Monday, October 11, 2010

Quote of the Day - Tom Junod Edition

So what can a party whose idea of star power is Al Franken and a Hollywood fundraiser hosted by Laurie David do to match a party whose ruthless insight is "control the cheerleader, control the world"? Well, for one thing, it can look back on its own recent history. It's no accident that the most successful Democratic politician of the past quarter-century was a sexy Lothario with an attractive though habitually spurned wife. For all the mistakes they made, the Clintons never made the fatal one of thinking they were above the need to entertain, and once President Obama takes his drubbing in the midterms, he can forge his way forward by learning from them:

First, announce that he is indeed bringing Hillary Clinton back to the White House, as his vice-presidential candidate for 2012.

And then have a wall-banging affair with her.

That way, everybody will get what they want. They can be as wonky as they want to be, and we, the American electorate, will finally get the reality television of our dreams.
Tom Junod believes that Republicans are in a winning position because the woman of the GOP are much more attractive than their democratic counterparts. 

Read the rest, you won't be disappointed. 

1 comment:

Deekaman said...

Barry's gay, Hil's a Lesbian. It's a match made know.

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