Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quote of the Day - Illinois Election Offical Edition

"You kind of have to drop the standard for the first lady, right? I mean, she's prety well liked and probably doesn't know what she's doing."

Election offical on Michelle Obama's electioneering inside a polling place; a violation of election laws.  She said to a voter inside the polling place:

"She was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband's agenda going," Campbell said

A top Ilinois State Board of Elections official tells the DRUDGE REPORT how Mrs. Obama may have simply been ignorant of the law and thus violated it unintentionally.

Ignorance of the law doesn't mean you are not guilty, nor does it allow you not to be prosecuted.  The first lady of the United States should not be above the law.  But again, this is Illinois that we are talking about here, so I guess it just doesn't matter. 

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Yours, Sincerely said...

The standard of expectancy for competence in the W.H. is so low, it's practically on the floor. Very much looking forward to a raising the standard in November, and again in 2012.

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