Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Just Love Liberal Logic - Reason TV at Jon Stewart Rally

The woman about the Hitler mustaches gives a classic liberal answer. 


smitty1e said...

Oh no, the dude in the still shot here sporting the Good Rush/Bad Rush tee is Teh Cosmic Winner.

Mully said...

As a non lefty or Righty I had to laugh at this video or cringe, not sure which.

Deekaman said...

The two guys with the Glenn Beck "evil" sign? Stoners for Obama.

G'Willie said...

I liked the guy who said that if he were in debt he would have to get in more debt to fix it, he could tell he was talking himself into an intellectual corner but saw no way out of it and kept talking... that is classic “partisan defense response.”(did I coin a new phrase?)

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