Monday, August 2, 2010

Town Hall Season is Upon Us

Please contact your representatives and find out when your town halls are being held. 

It will be much harder for them to avoid them as this is an election year:

The first town hall of the season is none other than:

Congressman Joe Sestak this Tuesday, August 3 at 11 am at the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia.

Be informed and ask the difficult questions and don't take a no answer as an answer. 


RightKlik said...

If your rep isn't planning to show up in person for any townhall meetings, hold one anyway. I'm sure whoever is running against the coward would be more than happy to attend.

Just a conservative girl said...

My rep is so arrogant he wouldn't even consider not showing up.

But that is a good idea.

Both of senators are not running for election this year, so I am not sure that they will hold one, only one did last summer.

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