will be inviting in experts to hold these classes that will be one hour before they are required to be on the floor for the first vote of the day. Now, while I think that this is great news, but shouldn't they have known all this information before they took the oath saying that they will be defending it?

Bachmann started The Tea Party Caucus, so this will be very popular among them, but I wonder how popular it is going to be among the members of congress. The sad truth is that we have people in office on both sides of the aisle that have zero interest in the defending the constitution if it gets in the way of party and ideology. This coming election is not going to change that. While we have more republicans in office, not all of them will be on the side of the constitution, therefore not really being on the side of the everyday American.

I have been going to a constitution class that meets monthly for a while now. If you actually read the constitution you will find that the federal government is doing things on a daily basis that they have no power to do. This isn't something that can change anytime soon. This is a generational change that has to be made to our government. The federal government uses outright bribery to get what they want. One great example of this is the legal drinking age. The federal government has no ability to create a federal drinking age. But, if you notice we have one. While the laws are passed by individual states, they were forced into making that change virtually by force. The federal government put restrictions on the money that is given to them by the federal government for state roads and other transportation issues. Back in the early 80's MADD was very active and pushed legislators to make this change. Now, I am not saying that it is a bad law, I am just saying that the individual states should have the right to decide for themselves what that age is. Any state that did not raise its drinking age to 21 by a date certain would no longer qualify for the federal funds. Since the states rely on this money they are not in the position to turn it down, they all capitulated and raised the drinking age to 21. This is completely unconstitutional, yet we see it happen over and over again. Will this change by simply having a weekly class? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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Opus #6 said...

Yes, it should have happened already, and yes, it's a good start.

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