Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thompson Tweets of Interest

MSNBC's Schultz: One Nation rally as big as Beck's. Well, Ed's a Dem - probably counted the dead and people who showed up twice. #ftrs #tcot

Dem Rep Conyers loses drivers license b/c renewal fee check bounced. As a Dem, just so used to spending funds that don't exist. #ftrs #tcot

Fmr VP Mondale: Obama overuses teleprompters. Should ditch "idiot boards". Guess that explains Obama's economic staff leaving. #ftrs #tcot

Dems launch new "Make it in America" economic agenda. Well, it does sounds better than their old agenda, "Borrow it from China". #ftrs #tcot

WH report: stimulus on track to produce 3.5 million jobs. Apparently they've revised estimates to include GOP victory next month #ftrs #tcot

n WI, firemen rescued 17 people trapped on Ferris wheel. Actually not trapped, just hiding until Russ Feingold speech ended. #ftrs #tcot

Senate passes bill to lower volume of TV commercials. What's their Const. authority for that? The "Hey! Turn it down!" clause? #ftrs #tcot

Survey: Pelosi's negatives just as high as BP's. Unfair. At least BP brought their disaster on America by accident. #ftrs #tcot

Dem Rep Frank: tight race b/c right wing talk show hosts lie about him. Could be worse, Barney. Imagine if they told the truth. #ftrs #tcot

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