Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gloria Allred - Nicki the Maid is Rosa Parks?

Gloria Allred is delusional.  Here is some info from immigration attorney's:

"There is no additional legal obligation for an employer to follow up or respond to SSA with new information," said Gening Liao, a labor and employment attorney at the National Immigration Law Center in Los Angeles, which defends immigrants.

Liao added that it is "very important that the employer does not take adverse action against the employee" merely based on a letter from Social Security.

Nor was Diaz under any obligation to pursue the matter, Liao said. Correcting a mismatch is "primarily for the benefit of the employee," she said, to make sure they can collect all the benefits due them for their work.

Once the election is over is Allred and Co. going to care about what happens to this woman?  She could not only be deported, she could end up in jail as she is admitting to a felony.


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