Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams' New Job

Juan Williams was fired yesterday afternoon for stating his opinion.  An opinion, that I might add, many in this country share;  lets say a few months after 9/11 and a person who dressed in clothing that lead you to believe that they are a Muslim is sitting next to you on a plane you wouldn't have a moments pause?  I would say that you are lying if you say that it wouldn't have mattered to you. 

Since 9/11 we have had the shoe bomber, the undies bomber, the Fort Hood Shootings, and the Times Square bomber.  We have read the news reports about the arrests made by the man who was buying bomb making materials in a store while being videotaped.  There was a recently a court hearing for a group of men in the Houston area who were making plans to make bombs.  Let's see there was another arrest a few years ago of men who were planning on bombing the Sears Tower in Chicago among other iconic buildings and bridges.  We also have the Times Square Bomber who told the judge that he lied when he took his oath for his U.S. citizenship.  At his sentencing he said that he was only the beginning of the violence that will be heading our way from the hands of terrorists that want to kill us in the name of Islam. 

There are reasons to take pause.  This is not something that is being made up, as some on the left would like you to believe.  We have the 9/11 truthers who don't believe that al Qeada even exists, it was manufactured by Bush to justify the war in Iraq.  Polls of Middle Eastern countries have consistently have shown that many in the Muslim world do not believe that bin Laden was behind 9/11 let alone any of the other near misses we have experienced since then.  These same polls show that many in these same countries believe that suicide bombings are justified.  That makes these types of conversations important to have. 

All Juan Williams did was express the obvious and for that he was fired.  Now, I don't agree with Juan Williams on virtually anything.  Just last night before his firing was announced, I heard him on Fox talking about how rent control is necessary and capitalism needs to have its limits.  He came stunningly close to saying that private property rights should be secondary to the needs of the poor.  Not something that I agree with on any level.  But, I am standing up and protecting his right to say it.  I also stand up for the right for the Maddow's of the world.  She is doing commentary, she gets paid for her opinion.  I think her opinions are crazy and I don't understand why anyone wants to watch her show, but that is for the free market to decide, not me. 

Less than 24 hours after his firing he was offered a $2 million contract with Fox News.  So, it seems to me that Fox is not only willing to have him express his leftist views, they are quite willing to pay well for it too.  Good for Juan. 


LL said...

The Muslims and NPR will regret this particular little blow-up over political correctness.

Opus #6 said...

Success is the best revenge. Go, Juan. I don't always agree with him, in fact I usually don't agree with him. But I admire his gusto in coming onto Fox News with his opinions, and I respect his rights to his opinions.

kid said...

Juan Williams is a minstrel dancing, coonish, Uncle Tommish punk! He is just like a hooker, he paid to tell you what you want to hear. He should have been fired a long time ago. If he's scared of people that "look" Muslim, he must be scared of his own ass. When O'Liely made the statement about Black peoples eating habits and what type of Ice Tea we drank, Juan was there to kiss O'Liely's flat, wrinkled ass. This is Fox's idea of a "good" Democrat/Negro/Black, an asskisser. Juan Williams is about as valuable to black people as Jesse Lee Peterson, the Tom that runs Sean Klannity's fake Civil Rights organization. Jesse made a You Tube called "Jesse Lee Thanks White People For Slavery".If Juan was standing in front of a Mosque right now he would get his ass kicked for "looking Muslim" much like the Black man that just happen to be going to work while the boycott of a Gym/prayer center was going on.

Blacks and whites will never have a honest dialogue on race if the relationship is always slave/master.

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