Friday, October 8, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventure - Virginia Tea Party Convention

I made it to Richmond to attend the Virginia Tea Party Convention.  It is the largest such convention of tea party patriots held to date. 

We had some very good speakers today and great deal of networking and exchange of ideas.  I am not going to post too much at the moment as I need to get ready for The Freedom Express blowout tonight.  We had a very good Q&A with Governor McDonnell.  I have been known to say that I am not 100% thrilled with everything McDonnell has done, but I still hold out hope that over the next four years he can get our budget under control and bring more jobs to the area. 

I did meet some very nice people today from all over the state and I had quite a nice conversation with Griff Jenkins of Fox News, and I met Dick Morris before his speech.  I also had the honor of meeting Smitty from The Other McCain as he is doing some live blogging from the event.  As always, Stacy and Smitty are right in the thick of things. 

I will post some videos and pictures a little later and will let you know about our slate of speakers for tomorrow.  Herman Caine being one!!  LOVE HIM.  So I am really looking forward to seeing him and will fill you in on the breakout sessions from today.  They are giving us some very good information about what comes next.  Our job is far from over, November 3rd is the beginning.  Once we get these new people elected, we have to hold their feet to the fire. 

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The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for posting this. I saw a TV report from the convention earlier today. The reporter was asking some of the tea party people from the convention their opinion about the Dems saying the Tea Party effort is now turning good for the Dems, as people are turning against the tea party effort. A crock if you ask me.
I'm looking forward to your posts.

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